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Since the Angel Island post was brought up, I was looking to find information on what the best boat in camping destinations are.  But there are such varying conditions such as water levels for lakes like Lake Sonoma, or Lake Mendo where they would be good if the lake was full.  So asking for peoples favorite spots to boat in camp at, as well as if it's doable with low water levels.

So where do you like to boat in camp?  Aside from Lake Del Valle  :smt044

Rock Hopper:
Tomales Bay has always been one of my favorites. You can camp on almost any of the west side beaches North of Indian beach.

Tomales Bay Boat-In camping info:

Tomales Bay Boat-In camping map:

+1 on Tomales.

For freshwater I've had great times at Spicer going back into the wilderness section. The last two trips have been in August (2 and 3 years ago) and the water levels were manageable, but I didn't like having to keep an eye on all the ridgelines worrying about a wildfire while we're back in that far.

Last year we did Englebright in August and the water level was fine. As the last damn on the Yuba they seem to keep that one pretty full. Had a great trip.

Did Lake Sonoma for many years, but the water is just too low.


+1 for  Englebright. Went with the fam last May and had a great time. My wife liked that it wasn't cold at night. Plenty of trout and panfish. Towed my 8 year old daughter on an SUP all the way to the campsite. I didn't think it was Bear country but we saw one across the cove from us an hour or so before dusk. The campsites, while well appointed, don't have bear lockers, so I packed everything in the hull and as far as I know we didn't get a visit that night. Just keep that in mind as there was nothing posted or in the literature we were given about bears.
Union reservoir is also a great spot and and there are no power boats. Would love to hit Spicer backcountry. I didn't know dispersed camping was allowed there.

Rock Hopper:
Alex - I moved your post from the Angel Island thread to this one.

--- Quote from: Bulldog---Alex on March 22, 2022, 03:58:21 PM ---This is one of my favorite places for fresh water fishing. I have fished it  from kayak and boat. I have kayaked past lunkers that do not give trolling lures the time of day. Usually no problem picking up a limit of stockers but the big boys are a different story.
Not sure how the water levels are this year. Beautiful area though.


You also may be lucky enough to experience something like this. :smt002


--- End quote ---


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