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Lake Berryesa (pleasure cove)

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Has anyone ever camped there? Can you launch your personal kayak or paddle boards? Inspection/launch fee? Any info would be appreciated thanks.

Was there last summer - A little expensive (I think $20 to $25) but all the private ramps are that price.  Very nice ramp, parking is not difficult, and the bathrooms are very clean.  Nice if your taking family.

Thanks for the info. I camped there Friday-Sunday. We got a spot next to the lake set up our own little floating island. I took my paddle board and hobie with me. Had a pretty good time with the family and inlaws. Fishing was tough but I also didn't try too hard. I did manager a big small mouth. I really just wanted the kids and family to have a good time. It was a pretty clean place.

Glad you had good time with your kids.   Thanks for the report LilBlue.

Hey, just a quick FYI: Markley Cove Resort (pretty close to Pleasure Cove) told me (when I called last week) that as long as it was a not on a trailer, kayaks can launch from their site for $10 on weekdays. Still $25 on weekends. A little cheaper and closer.


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