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Stevens Creek Reservoir


On my way home Saturday morning, I saw an angler on an Outback on Stevens Creek Reservoir.  That sure made me do a double take.  I pulled over to check myself and sure enough, there was a kayak on Stevens Creek Reservoir for the first time in a long while.  I looked it up on the county's website and sure enough... it's re-opened to non-powered craft as of Saturday.

I have no idea what the condition of the launch is or the fishing conditions, though.

SCR is where I would always try out a new yak.  I've even had some fun fishing in there too for bass and crappie.  Used to be a favorite shore pounding spot until they stopped stocking it.  I assume since its still a south bay lake that it's the same inspection stuff going on.  Sometimes you could get free parking just outside the lot though.

Stevens Creek was my home water growing up in Cupertino. We could hike up there through the golf course and the horse stables or ride bikes up the road. Used to fish and swim off the dam. (cut-off jeans of course).
During the 76-77 drought it was completely empty and a friend and I got stuck in the bottom mud up to our thighs. We also used to skate the spillway, although the non-curved wall transitions required some finesse and I think I earned a sprained wrist on one outing. I learned to fly fish on the upper creek, but also caught fish at the dam outlet and creek below.

We used to live in West SJ, and we paddled our inflatable kayak around Stevens Creek once in a while. Now, we live just up the hill from Lexington Reservoir. The inspections at Lex are usually painless, and I'm wondering if SC is similar, as I'd like to go try it again.


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