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Topic: Malibu X-Caliber….. yes or no???  (Read 7930 times)

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Need to know if anyone has any experience with the Malibu X-Caliber Kayak. Looking for a reasonably priced ,easily maneuverable, steady platform to mostly dive off of. Any info helps….Thanks


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I paddled an X-Caliber for a morning last May right before my tourney.  Hooked and lost a king out by the Whistle and covered quite a few miles in the boat, but I wasn't thrilled with the lack of room and it wasn't as stable as my X-Factors.

I'd try an X-Factor if I were you - 14'4".  The problem with Malibu though is they're extremely flaky as a company.

If you want to demo one of my X-Factors send me a PM and we can work something out.
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Is that why it was full of salt water when won it? Deck space was tight for sure. It paddled ok, but if I remember right it had some hull slap. Noisy. X-factor is more roomy. But what do I know? I just paddle what I paddle.
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The Santa Cruz Raptor is a good diving kayak.  It's easy to carry, plenty stable, does good in surf, has good storage, and is easy to climb in and out on.

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The Santa Cruz Raptor is a good diving kayak.  It's easy to carry, plenty stable, does good in surf, has good storage, and is easy to climb in and out on.

       Winter special,,,     Only  $1,000    :smt002
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I had a 2010 x13,. The malibu front gator hatch is horrible, lets in lots of water and takes on water in the hollow hatch itself.  Also, it's nearly impossible to operate any of the hatches while in the water. I was able to slide my long fins through the center hatch though., but my 80cm mako didn't fit in the hull with the spear in the mech.

I made a couple sweet deals and ended up with a 2011  or 2012 Tarpon 160 for less than I sold the X13 and am very happy. It's longer, faster, bigger tank well, better seat, speargun fits inside easily, and it has the best hatches I have seen.

The only thing that is missing is a long center rod pod hatch on the newer OK trident. You really can't go wrong with the OK tridents/prowlers either.