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Topic: A-Hulls  (Read 10887 times)

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Everybody be asking...

What the hell is an A-Hull?  :smt102

Who are they?  :scratch:

What do they do?  :smt066

Why are they always having so much fun?  :beer2 :fishing1 :headbang:

This thread will provide a brief history and overview of the A-Hulls and their accomplishments.

Though we were a group of good friends long before, we found our name the A-HULLS as a result of creating a team for GS4 in 2010.

We are a group of fun loving, big hearted fish slayers from Santa Cruz and Monterey, and Sonoma Counties. The original cast of characters has changed slightly over the years, but the vibe never has.

Fish hard, dive hard, play hard, help out others in need.

Here is the original A-Hulls vid created by AlsHobieOutback in preparation for GS4.

Since 2010 the A-Hulls have organized the annual Pay It Forward Paddles/Potlucks/Raffles to help out our brothers battling Cancer. This is the accomplishment that we are most proud of.

Here is a summary of the A-Hulls accomplishments since 2010...and this isn't counting all the badass sh*t we do on the regular (awesome hook ups, helping each other and the community out in times of need, frying all kinds of goodness on the beach, face painting kids at tournaments, slaying monster fish and octopus left and right, Team in Training runs and fundraisers, badass videos and pics all the time etc).


-BigJim wins GS4

-PIF 2010 raises over $6,000


-PIF 2011 raises over $9,000

-Dpshim wins the PIF 2011 raffle


-PIF 2012 raises over $8,000

-SinCoast wins the MBK Annual Derby

-Top2Bottom1 raises over $1,200 for blood cancer research

-Dpshim wins 3rd place in AOTY 2012

-BigJim gets 5th place in DOTY 2012


-FishMaster1 catches Giant Pacific Octopus at GS7 and wins Most Unique Species award

-PIF 2013 raises over $10,000

-Bloodbath wins Albion 2013 AND the $1,000+ sidebet

-SinCoast wins the MBK Annual Derby for the second year in a row!!!!

-BigJim wins 2013 DOTY


-PIF 2014 raises over $15,000

-Bloodbath wins the 2014 Lowrance Rockfish Classic

-BigJim gets 5th place in DOTY 2014


-Top2Bottom2 raises over $1,800 to help Stephanie Clark beat Leukemia

-BigJim wins Top2Bottom2

-ScTrace wins 2nd place AND SportsWOMAN Of The Day at GS9

-PIF 2015 raises $21,901.40 ($1,120 to PAL, $10,360 to Rob102's dad Jack Forney, $10,421.40 in reserve)

-BigJim gets 4th place in DOTY 2015


-PIF 2016 raises $16,053.84 ($2,500 to young Frankie for his battle with Brain Cancer, $3,000 to MontanaN8V to help with his health problems, $10,000 to Raquel Pass for her battle with Breast Cancer, $10,975.24 still in PayPal for future recipients)

-Bloodbath gets biggest Vermilion in DOTY 2016

-BigJim shoots two Striped Bass over 40 inches in the same week



-BigJim gets 7th place in DOTY 2016

Yeah, we're bad motherf*ckers.  :smt004

 :smt003 :smt004 :smt003



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 :smt003 :smt004 :smt003


~GS4  2010-1st~
~DOTY 2013-1st~
~T2B2 2015-1st~
*DOTY: 2012-5th~2014-5th~2015-4th~2016-7th~2017-4th~2018-5th~2019-5th~2020-2nd*