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CA Regulations / Upcoming meetings about new MPAs
« on: March 04, 2024, 08:30:04 AM »
As Rick talks about in his post below, there are a lot of proposals to expand MPAs and decrease our fishing opportunities.


I know there are several threads related to this already, but wanted to try and make one in the public section so the info would be available to as wide an audience as possible…

In Santa Cruz, the Kelp Stalkers will be hosting a meeting for all on March 13th at 7pm at 251 Washinton Street, Santa Cruz with Fish and Game Commissioner Erika Zavaleta as KeyNote Speaker.


"Join us at 251 Washington Street, Santa Cruz, California to hear from Fish and Game Commissioner Erika Zavaleta. Our goal from this meeting is to unite and educate our community as to the best methods for pushing back against these proposed closures."

I encourage all who can to attend the 3/13 meeting…I believe it will be available via Zoom as well and I will post details here when I see them.

Here are some additional links and resources on the topic:

Link to the recent Fish & Game Commission recording pertaining to MPAs. I HIGHLY recommend listening to what Commissioner Zavaleta has to say starting at 5:12:35.


BHA has a petition going with a very articulate statement about the issue.


Here’s the schedule of meetings, agendas and links to videos of past meetings.


I hope some of the above info helps…I’m not an expert about this stuff and the process, but would like to try and help out where and when I can to preserve our access to our fisheries…



Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / Spooky Season Ghost Story: PB WSB
« on: October 21, 2023, 08:14:35 AM »
TLDR: I shot a 74.3 pound fish and here are a bunch of pics.

Full Story:

After about 3 hours into a session much earlier this year I almost swam right into a fish on the surface…I took a quick shot because I was so close and was afraid she would spook. It was a horrible gut shot, but somehow it held and I was able to land her.

After I got her on my belt I realized I was waaaay far from my kayak. The fish wasn’t huge, so figured might as well reload and hunt back to the kayak.

Didn’t see any other fish on way back…once I was there I looked around and there was a patch of kelp about 50 yards away that looked promising….decided I would swim over and check it before calling it quits.

Started swimming over there and before I got there was already thinking it was a waste of time because there was a pretty nasty red tide going on, and it had been challenging to see anything for the last few hours.

Got close to the kelp and slowed down and moved as smoothly as I could right up to the edge…it was too dark and murky to see anything, so I pushed in a little closer until my head was up under the edge and in the shadows…looking down through the hazy murk, my eyes adjusted, and I saw something moving…I made out a portion of a silhouette of what looked like a very big fish, extended my gun and pulled the trigger.

The fish took off, but stopped very quickly right next to where the kelp headed down into the dark…did I stone her? She had to be only about 10/15 feet down and was just sitting there wrapped around once or twice…

Decided my shot must’ve killed her so took a quick breath and dropped down…bad mistake.

When I got to her she wasn’t moving and I could see shaft sticking out of her side and grabbed it….and then all hell broke loose. She woke up and tried to take off, and I went to let go of the shaft but somehow my glove was stuck?! After thinking about it, I think part of the glove got pinned between slide ring and shaft somehow, and I couldn’t get my hand free…to make things worse the dead fish on my belt was wrapped up in the kelp and was pulling me backwards while the big live fish was pulling me forwards.  :smt009

After what seemed like forever with the fish going nuts and thrashing around with me holding the shaft trying to get my glove free, I was able to rip my hand totally out of the glove and let the fish go. Then I was able to free the fish on my belt from the kelp and get back to the surface.

I had a Neptonics popper float on my belt so after calming down and following the reel line until I was above the fish, I inflated it and clipped off the first fish and the gun and reel line to the float and prepared to try again.

For the last couple years I’ve been hunting bigger fish with a belt reel just in case the reel on my gun jammed…I was scared of getting close to that fish again so I decided I would use the belt reel to clip off to the fish and bring her up from a distance.

When I dove down she was on the bottom at 45 feet laying there looking dead…and my glove was right there on the shaft still lol.

