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Topic: The Malibu Express  (Read 6453 times)

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 Looking for some information on the Express and hopefully there is someone who has one or has paddled this boat.
Does it have the tracking rails running along the outside edge of the hull, like the 4.4?
Does it have enough volume to support enough gear for a full day trip?
Are there any shops in northern cal that have these in stock?


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I was able find some info/photos.
Couldn't find any real reviews. Just angler conjecture.
Not giving up though.


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This photo may have answered my question regarding the rails.


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that boat almost looks like my sup
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 Have made calls to outfitters up and down the state.
Things are not sounding good for Malibu Kayaks.
Apparently there are significant product quality issues.
I have owned the 4.4 and the Mini-X.
While I enjoyed both of these boats, it was painfully obvious that the plastic was softer than other kayak companies. Those stores that I spoke with agreed.
Its too bad. Malibu has some great outside the box designs as well as some solid everybody boats.

I do have a back-up plan for my speed test project. I still have access to the 4.4.
Unfortunately there will be a * next to Malibu.

I was also really considering adding the Express to the quiver.


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I do love the X-Factor kayak but do know that they have been having some issues regarding quality but one things for sure they do stand behind their product and will make it right. I just wish they would update their molds to use the harder plastics since the design is one of the most stable  kayaks on the ocean. 
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The 4.4.

It didn't have the volume it needed for fishing gear and the Express appeared to attempt to address that issue without sacrificing the sleekness.
I think its possible that the stability obsessed kayak fishing culture may have led to the lack of success of what might have been a very fast and fun boat.


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wow, that does ride pretty low in the water. I hope any back hatches seal really well.


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I really like the sleek design of both of these.  They look  easy to paddle AND fast!


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 It was fast. Called it the "red rocket" and bought it to chase mendo striper boils.
Sold the 4.4 to a friend and she uses it for a recreation/fitness boat. Every time that I see her, she goes on about how much more fun this boat is than the families other kayaks.
 There was not a rear hatch on the 4.4. Just a small one for bow access to store keys, etc.
Even with just the bare minimum fishing gear and water, the 4.4 would sit even lower and the performance was noticeably different. Still, I really enjoyed my time with this boat and was the first SOT that I was able to roll.
I also hope that Malibu is able to recover, but the brand seems to have developed a reputation that may be difficult to recover from. Proof that all plastics are not equal.


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Looks fast!  Make my Hobie look like a station wagon...
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Really like the look of both of those kayaks. Thanks for sharing Terry.