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Topic: Stealth 14 or x factor  (Read 5339 times)

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Hey all, I'm new to kayak fishing buy kayaked a lot as a kid.  I'm trying to decide between the stealth and x factor.  Im 300 lb and need stabilty but not a total barge and these seem to be the best options.  I know i should paddle them but cant find anyone in the bay area pthat has them for demo.  Any help would be appreciated.


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x-factor - i should not work on X-mas, so we can meet at foster city and you can try my XF


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I don't sell them, but I have spent some time under the hood rigging them, and they look like really sweet kayaks. The deck layout was well thought out and easy to rig. The hull is defiantly going to push a bit of water, but for a big guys boat it looked like one of the best options I have come across.
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I've never paddled a Stealth 14, and it may well be as stable as an X-Factor.

I can tell you that the X-Factor is extremely stable, and it's not that much of a barge.  I paddled mine a few hundred miles this year, and my arms are still skinny!   :smt001
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x-factor - i should not work on X-mas, so we can meet at foster city and you can try my XF

if you're not going to work christmas and going out anyway that would be very generous!   I'm just a little leary about buying sight unseen ya know!?


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I've had an x factor and stealth 14, they are the same hull design and have the same characteristics. if you don't need the live well i would go for the xfactor. Malibu redesigned the x factor for 2013 and included a transducer well. the new colors are nice too.


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I'd be happy to let you demo my X-Factor as well  :smt002  I'm a guy of your size, and the X-Factor is a great boat, which I choose for doing most of my Rockfishing in.  Outback Adventures in Larkspur or Fremont carries the Malibu kayaks, and you could see both the X-Factor and Stealth side by side.  Personally, i'd go with the X-Factor.  The bait tank may seem appealing, but for me it was hard to access between my legs 'comfortably', and you can always carry a bait tank in your tank well.  Other than the tank and the side hatches, the Hull of the X-F and Stealth are identical. 
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Fished a stealth 14 this past year.  At 200# it paddled well.  Id go x-factor if I had it all to do again.  Didn't find the livewell as useful as it looked on paper.