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Hope you’re all able to keep it clean..performance enhancing drugs and all ….steroids and HGH use among competitive anglers is on the rise …

lol.  Do I look like I need steroids?


Good deal!

I heard a rumor there's a catch and release element.  What's up with that?

All events we participate in will be C&R (or possibly in a C&R division).


At the PFMC meeting this weekend, CDFW recommended the full closure option.


This sounds interesting.
I hate to bring up the whole motorized vs non-motorized issue but which way is this swinging?
Non-motorized sounds more like it fits Olympic ideals, but I think the current bass competitions are mostly motorized.

We don't set the rules on our own.  That's up to the organizers of the international events.  However, I have not seen a proposal for a motorized event.



Finally getting recognition for the finely tuned athletes that we are.

It ain't easy maintaining this physique.


You may recognize a few names involved here, including Annie and myself.

USA, April 4, 2024
USAngling is proud to announce an exciting new sports team, Saltwater Kayak Fishing, to the USAngling program. USAngling has set up an USA Kayak Fishing Saltwater committee to select America’s best saltwater kayak fishing teams. These teams will represent the USA at the upcoming Costa Rica Pan American Championship in June and the World Championship in Spain this October. These are sanctioned events that will assist in the global effort to gain recognition for sport fishing by the International Olympic committee.

The committee currently consists of: Craig Storms – President, David Elgas – Vice President, Allen Sansano – Secretary, Annie Nagel – Communications Director, Adam Fisk – Team Coach, Robert Field – Gulf Coast Director and Joe Hector – Atlantic SE Director. This committee is establishing a program to build regional qualifiers, national championships, Pan Am events and a path for American athletes to compete in future Saltwater Kayak Fishing World Championships.


Full press release here, https://conta.cc/3VOEbHd


Is it really that big of a hit to commercial fishermen?  80% of the yearly commercial landings are caught in the first month of their season.  And by now commercial boats have transitioned to other fisheries.


4.   Vermillion limit reduction to 2-sub bag limit in all areas except Northern Groundfish Management Area, which has a 4-sub bag limit.

Is there a data based reason for this change?  I have a feeling that it's exploratory management.

Curious, why do you have that feeling?

Just for me personally, I've caught a lot more verms in recent years than prior.  Last year probably more than any other single year. But, I could have just gotten better at fishing  :smt005

So for your sample size of 1, your data suggests that we should increase the verm limit.  Got it.   :smt003

All the data is here, https://www.pcouncil.org/documents/2022/01/the-status-of-vermilion-rockfish-sebastes-miniatus-and-sunset-rockfish-sebastes-crocotulus-in-u-s-waters-off-the-coast-of-california-north-of-point-conception-in-2021-december-2021.pdf/

And yes, since 2000 the fishery has steadily been improving, going from below the minimum target level, to crossing over the maximum target level in 2015.  So yeah, it is understandable your increased verm success.  The current concern is effort shift increasing the catch too much, pushing the population back down below threshold.


Ya agree about the clutter on the kayak for sure
Im going to use a heavy Duty 2ft old fishing rod n reel and a 12oz weight. I can usually get the fish to go back down on its own so its not going to be that bad. Plus I do believe if the fish is in fair shape these will help with survival rates.

I would descend all fish regardless of whether they look like they’d swim or not, especially the ones with quotas.  There are many studies showing that the appearance of the fish at the surface doesn't always lead to the desired outcome (survival), and descending all fish has a better overall outcome.  Or at least I recall this “fact”.  Chris, is this true?


Fellas. If you really care about the well-being of a big YE or other rockfish you want to release, please pack the extra lead. I know that packing extra lead is a PITA, but you'll get used to it. It really sucks when you're trying to descend a big old rockfish and you don't have enough lead with you to do it.

I'm speaking from experience. Pulling up YEs from 100 ft. I learned this lesson the hard way, and I felt real shitty about it. Bring five pounds, and you won't have to worry about floaters. Do it for the fish, and for your fishery. If not, these nearshore rockfish seasons could be taken away again due to noncompliance with the regulations.



Thanks Al!  I love it, especially the weight.  My hesitation is mandatorily adding up to 32oz of lead to my platform for an unverified life expectancy of said released species.   :smt006

What do you mean by unverified?  There is plenty of science to back up the survival rates.


4.   Vermillion limit reduction to 2-sub bag limit in all areas except Northern Groundfish Management Area, which has a 4-sub bag limit.

Is there a data based reason for this change?  I have a feeling that it's exploratory management.

Curious, why do you have that feeling?


Hobie Kayaks / Re: Guide - Metal 180 MD Sprocket Installation
« on: March 25, 2024, 09:40:02 AM »
What a great tutorial!  Very nice work, Yaad.   :smt001

As a paddler, it's total validation!   :smt005

Can you put together a tutorial on assembling a paddle?   :smt006


For Sale / Re: FREE - 6 packs of Kalin's 10" Mogambo grubs
« on: March 13, 2024, 10:48:49 AM »
I am planning a Halibut fishing trip I Alaska this Summer so these "Kalins" will be great tackle for the "barn doors".

Where you going, and when?  Bushy and I are heading to Kodiak at the end of August.


For Sale / Re: FREE - 6 packs of Kalin's 10" Mogambo grubs
« on: March 13, 2024, 07:59:11 AM »
At 10" long, would those be the Big'N grub?

True story, my son is named Kalin, after these plastics.


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