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E Kayaker:
Albion is one I can think of. Pillar Point and Doran both have launch ramps but Iíve never heard anything good about the rockfish fishing there. Any suggestions?

All the harbors: Santa Cruz, Monterey, Halfmoon Bay, Moss, etc of course have launch ramps.  Are you looking to launch off the ramp with a trailer?  Or just looking to roll down it into the water?  Also, just to be sure, do you know of the changes to the rockfish seasons and dept restrictions?

Ocean cove sort of has one. Same with timber cove but the TC one doesnít go all the way to the water.

TC is definitely a beach launch. Santa Cruz and Monterey are good options. Don't forget Horseshoe Bay as long as you have the tides and winds figured for a trip under the Gate (although you can catch small RF right inside the Bay).

Moss Landing too.


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