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AOTY / We should separate crappies from other sunfish
« on: June 20, 2024, 08:54:02 AM »
Looking at the species archive I noticed that crappies totally dominate the panfish category to the point of elimination of other species for contention. Maybe Sac Perch could be lumped with them but I think sunfish should be separate with more points per inch while crappies could get fewer points per inch. Itís too easy to get a 150 pt fish with crappies. A 12Ē crappie is an average or small one while a 12Ē bluegill is huge and noteworthy.
This is something that should be considered for next year.

Met Paul and Scott at the lot this am. Met Nowhere Man heading out of the harbor. Winds were calm with a good sized swell. Bait was not cooperating and it took awhile to get a couple mackerel. No action for quite awhile as I bounced around East and then past the red buoy up to lighthouse reef. Wind came up a bit after 10 am but mostly on the outside. At one point traded a 10oz weight for a 13Ē Greenling - not a fair trade. Had a few other bites and scratched baits but no halibut, no lings, no rockfish ( didnít really try for RF). Off the water around 12:30. Bite was just not there today.
When I got back my new fish cleaning table had arrived from Basspro. Iíll have to wait to put it to use. Maybe jinxed myself ordering it.

General Fishing Tips / Delta Tide Video
« on: January 12, 2024, 08:50:22 AM »

Alan Fong does a video on tides that is helpful.

I feel vindicated that he explains that the tide charts are often off. When I used to do a lot of poke poling on the coast they seemed spot on but Iíve found the change to often be delayed quite a bit in the bay and delta beyond what the charts say.

Hookups and Fishing Reports (Viewable by Public) / Berryessa 1/7 report
« on: January 10, 2024, 12:50:48 PM »
I decided to try  Berryessa for some trout, maybe salmon, maybe bass, maybe the huge bluegill that were reported at 50í.
Launched at Markley. The bait balls were mostly 40í to 100í deep. I dragged a spee D  shiner on a DR at about 50í and a streamer with a wiggle disk on a sinking line on a fly rod. I may not have had enough speed @ 1.8 - 2.4 mph.
I picked up one decent 17Ē bass fairly early but moved on looking for trout. Didnít get any other bites. Tried a frog flatfish which works at Pyramid but no hits.
One guy was getting some big bass according to the radio.
On the return I dropped a worm down for bluegill but couldnít find any.
Pretty nice weather and no skunk.

General Talk / Fish results spreadsheet for 2023 vs 2022
« on: January 01, 2024, 04:19:12 PM »
I got in over 50 days of fishing again in 2023. No fish over 30" for me this year, compared to last year where I got 5 (3 lings, 2 halis) .
I did get a new pb trout at 28" from Pyramid.
I saw fewer skunks - mostly due to salmon season closure, but partly due to improvement in skills/timing.
I think I got more variety this year, with crappie, catfish and lake trout added to my kayak fishing list.

I'm not sure how 2024 will go. I might need to focus more on work, since it definitely took a hit last year.
But at this point in my life, I am willing to trade some income for days off. So I'm still hoping to get close to 50 days in again.

Hookups and Fishing Reports (Viewable by Public) / Fort Ross visit 11/25
« on: November 25, 2023, 11:08:01 PM »
Was missing the Fort so worked up a family road trip with breakfast and some shopping in Occidental and a visit to Fort Ross. They checked out the museum and fort while Mabel and I worked our way down to the point and tried a little fishing. The long period swell created some good sized shore break and we had to stay alert and time our exit route.
It turns out I didnít have any sliding bobbers and didnít want to bring bait, so just cast a small metal jig under a large bobber for zero fish in about 30 minutes of actual fishing.
They repaired the road down to the drop off but I didnít check on the path to the beach launch.

General Fishing Tips / Tide Predictions
« on: November 02, 2023, 09:18:37 AM »
Does anyone know why there seems to be a huge discrepancy between NOAA tide predictions and Navionics? In the past it seems like NOAA was pretty close for Alameda but way off for Benicia. For Saturday at Golden Gate NOAA shows a tide changes around 7am and noon, but Navionics current indicator shoes changes closer to 8am and 2pm.

Hookups and Fishing Reports (Viewable by Public) / Live report Benicia
« on: September 04, 2023, 08:42:54 AM »

Finding schoolies Small stripers. Three in the boat already.

AOTY / FnS doing an AOTY in 2024
« on: August 03, 2023, 11:15:06 AM »
Looks like the Fresh N Salty FB group is also doing an AOTY for 2024. Seems like they are doing the same thing with points and fish upgrades, etc.. It will be Statewide and I think they will allow motors, since it seems many FnS members use motors. $30 entry fee. They will probably have some good prizes - fishing gear, maybe even a peddle kayak, etc.. I imagine they might get a hundred or more participants.
I'm not interested if it includes motors.
I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, assuming the AOTY format originated here?

Had a site visit this AM in Pt Richmond so loaded the Lynx and Mabel. Ferry Pt was blowing about 10mph and just looked unpleasant for the Lynx. So headed over the bridge and up to Black Pt. launch under Hwy 37. Trolled A-rig and Rattletrap upstream with the incoming. Went up a nice side trib. Then headed back down as tide slacked. Seemed to be marking hundreds of fish but didnít get a bite. A couple guys fishing live bait also had nothing.  Maybe shoulda fished the outgoing? Is it a bad moon phase? Weather was really nice.

AOTY / It's lonely at the top
« on: May 02, 2023, 09:40:13 AM »
It's great to see more fish being added to AOTY. I think there have been some large fish caught that have not been added and it would be good to see those up there. I jumped to an early lead with lots of species, but only have 2 or 3 really worthy fish. I expect to be bumped within a month or two. I do expect to get at least 10 species this year. That is goal # 1. Goal #2 is getting to 1500pts.  But no one has ever won with less than 1700 points. And that is a tall order when a 150 point fish is a great fish and a 180 point fish is a spectacular fish (unless it is a Clear Lake Crappie...).

General Talk / Appropriated artwork
« on: March 21, 2023, 02:57:23 PM »
I enjoy Adam's Die Hard Fishing videos but his graphic designer stole my Cabezon design (tracing it as line work) and incorporated it into one of his stickers for sale. I emailed him to remove it from his merch. He seems like a nice guy, so I'm assuming he'll do the right thing... It's not about the money, for me at least.

General Talk / New Kayak sticker idea
« on: March 02, 2023, 02:35:26 PM »
I have work projects that I should be working on but instead I'm working on a new Kayak sticker idea.
Below are 4 options. Vote on which one is preferred or if any modifications are recommended.
Hope to add these to my stash to hand out at meetups.

AOTY / AOTY point system
« on: February 19, 2023, 07:58:56 PM »
Has the AOTY point system ever been modified or is it set in stone?
I feel certain species don't get the points they should based on the impressiveness/desirability/difficulty of the catch.
Just looking at this year's list so far, the most impressive fish - a nearly 28" halibut - only has 138.75 points, while not-so impressive 14.5" crappie gets 174 points.
Rather than changing the points per inch on various fishes, which I think is otherwise pretty well thought-out, I think a better/easier way would be to add base points to any legal sized fish of certain species to boost their overall point score.

For instance:
Sturgeon would get around 75-100 base points.
Salmon would get around 50-75 base points.
Halibut would get around 25-50 base points.
White Sea Bass would get around 50-100 base points.

These are the fish that come to mind as real prizes.
Maybe brown trout could be added to the boosted base fish list, since the regular trout category is inundated with corn-fed stockers.

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