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Topic: DOTY 2019 - Rules Update and New Committee  (Read 2334 times)

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DOTY 2019 is kicking off so be sure to grab your 2019 fishing license, pay your DOTY entry fee, and get out there!

I will be managing the competition this year along with Adam415 and BigJim.

RULE UPDATE: After discussing with the committee, we decided update one of the rules to assure that there is no confusion on how to properly measure fish. The addition was to rule #4 and was the following (see bold for additions):

4.) Photographic evidence of fish/scallops (total length) against a measuring device must be provided. All entries must be rounded down to the nearest quarter inch. Pictures are required to show the MOUTH CLOSED of the fish on a Hawg Trough or similar measuring board. You are not allowed to stretch or pull the lips to gain extra length. This is in accordance with DFW measuring standards. Multiple pics can be submitted to show mouth closed and touching end of trough. If need be due to rigor mortis making squeezing the mouth shut necessary, you may close the mouth of the fish using one finger in the eye socket and/or one finger on the lower jaw (do NOT place a finger on/in the upper lip of the fish or your entry will be disqualified). Refer to pinned post in the DOTY forum for examples of good and bad ways to close a mouth. Any entries not in compliance will be subject to DQ of entry at discretion of DOTY committee. Pictures of fish need to be taken BEFORE scaling/gutting etc. for both ID and accuracy of measurement purposes. Only pictures that show the ENTIRE fish will be used in judging submissions, so the measurement lines must be visible in the entire fish photo. Missing portions of the head or tail in the photograph may result in a disqualification of the submission. “Tail only” shots may be used to clarify full length pictures, but will not be used as the sole factor in determining length. Committee recommends competitors take pictures of fish from “straight up”, as this assists committee in determining the accurate length of the fish.

Let me know if there are any questions!

Please hold off on making entries for 2019 until I give the go ahead because the 2018 entries need to be archived first.

Make sure you pay your fees before you dive so you can enter any fish you get!

New participants: be sure to read all of the rules on doty.norcalkayakanglers.com and get your fees paid before you dive.




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