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Topic: Texas Power Paddle Motor for Kayak  (Read 1890 times)

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Has anybody used the Texas Power Paddle motor installed on your kayak?   

I just visited their website and saw several options for older and newer kayaks of various brands.   I've got a 2015 Hobie PA 14 and was considering the TPP motor that replaces the rudder.  Their motor is integrated into a drop down rudder and retracts into the rudder recess as the original rudder would do.  The included battery is housed in a waterproof carry case that sits on your kayak.  Claims are around 6-8 hours run time.  The speed control attaches on top of your rudder knob.  The You Tube videos are appealing at its simplicity and ease of installation.   The only drawback I see is the price at around $1800.  I guess the price is comparable to the Torqueedo, Bixby and a few others.   Comments?

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I've been thinking about putting a small electric trolling motor on my tandem for kayak camping.
Will check them out.

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From watching several You Tube videos like this style of kayak motor because it drops down into position with the electric motor securely attached, then it retracts back up above the hull surface. There is a style for every kayak.  The new Hobie's have a transducer hollow area that the TPP motor (on a hinge) lives in and drops out of.  My 2015 Hobie PA 14 would use the drop down rudder hollow at rear of the hull.  Other kayaks would use the stern mounted rudder setup.  If you're cruising along and run aground or run over a submersed object, the motor (rudder) will spring back down without getting damaged and then back down when the obstacle has passed by.  I would like to see one in person, but would have to find a kayak show (maybe iCast in Orlando) to see the quality and performance before I make up my mind on the expensive setup.


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Been looking for an inexpensive route for an electric motor as well. This has been a serious consideration. There are videos of removing the top control and drilling a hole through the hobie pedal cassette as well.

found it.

My consideration is more so for freshwater lakes.

The 3rd video is an interesting modification to align the prop for motor removal.

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It looks like the list price is $1900 vs $1200 for the Bixpy, and from the specs it seems that you get a more powerful battery (650 vs 378 Watt-hours) and, of course, that extra power comes with more weight.

Personally, if I was going to spend that much, I think I'd spend a bit more and go with a Torqeedo.
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