I approached slowly and clipped the belt reel to the slip tip spectra and slowly headed back to the surface pulling her up as I went…she wasn’t wrapped in the kelp so she came up pretty easily.

Right when I got back to the surface I saw the Neptonics float had started deflating and I could see release valve had broken off bladder and was filling with water. Lucky it didn’t do it while I was on bottom or might have lost everything!!  :smt013

I quickly grabbed the whole tangled mess of float/fish/gun in one hand, and got my other hand in the throat of the big fish. Luckily she was totally dead now. After clearing away from the kelp I was able to get my arm through bands of gun and stringer of smaller fish, bled bigger fish and swim back  to kayak.

I knew the fish was big in the water…and when I got onto kayak and pulled it in I could tell it was heavier than any fish I had taken before (at this time my biggest one had been 59 pounds), so I was stoked thinking I had finally gotten a fish over 60 pounds or so.   :smt001

I took my time relaxing on the kayak and admiring both fish and having a celebratory lucky NA beer. Could see shot had gone in shoulder and out under opposite pec fin, but slip tip pulled back inside body at same point during fight. Could also see the slip tip spectra had made an actual frikkin knot around the slide ring, and shaft was super bent. I guess somehow slip tip cord got tangled around slide ring and so shaft got pulled into body, my glove got pinned between shaft and slide ring mess, and when was holding onto shaft trying to get free the shaft bent?

After finishing the beer and talking a few pics I was able to shove both fish inside kayak and then paddle in.

Once I drove away from beach I stopped at a pullout on the highway to take my time and measure fish.

Taped out to 60.75 inches, and I was shocked when I saw the scale at 74.3 pounds!!  :smt007 :smt007 :smt007

I gutted her there at pullout and was expecting to see a bunch of eggs because belly looked full…zero eggs, but her stomach was absolutely stuffed with baitfish. She had obviously been gorging herself on all the baitfish I had seen earlier in the day.

The smaller fish was 50.75 inches and 37 pounds, even after my gutshot took out most of her guts  :smt005

Back at home I tried to get my youngest daughter to take pics of me holding the big fish but we struggled because it was heavy and I’m weak these days, and there were a bunch of those wasps that came in once the fish was out the kill bag and she was scared to get close to me to take pics lol!! None of the pics really do the fish justice…she was an absolute pig.  :smt007

Took my time scaling and cutting up both fish and the delicious meat was shared amongst many, many family members and friends and all eaten fresh.

I definitely think this is the fish of a lifetime, and doubt I will ever find a WSB this big ever again, but am so grateful that I found her this year…my recent health struggles have reinforced the fact that tomorrow’s adventures are never guaranteed and you have to enjoy every experience as much as possible. Even if I never see another WSB again, I will always have this experience burned into my memory banks to remember.

The end.




Pay It Forward / Diving For A Cause: Louisiana Gulf Trip 2023
« on: August 14, 2023, 06:25:08 PM »
Paid for this trip in 2019 with plans to go in summer of 2020…then covid happened and it got cancelled.

In 2021 there was an issue with the captain/boat and it got cancelled.

In 2022 I got covid right before the trip and was too sick to dive.

Finally this year I was able to make it happen.

Three days of diving off a siiiick 37 foot VH Freeman with quad 350s, staying at a sweet houseboat down at Venice Marina, home cooked meals each night from the houseboat owners.

Captain Brandon Hendrickson (amazing diver and all around great guy) and his crew went above and beyond to get us on fish and make sure we filled the coolers.

At least 70% of fish donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans. My family has benefited from their charity in the past after hurricanes so I know they do really good work.

Conditions were excellent, we had great viz and found fish super close to shore.

Highlights for me were my PB Cobia, Amberjack, Mangrove Snapper, Red Snapper, Dog Snapper and Tripletail.

At the end of the trip we drove up to the foodbank and donated almost 300 pounds of fillets.

Very happy to have finally been able to make this trip happen, and stoked that I got some good pics and video to help me remember all the good times.

