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Hi everyone, I have a Pro Angler 14 that I haul around on a trailer because the factory roof racks on my car are too weak to support such a heavy kayak. I'm not sure if this has been addressed before, but I'm looking for launches and parking that are suitable for a small-ish kayak trailer in the North SF Bay, Marin, Sonoma, and maybe as far north as the Mendocino Coast area. I know a couple of good ones like Nick's Cove, Doran, Ft Ross, and Albion Campground. Are there any others that are particularly good (cost? or free?) or do they get a bit more tricky to navigate outside of these main ones especially considering parking with the trailer? Thanks for the advice!

Alameda Rock Wall has a nice boat ramp, dock, and ample parking for vehicle with trailer.   Popular spot for CA Hali in the bay, but does get busy when the season heats up.  Free to launch/park, has bathrooms and fish cleaning station. 

I think Richmond has a paved ramp, but I've only launched at the beach at the park there. 

There are a lot of ramps in the delta too - a couple free ones, but most are private orgs and charge a fee.  Usually $5-$15.
Benecia 9th St is free
Benecia 1st St has a small charge- forgot how much tho.
Martinez is $10
Pittsburg and Antioch are free
Sherman Island is Sac Co Park, $5
Lauritzen's has a small charge - forgot how much
Eddo's is $15

There are for sure others, but I haven't launched at those places.  All the places I mentioned have paved ramps and parking for trailers. 

I sometimes use a trailer and if I'm in a lot without trailer parking I just take it off and put it in the space next to my car. I lock the trailer ball receiver and put a cable lock through the wheels. If it's a pay lot I pay for 2 spaces. I can tell from google maps if the spot I'm considering has trailer parking.

Mark L:
Miller Knox park at Ferry Point in Richmond has a dirt lot across the street from the parking lot. Bathrooms, outdoor shower, fish cleaning table, and easy launch.

Thank you all for the suggestions. That definitely expands my knowledge of areas around the bay to launch. Coming from the north, though, are there any more launches and parking going up into Marin and Sonoma Coasts or the bay sides of Marin and Sonoma?


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