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Car camping near SF?

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I’ve got a rare opportunity to multitask this Friday, with some shore fishing in the AM then touristy stuff with the family in SF for the rest of the day. So I’m looking for some place to car camp (literally, “camping” in my car) Thursday night. Ideally, it would be sort of somewhere between San Jose (or Santa Cruz) and SF, safe, quiet, and a slight downhill slope would be the icing on the cake.

Let me know if you have any suggestions—PM me if it is a secret…

I can ask my parents in Milpitas if you want to park in their driveway.  It’s safe and my mom will likely try to bring out some food to you at some point of the night.   :smt044

I don't have the answer...but am interested.  Coming from the valley...this is something I've considered a number of times either in SF or Sonoma Cty.  I've ID'd one spot on the way to Monterey..but that's it.

there is an app called iOverlander that may help - it's mainly for the van crowd, but what the hey.

I mean, there are whole cities, in the city, of people living in vans.  I wouldn't get too worked up trying to find somewhere legit, since sooo many people are already doing this.  If shoot for somewhere around Fort Funston myself. Out of the hustle and bustle of the city, but not quite in Pacifica, where they probably would frown on sleeping in the car.

I'm not necessarily looking for some place that's truly legit, just some place that's highly likely to work, in the sense of not having to wake up and move during the night.

Free food always sounds great, but Milpitas is not quite far enough to make it worthwhile.

On Reddit there is some discussion but still haven't found anything that seems like a good fit...


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