If you are looking to shoot some fish for a good cause you should check out DFAC, if you want to go offshore in Venice I highly recommend Brandon, and for inshore and lodging right there I can’t say enough good things about Donny Duke and Tigers Den.




Here are pics and a little vid.




For Sale / SOLD: Jackson Kayak CoosaHD
« on: April 25, 2023, 08:46:41 PM »
2021 CoosaHD, only used once.

Really cool kayak, but it’s just not the kind of kayak I need for what I do these days.

Here’s a link with specs, price, description, walkthrough video etc…no warranty from JK anymore since it is being resold.


MSRP is $1,949. Asking $1,200 OBO, pick up in Watsonville.

Some pics attached from the one time I used it in the summer of 2021…it had good fish mojo and I got a butt on it while messing around with my girls.   :smt004




DOTY / Congrats divenfish!!
« on: January 19, 2023, 12:49:39 PM »
Just wanted to say congratulations to NCKA OG divenfish for taking 1st place in DOTY 2022!!

Full results here:


He had some really quality entries including the biggest Red, Ling and Scallop entered in 2022.




Long time DOTY participant SeanOtter got 2nd place, and young Silent Hunter got 3rd.  :smt004

Sean had the biggest Olive, Greenling, and Kelpy of the year and Noah had the biggest Perch.

Other biggest fish of the year were as follows:

Black: Shaun614
Blue: RoadRunner
Grassy: zpearo
Copper: RoadRunner
BnY: Kelp_Creeper
Cab: slamson
Sheep: RoadRunner
Butt: BigJim
WSB: BigJim

Congrats again to divenfish!!




ps...I also wanted to thank divenfish for speaking up and posting that DOTY entries weren't getting approved...


Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / Springtime Double Butt Vid
« on: August 30, 2022, 01:54:16 PM »
Way back in April there was a little window between storms up here in the Monterey Bay and the wifey told me I should go dive and try and find a halibut...I didn't really have very high hopes cuz the wind had been howling and I figured the water would be really cold...

When I got in and felt how cold, and looked at my watch and saw it said 50, I really didn't think I would see anything...but, the water was really nice and clear and I had the morning free so figured would at least get a good swim in...

Headed out to the ~20 foot zone and started covering ground...

Was shocked a little bit later to see a solid halibut laying out uncovered on top of the sand.  :smt007

Plugged her right in the pec fin and she took off and I let her go.

She didn't go too far though and I was able to easily dive down, gently pull shaft all the way through, stab her in the head and bring her up.

After I strung her up on my belt I was tempted to head straight in but had only been diving for a little bit so figured would keep going...

Headed out a bit deeper and in a little while found another butt laying out on top of sand...I was behind this one but snuck up close to her, shot her in pec fin and she bolted off pulling out my reel line.

Let her run and headed to surface to breathe.

Another easy retrieval once I tracked her down, and she puked up a bunch of bait fish on way to surface.

Think both fish had been gorging and were just laying out on top of sand digesting?

Back at truck the bigger one was 36 inches and 20 pounds, and the smaller one was ~33 inches and 14 pounds.

Ton of meat on both and all was cooked and shared and eaten fresh.  :smt001

Here's a vid and some pics.





General Talk / Gyotaku Halibut
« on: July 13, 2022, 10:17:48 AM »
Back in May I was out diving in some patchy/chunky water and found a decent ~33 inch butt down around 30 feet.

My shaft went right through her little brain, and it was lights out for her.  :smt004

The next day we had no plans and the wifey was suggesting the girls and I help her do some projects around the house.  :smt010

I really didn't want to do the projects the wife had in mind.....At that moment I remembered that a local diver had messaged me way back in October letting me know that he had some paper he thought would be good for a Halibut print.  :smt004 :smt003

I messaged him to see if he was around, he was and so my youngest (she loves arts and crafts stuff) and I threw the butt in the cooler and headed down to his place.

Nick was very patient with us, had all the materials and supplies, and went out of his way to engage Jayme in the process.

We did a test run on some white paper, and then pulled out the cool patterned paper he had. The paper looks like a sandy ocean floor and I think it worked great for the Halibut.

