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Hey guys, huh, my first post got lost in cyberspace I guess... well here I go again:

Thanks for the feedback on the baitfish guide.  If I told you all how many hours I put into the thing you'd question my sanity.  And to think I did it for free.  What a nice guy I must be. There is a version available for download at CA DFG website (marine region) if anyone is interested:

It's also on my blog, here:

But be forewarned.  The DFG version has four fewer fish than the version I gave to Sharky (see his post).  In order to accommodate the larger font size they wanted, I had to remove two of the gobies, the kingfish (white croaker) and the threadfin shad.  As I wrote earlier, this was kind of like Sophie's Choice.  In the end there were various reasons I could justify losing these four and still live with myself (kind of).  Anyway, if you want to have the extra fishies please check out the attachment.  (Hope this works).  Its a more recent (and aesthetically appealing) version of the somewhat decapitated one Sharky posted.  Dig my funky logo and impress the chicks with your goby wisdom.  

Also: not sure if you guys are interested but I also updated my surf perch I.D. guide with some new photos (dig the new "california" perch color morph of the barred perch) common nick names, ("pogie," "split tail," et al) and fancy red arrows for the cerebrally challenged.

Anyway, time to attempt to install my new depth finder.  Maybe this time I'll actually get it to work.

PS: Please forgive me if this thing (or a version of it) posts twice.  I am not particularly savvy with this stuff...


Thanks Kirk for sharing your wonderful fish ID charts!

Wow...great work, Kirk!  I'll be printing and laminating that puppy.  You must be a benevolent man to do all that work and still put up with the "gratitude" shown by DFG.  Thanks for your hard work!

PS: Monkeyface only has 4 posts so I vote we bump his post count up past 10 so he can gain access to the fishing reports!  :smt003


--- Quote from: Usagi on July 08, 2009, 12:23:09 PM ---

PS: Monkeyface only has 4 posts so I vote we bump his post count up past 10 so he can gain access to the fishing reports!  :smt003

--- End quote ---
I agree...its not like Kirk is gonna be lurking, gleaming info about places to launch or a hot bite  :smt044 :smt044.....he IS hot bite info central! Poor overworked nutter!

Whoa.  I went away for an hour (wanted to put in my two cents on the Tomales Bay cockle thread and ended up putting in the whole dollar--my God did I really write all that?).  Came back and my baitfish post is front and center!  Thanks Sharky/Usagi, (or whoever just made that happen).  By the way how was Paradise, any HALCA (PSMFC parlance for ca. Halibut).   


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