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General Fishing Tips / Re: Petrale Sole
« on: July 12, 2024, 10:34:34 AM »
I have been catching Petrale sole off my yak before they made them legal to keep since they used to be under groundfish regulations.  Now itís no size limit and no bag limit.  A 19Ēer is a good sized one.  I have caught them up to about 22Ē.  Most tend to be in the 15-18Ē range.  They at one of my favorite to eat.  If youíre careful you can filet them into 2 big filets instead of 4.  Then get som crab and stuff it with lump crab meat.  Petrale sole is usually one of the most expensive at restaurants.

Here are few photos of my past petrale sole catches as well as a pic of speckled sand dabs and rock sole.

General Talk / Re: Helping Sledge
« on: May 28, 2024, 04:06:45 PM »
Spike reported seeing a seal attack a kayaker.  Must have been you.  Good to hear you are still hitting the water and and staying sober.  Sorry for the loss of your dad.  I hope to see you on the water soon.

The ocean is really bad shape.  We havenít had much of a razor clam season for many years now☹️

CA Regulations / Re: Is RF open?
« on: April 21, 2024, 07:30:33 PM »
Itís always open from shore.  I saw a nice stringer of big blacks off the jetty yesterday.  April is a good time to catch a big ling cod from shore.

General Fishing Tips / Re: Costa Rica this December
« on: March 31, 2024, 01:37:31 AM »
Small country.  About 6 hrs drive across continent.    Do Manual Antonio and hire a guide!  We stayed in a cabinas in Manual Antonio.  Fished tarpon in Tortuguero, but 1 week maybe too short.   Be careful in Tamarindo as seems to be low life capital of CR.   Lots of theft.   Son in law lost debit card.  And had two surfboards purchased quickly.

It is sad what has become of the Tamarindo area.  I used to go there yearly in the early 2000's.  It was a sleepy little surf town that happened to have a fantastic sailfish fishery.  I used to go there in the late summer, during the rainy season, which meant even less people.  Double digit days on sailfish were the norm.  Surf waves out front were party waves with multiple people riding, encouraging each other on, with no one getting aggro.  This because the lineup wasn't crowded and everyone got all the waves they wanted.  I went back a year or 2 after the road was paved, and the vibe completely changed.  Lot of solicitors appeared, peddling all the vices.  Crime was up.  And it got crowded.  I've not been back since.


I spent time in Tamarindo in the mid nineties.  It was fun back then, but more tourists than Playa Coco where the Tica family I stayed with had a vacation home.  I never stayed in hotels when I visited Costa Rica.     

CA Regulations / Re: March 2024 PFMC Council Meeting Day 5: 3/10/24
« on: March 10, 2024, 12:09:29 PM »
Thatís plenty of rockfish season for kayakers.  May-September & November.  Thats 6 months plus 3 months to go on a boat and fish the deep reefs.

For Sale / Re: 2018 Outback for sale
« on: February 17, 2024, 10:42:40 AM »
6 year old kayak and you are asking that much?   :smt044

The fishfinder is maybe $100, the drysuit may be brand new, but it is considered used now.  Pictures might help.  Which mirage drive is it?  What condition is it in?  Got turbo fins?  Upgraded or standard rudder?  Which cart cause it could be a homemade $20 cart or a $150 wheeliiezz cart?  Even with though questions answered one way or the other, this package deal is well overpriced.  $2000-2200 is fair

General Talk / Re: Best place to buy a drysuit
« on: January 31, 2024, 11:10:31 PM »
Ebay has the best deals.  I bought a Navy Seals Kokatat drysuit for $450 and it has lasted several seasons now with lots of use and abuse from bloody salmon and halibut slime in my lap.  Matt Mayes found a screaming deal on a Mustang drysuit for $150.

CA Regulations / Re: 2024 Nearshore Rockfish Season Survey
« on: January 25, 2024, 01:34:03 PM »
Some of the Northern area voters must not have any clue about the best calm ocean days when they ranked their months.  July or August should be 1 and 2.  Next, September or June for 3 and 4.  October is an easy lock for 5.  After 5 it should be May at 6, April at 7, November at 8 and December at 9.