Jayme and I had a blast doing the fish painting and printing, and we are very grateful to Nick for his hospitality and sharing his knowledge and supplies.

Here's a clip of the fish, and some pics. I hung the test print in the shed already, and need to get a frame for the fancy one.




Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / Father’s Day Fish Tale
« on: June 24, 2022, 02:03:15 PM »
I was down in Bakersfield for the long Father's Day weekend but it was stupid hot and I needed a break from the inlaws so drove back to the coast to an area where I have found halibut before when down there.

First spot I jumped in was churned up and surgy and water was surprisingly cold...no fish seen and I got out after a few hours.

Kept my wetsuit on and put my parka on top and drove a little ways to another area.

Water warmer and clearer over there but still wasn't seeing anything...

Finally right when the sun was going down and the water was getting pretty dark, I spooked a nice fish...

Usually when I spook a halibut they take off very fast and I have a split second to decide whether I am going to take a shot at them before they are gone...many times I miss these shots on the fly, but I have still landed quite a few this way over the years so will take the shot when I can...

This one fortunately did not bolt with the same quickness that most do and I realized I had time to actually take a decent shot at it...

I swung my gun around and pulled the trigger and could tell right away that I got her good when she stopped mid flight and started doing headshakes...

Took a few hard kicks and got my hand in her throat, made sure shaft was all the way through and headed up to the surface.

Bled, brained, gilled her right away and put her on my belt stringer and headed back to shore.

Back at truck I took a few pics, got a weight and length (18.44 pounds and 35 inches) and loaded her into the cooler and headed back to Bakersfield.

The next morning the fish and ice were still cold and safe in the Orion and I had Jayme take a pic of me with the fish and my lucky Amadeo hat. Then a few pics with my baby niece Lucy Jane before filleting.

The shaft hit her in the meaty part of the shoulder but angled through and down and came out right by her underside pec fin...it also grazed her spine when going through and that stunned her enough to stop excessive thrashing and there was very little meat damaged when I cut her up. I just cut around the hole and used the odd shaped pieces for a ceviche.

The inlaws loved the fresh fish feast and I got a break from the heat, a dive, a fish, and some brownie points.

 :smt004 :smt003 :smt004




Recipes / Salmon cheeks
« on: May 05, 2022, 11:08:46 AM »
I usually cook salmon heads whole and pull the cooked cheeks out…a few weeks ago we had a lot of fish and I didn’t NEED the heads, but didn’t wanna waste em so just cut the cheeks out and marinated them in some Japanese BBQ sauce and grilled them along with the ribs.

A few days ago I decided to cut the cheeks out of the fish I got Saturday fishing with Jesse Lerma and ate them raw. Ridiculously tasty with a slight crunch kinda like a fresh rock scallop. Small compared to a lot of fish, but really delicious. Will definitely be doing the same with future salmon heads.  :smt007

Anyone know why the cheeks are white and the rest of the meat isn’t?




Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / 2021 recap and video
« on: January 04, 2022, 09:48:50 AM »
I spent a lot of time on/in/under the water in 2021…got some fish, a few nice ones, and had some great meals with family and friends….

There were also a LOT of drives home with an empty cooler, but those skunks always bring their own lessons and opportunities to hopefully improve….grateful to my family and good friends for supporting me in my adventures, and for encouraging me to keep going through the dry patches.

I managed to bring home a few nice Lingcod, twenty three California Halibut (up to ~35 inches, with 10 over 30) , one big California Sheephead (my biggest ever), my second WhiteSeaBass ever, first speared Cobia, and biggest Mangrove Snappers so far…all taken spearfishing while freediving.

Here’s a little vid of the few fish I was able to get on film, with a classic Soundgarden tune.  :smt003


Hoping 2022 is full of giant fish and full coolers!





Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / 2021 Halloween Ghost Story: My Second WSB
« on: October 26, 2021, 07:22:00 PM »
TLDR: I shot my second WSB and was stoked.  :smt004

Longer version:

Last year I spent enough time underwater that even though I wasn't hunting them, I happened to be in the right place at the right time when a school of these haunting fish swam by.


