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Topic: Surf / Swell reports  (Read 1711 times)

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I have been trying to get information regarding surf / swell forecasts.
I used to go to fishsantacruz.com, but that link seems to be down, has been for a week or more now.

Maybe they are not going to keep it up due to the poor fishing this year with salmon being closed.

Does anyone have a reliable website that I can save as a favorite for regular checks. I like to check it daily especially when the weekend is getting close to make my plans.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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NWS forecasts are the place to start.  Then you have cool swell models like http://www.stormsurfing.com/cgi/display.cgi?a=mendo and http://www.garlic.com/~triblet/swell/abglance.html   You may have to adjust those views for your own area.

Again, wind and swell forecast from the National Weather Service is the information I'd start my investigation with.

Good luck.

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thanks man

I knew someone would help

now let's get out there and catch some fish



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If you're looking at sonoma county this is good:
On the bottom of that page is a link to NWS ocean forecast.
Hey, looks good this weekend. 
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My 3 most favorite:
1.the garlic/triblett site mentioned in previous post (but check the dates, he goes on vacation sometimes)  Really helps to spot the mixed swell conditions, which can overload the inner ear.
 2.   http://www.wetsand.com/swellwatch/swellwatch.asp?catid=293   check both the graphs and the discussion page , he seems good at forecasting swells and weather a few days out.
3. The "Forecast discussion" link under vertical column of daily forecasts on Weather Underground - it's from the NWS, after a while you get used to the lingo, and it gives you a good feel for how certain they are about their forecasts, as well as helps with the timing of wind, fog, etc during the day.
    Although these give you a pretty good idea of conditions, you will still find occasionally that in the speck of water area you choose to fish the conditions can be different enough from the forecast to make the difference between a good day and a poor one.  In the Monterey Bay Area, we have some options to avoid some of the swell/ wind by ducking behind land forms, depending on what direction it is coming from.


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john m. airey


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Just a note on wetsand;  It can exaggerate a bit on swell size when using the charts.  The reports are more accurate. 

Northern Boy

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This is my favourite by a mile. It's always been spot on and also has all the weather forecast info AND the tides.

One word of caution: it is in metric units (meters, deg celsius), but you get used to that pretty quickly (especially if you're English...........)



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  Two more--
  Surfline.com and magicseaweed.com. As is usual check the links of links of links.


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