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NCKA first hand accounts with Great White Sharks

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Aug. 10, 2005
Location: Pedro Point, Linda Mar
Reported by Paul / Blue kayak,1382.0.html


Feb. 22, 2006
Location: Fort Ross
Reported by Bigeyedave,2972.0.html


Sept. 30, 2006
Location: Bean Hollow
Reported by Cafe Craig,5710.0.html


July 21, 2007
Location: Bean Hollow
Dan 964,9174.0.html


Sept. 16,2008
Location: Point Arena
reported by Sean / SBD,14737.0.html


October 2009
Reported By Sean / Piscean
Location: Bean Hollow

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Reply #487 on: October 20, 2009, 10:51:49 AM
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Well, I finally had something to add here!
And that is...well, I saw one maybe two GWS's this year.

One out in 98ft off of the "birdsheet rock" reef North the Bean Hollow Launch, however I could not get a positive ID. All I saw was a dark shape about 30-40 yards off, part of a fin, and then boils on the surface from the animal swimming. Probably wasn't a sealion as it never came up for air. We had just begun to fish & I had no active FF or fish aboard.

The second sighting was more memorable. Approximately 12-14 foot GWS scoped me with two drive by's only 3-4ft below the surface, and then proceeded to track along behind my kayak (with it's dorsal fin clearly visible) for maybe 10 seconds or so (but it felt like an hour!). Aaron & Bassmanben were there, and the fish dropped away after we paddled in to about 30 feet of water in from about 50FOW. We didn't see it the rest of the day. Again, I had not yet retained any fish yet (though my companions had), and I was not using a FF.

It's been quite an ending to the N of PP rockfish season!
Both of these sightings/encounters were in October north of Pigeon point.
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August 12, 2010
Adam / Fishunter
Bean Hollow,25902.msg274492.html#msg274492

Mooch, I think youve forgotten one..........
Attacked Sep 22 1989(If I rember correctly), Mosselbay "Outer Pool", South Africa.

ok i guess theres no account. MFN head honcho has promised to take me to a seedy San francisco establishment of ill repute, buy the grog and take down the story. Ill post it here.

wow, looks like a good reason to stay away from bean hollow, doesnt it?


--- Quote from: [WR] on December 25, 2009, 05:32:57 PM ---wow, looks like a good reason to stay away from bean hollow, doesnt it?

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I think the encounter/attack numbers from BH possibly have something to do with the amount of effort put in there by many NCKAers (and that its a stones throw from Anyo Nuevo).........


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