This year I made a plan to paddle my Kraken out and actually hunt the kelp beds for a ghost...

My first attempts ended up smelling like skunk and tears and heartbreak...

I saw some fish (including some absolute tankers) but couldn't close the deal...spooked fish, a devastating equipment malfunction, multiple missed chances and a lot of cursing underwater had me thinking I should've stuck to staring at sand.  :smt011 :smt009 :smt010 :smt044

One day though after many many many hours in the water, while I was breathing up laying on the surface staring down into the green murky water, a fish glided in slowly right underneath me...  :smt007

Pulled the trigger and my shaft went in right by the pec fin and down and out through the bottom of the throat. Took off ripping line from my reel, and I felt confident that my shot was solid so grabbed onto the reel line and let her pull me through the kelp....

She dragged me for what seemed like forever, but stayed up high and eventually stopped and wrapped around some kelp.

From the surface I could see her tied up about 15 feet down so took my time and made sure I was clear of any reel line before going down and pulling her free and getting back up to the surface.

Bled and brained her right away and enjoyed the moment before dealing with all the reel line mess and making my way back to the kayak.

Pretty sure this was the smallest out of all the fish I had seen while looking, but still ridiculously stoked to get the fish that I had been targeting.

Back at the truck she taped out at 46 inches and weighed ~30 pounds.

All the delicious meat was shared and eaten fresh amongst multiple family members and friends.

Extremely grateful for the fish and the humbling learning process...and for the advice and encouragement from some good friends on here who motivated me to keep trying despite my earlier failures.  :smt008

No vid cuz had used up all my GoPro battery hours before I found the fish, but here's some pics.




Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / PB Goat
« on: September 17, 2021, 10:21:23 AM »
Have mostly been looking at sand this year again, but have been sneaking out on my Kraken when I get a chance to explore some reefs and kelp beds and get some paddle time...

Awhile back I paddled out to a promising looking area but after 5+ hours of hunting I hadn't managed to get anything I wanted...

While breathing up I saw some movement down in the murky green below and quietly dipped down and saw a really big male Sheephead suspended next to a kelp stalk about 15 feet down?!?

It lazily turned and gave me an easy shot so I plugged it right between the gill plate and the body and the shaft went out through its mouth.

Took off running but I just grabbed the reel line and kicked to the surface before it could get down to the bottom and get into the rocks.

After I admired him and bled him and put him on my stringer I dropped down to the bottom and could see that there was a pinnacle there that came up to 30 feet, and there were several other large sheep and some biiig olives chilling. I let them all be because I knew I already had plenty of meat with this one. I did look around for a Red for a bit (if it's Red it's dead  :smt002) but didn't see any so moved on.

My only sheep I will take this year, and using the DOTY history can see that at 31 inches it is bigger then my previous PB of 29.5 inches taken in 2015, and the only male I've taken since 2017:



Back at truck sheep weighed ~19 pounds before being gilled and gutted.

I got my daughter Jayme to take a pic of me once home, let it rest in fridge overnight, then filleted him up and made a mondo batch of ceviche that was devoured fresh by multiple families. Gifted the meaty head and collars to my buddy Manuel for his parents to make a big caldo.  :smt004

Here's some pics.




Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / 30+ years later...
« on: August 09, 2021, 10:50:44 PM »
Not kayak related, but thought you guys might appreciate the story....

When I was little my Dad used to take me fishing on this group of oil rigs. I fell in love with fishing on these rigs, and dreamed of one day being able to dive under the surface and chase the fish around below...

Last week I finally made that 30+ year old dream come true. Got a last minute invite from my buddy John, and we launched  out of the same spot (Empire), and went to the same rigs (West Delta). Visibility was less than ideal (top 25 feet were zero viz murk, and past 40 it got all hazy and dark).

After awhile I found a system that seemed to work ok (wasn’t pushing it cuz was only guy diving) and was able to take a handful of mangrove snapper (including two really nice ones).