The wind often blows in May.  June can be windy too, but the long days can be better than some in September which makes it a toss up between the two.  Itís just plain stupid to put May as 3 because of wind and thatís typically when the crabs hatch and everyone is bitching about it being a slow bite.  Also, April should clearly be in the bottom 3 unless you like rainy windy conditions.  Some of the best days can be in October and September besides the obviously best months of July and August.  Go look at fishing reports and tides cause it will give you a clearer picture.

a surprising benefit of a motor is you can do some things while puttering to a new spot. 

i tied a knot will under power.  ahha..that has never happened.

i'm curious how much i use it. 

if i can draw a parallel to my mountain biking life.  ALL my friends bought E-Bikes.  i dont want one, but it is NOT fun riding with them anymore.  i go solo now.  which is fine.  on a kayak, at least i can fish with motor people without my motor.  it does suck watching them eat and drink while i am mouth-breathing trying to keep up with them at 4mph with my mirage drive.  hahah.. so there is that.

great conversation people.  if anyone gets a motor, i am available for LESSONS LEARNED.

You can eat, drink, or tie a knot while pedaling a Hobie.  I have done hundreds of times.  Sure you have to reach down and adjust the rudder sometimes to keep you in the direction you want to go, but it isnít hard to do.

I went herring hunting in the most miserable conditions only to find the most incredible scene that i haver witness in over a decade chasing this fish. This fish drives people absolutely  bat crazy haha.  I hope you enjoy this video in your warm bed! - CHOVY

P.S. Eddie follow the CHOVY. I will take you to the promise land I promise. Don't flip a swim bait i the middle of nowhere. haha  :smt044 :smt044 :smt005

Video link

Itís a little windy and hardly raining.  I have definitely thrown a castnet in worse conditions than the video.  The crowd would keep me away before the weather.  Too many people.

CA Regulations / Re: RF Reg. Petition - Rockfish Nearshore Draft Petition
« on: September 09, 2023, 03:15:54 PM »
Where are the regulations for the Northern division?

Northern Management Area doesn't have a published 50-fathom rule, and we didn't know how to include it in the petition.
We hope CDFW will apply a similar rule when they accept our petition.  If you have detail petition language, please let us know.


We certainly do have a 50 fathom rule since our nearshore season was shut down before your nearshore was .  Iím not talking about the beginning of the season.  The groundfish laws arenít permanent.  They change or amend them often during the season.  We used to be only 120ft depth limit then they upped to 180ft.  It used to only be open to October 31st then gave us till the end of the year.  They gave us all depth after October 31st for the 4 or 5 years, but only once or twice did we actually get all depth because they would say the limit had been reached on incidental yelloweye take and keep us at 180ft which so so stupid cause there are plenty of yelloweye in 180ft of water.  We also donít have much reefs deeper than 180ft anyways.  Really my main concern is salmon and pacific halibut because if I really wanted rockfish or lingcod itís almost as easy to just go catch some from shore since they arenít a sportfishing and are some of the easiest fish to catch.  I wish yíall luck with this venture, but I have my doubts that CADFW will change whatever their plans are for the season.  Having the opportunity to fish Cape Mendocino for nearshore is about the only place that will get me to target rockfish and let ngs specifically.

CA Regulations / Re: RF Reg. Petition - Rockfish Nearshore Draft Petition
« on: September 02, 2023, 11:17:36 PM »
Where are the regulations for the Northern division?

We caught lots of quillback at Reading rock on the one trip we went out there this year.  We also caught lots of coppers too as well as several yelloweye.  The quillback seemed to go back on their own, but I was descending all fish we didnít keep anyways.  I think I caught a quillback at the Cape once or twice and I agave caught a few in Shelter Cove fishing the deeper reef outside of the red can and south.

The only place I saw that might be within reasonable kayak range was out of Van Damme and off of Pt Cabrillo.  Looking at maps, the spot is either just at the 50 fathom line or just barely inside of it.  There is two spots I saw and both are just under 3 miles out which isnít bad at all.  The spot off Pt Cabrillo is only 2.4 miles out which is even better, but I donít know how easy it is to launch there.  More than likely, the spots are just inside of the 50 fathom line. Anyone have the GPS coordinates for the 50fathom line around Albion and Van Damme area?

Yes.  You can still fish inside the 50 fathom line, but you canít keep or have any rockfish aboard

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