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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Bean Hollow - The Destruction 9/20/08  (Read 6766 times)

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The wife and kids are out of town so I just had to go fishing. I hitched a ride with the Mexican Free Diving Team (Art and Angel) and we made it to the Bean around 9am. As we are parking we see a kayaker flip in the mouth of cove. He go bck on quickly and made it out. This caused us to pause a bit and watch the sets. They where big but about 2-3 minutes apart. We decided to go for. Angel decided to jump over his yak and take a dip but we otherwise made it out OK.

Fishing was slow. There was a big school Macs so I decided to make some bait. I had one 5 mac one giant smelt hookup that was a good fight. Drifted that bait for nada. Went south a bit to meet up wit JTF, JTF's friend (flipper  :smt003 ) and Freddie. JTF and Freddie had a few blacks. Art pulled a decent cab and so did Freddie. Basically the fishing sucked.

Then we decided to land. The MFDT and I made it in clean. The others? I will let the video do the talking...

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The first wipe out I bungling the camera so I only got like a second of it. So I had to go with the loop and slo-mo, sorry Freddie! :-)


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i like that devilish laughter when the poor guy gets wiped out in slow motion!  :smt003


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sure not the place for a grenhorn like me.... :smt009

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That vid is awesome!!!!!

A picture (or video), is worth a thousand words!!!!  :smt003  It's actually more brutal than you described. 



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I was out at Davenport this morning & it was pumping. I turned to Laura & said" Guess it's a good thing I decided to pass on hitting Bean today."
Wish I'd been there to watch (from the beach).
With the swell forecast I suspected the fish would be laying low.
I've been fortunate with the weather & free time the past couple of weeks though. I know that when your windows of opportunity are few, ya gotta go when you can. Kudos to you guys for charging it! You are hardcore!

Annnd....thanks for the vid Bill!
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That first crash is nasty! Great video.


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Sweet! time for GBII to cough up his NCKA champion surfer title!

cowabunga!  :smt005
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Yeah the slo-mo laughter is the Bean getting revenge! :-)

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I was rolling on that video.

-Brian G


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Freddie gave me the story by phone, but seeing it is way BETTER!
Thanks Bill.  Great vid.  Love the evil laughter.
Wish you had a close-up Freddie.

JTF... way to punish another one of your newbie friends.  :smt043

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The video tells a great story...don't mess with the Bean or you'll pay. 

The first yakker just gets swallowed up and the next series shows that if you can paddle fast you can get to shore before the waves catch up to you.  Was that JTF on his Tarpon?  Man, whoever that was, he was moving. 

If the waves change up the count and you get caught, there's nothing you can do but hope you stowed everything.  Good assist guys.

I think this event rates pretty high for comedy but GB2's ride is in a category by itself for the "Oh Shit I'm glad I'm wearing a helmet."

Nice video Bill!

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Great report and video!   :smt041

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