At the very end of the day when I was about to call it, I was down waiting for some snappers to get close and I look up and there is a group of Cobia swimming above me...I kick up and nail the biggest one right in the pec fin  :smt007

Shaft goes up and through her head and gets lodged in her skull, and I am able to get her to the surface pretty easily and get my hand in her throat but then she starts going nuts. I get my knife in her head, and wrap my legs around her but she still is thrashing and rolling and the spines on her back tear up my inner thigh pretty good, and turns out she bent my shaft as well.

Finally she calms down enough for me to slit a few gills and get her up into the boat. Such a beautiful fish, and a great way to end the day.

Mom and Dad were super excited about the fish, and said it had been over 30 years since they had eaten Cobia, and it was even better than they remembered.

Here’s a bunch of pics.




PS. Special thanks to Parviz from Red Triangle Spearfishing in Petaluma for loaning me his sweeet Bluetec OceanBorn 125 gun, and shipping it to my parents so it would be there waiting for me when I arrived.  :smt008

Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / Stolen gun, happy ending.
« on: May 23, 2021, 05:53:16 PM »
A few days ago my buddy and NCKA member Dave Grigsby (gatorgrigs on here) who runs Kayak Connection in SC and Moss gave me the heads up that someone had brought in a distinctive looking gun being offered for sale in his SC shop...

I recognized the Herranen logo http://www.herranenspearguns.com/wp_sc_spearguns/?page_id=229 and Dave helped get the gun for me...right away I reached out to Phil Herranen to see if he recognized the gun and if he thought it was stolen...after a few days of thinking Phil remembered the gun, and that it had been stolen ~2 years ago, and put me in touch with the rightful owner Nick.

Extremely stoked to have been able to do my part to get Nick his gun back, and grateful to Dave and Phil for helping make this happen...

It’s always an awesome feeling when you are able to get something that was lost or stolen back in the hands of the rightful owner. I hope the gun brings Nick many more awesome fish and adventures and good times...

I also hope that anyone reading this will take the time to ask around or look online if they get offered the chance to buy some gear that may be stolen...I would much rather get a fellow diver their stuff back than have a great deal on a piece of stolen equipment.




Ps...Nick is also the nephew of Hans Haveman of H&H fish, right next to Dave’s kayak shop...when I told Dave about who the gun belonged to he said he almost sent the seller there with the gun and that Hans would’ve killed the guy if he saw his nephews stolen gun for sale.   :smt002


Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / Double Dragons
« on: February 14, 2021, 09:36:40 AM »
Snuck out to take advantage of a recent weather window, and found some really nice viz.

Nobody home at first few spots, but then checked a hole down at 50 feet that has produced in the past...

All the Lings I’ve taken from this hole have been way in the back so that’s where I was focused...some small Rockfish were in the way and they had stirred up some silt so was trying to see past that...then I scanned to the right and a Black Rockfish moved out of the way and I saw a nice ling head behind it.

Shot her in the eye and pulled her out and headed back up.

After she was bled/gilled/gutted I started hunting around for Reds, but wasn’t seeing any so started heading to another shallower area where I have had good luck with Lings.

Along the way I detoured to go check out a stretch I haven’t explored before...dropped and saw a nice looking rock down at 30 feet, and turns out there was another nice Ling under there.

Shot this one between the eyes, but she didn’t want to come out at first so let the reel line out and came up to breath.

While on surface could feel her thrashing around in the hole, then she came out and was trying to swim away...took my time and pulled in the line and she came right up.

Pretty much a twin of the first fish (both nice and meaty and just a hair over 34 inches), and put her on my belt stringer and swam in.

Gifted both fish to my buddy Jesse whose mom recently died from covid. His dad also got covid and has lost 40 pounds since then. Jesse has been taking care of him and says his dad has been asking for fresh fish and caldo, but it’s all closed for rod and reel right now. He was super stoked and it gave me an excuse to go over and say hi...outside and from a distance on opposite sides of my truck.

Here’s a few pics and a quick vid I put together so that Jesse and his Dad could have dinner and a movie.




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