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haha change the front page?? Don't hold you breathe. Lol. I think it's been the same thing for over 12 years now.

General Talk / CCK Redwood City Closing sale!!
« on: October 26, 2023, 11:33:44 AM »
Some of you may have heard the news that our California Canoe And Kayak store in Redwood City is closing at the end of this month.  This has been a great place for community events and kayak fishing seminars for us in the past but the retail business is a tough one!


There will be a closing sale from until Sunday with 20% Up to 50% on certain items. There will be accessories for your kayak at good discounts and even some untouched kayaks that have been discounted. Hope you guys can get deal. TLA

Come to the store to to see what we have and load up on the accessories you been putting off on.

CA Regulations / Re: Oct 11, San Jose FGC Meeting - Groundfish Petition
« on: October 18, 2023, 02:41:59 PM »
I thought you guys did an excellent job representing the kayak community. I donít think we were even on their radar whatsoever but with your presence we might have a change in 2024 thank you for everyone involved. Wish I couldíve made it but couldnít take a day off work.

I agree from their comments that the kayak fishing community was not even on their radar. I think having a presence and letting them know that we have an active and thriving community does impact their decision making in the future.  In fact our community is one of the most eco-friendly ways to get on the water.

We do a lot to support environmental efforts such as supporting coastal clean ups, providing funds to local non profits and supporting the salmon fishery -- I don't think that was lost on them.

I am hopeful that we can build a constructive and mutually beneficial relationship with CDFW rather than an adversarial one. (We vs. Them). From their comments it seemed they want to maintain an open dialogue with us as they make policy for 2024.

I'm cautiously optimistic this will lead to better policy for our community come 2024; but there is still lots of work to be done. The working committee is meeting offline and in active discussion how to move forward. We will keep every one updated. Fingers crossed for better results some 2024 -TLA

CA Regulations / Re: RF Reg. Petition - Rockfish Nearshore Draft Petition
« on: September 05, 2023, 01:38:30 PM »
Thank you, MooMoo, for posting on your YouTube channel.
Our response jumped from 64 to 140 just in several hours due to your video.

I'll put a post and video out later this week and a blast to my mailing list. Sorry, i've been MIA on this topic. I am very supportive of the effort to organize and get a coalition to speak up for our interest. Juggling work, life, kayak fishing and the dozen of other interest takes a toll on me.  Thanks Paul and all those taking a lead on this important topic. 

I think the CDFW will hear loud and clear from the Kayak Fishing Community on this topic. --TLA

General Talk / Re: Kayak cleaner
« on: June 27, 2023, 08:23:02 AM »

These three worked but to get off tough grim i would use the boat erasers.

PLEASE See CHUCKE thread for my full report but

Final Results:
2023 King of the Wall - ChuckE
2nd Place - Jared Wong
3rd Place - Jacob Louie

We are expecting a lot of people to attend tomorrows event. If you are there to enjoy the festivities
please park in the over flow parking for the event. Please leave the main parking for tournament participants. Please see the MAP

How does the check in work, thereís 96 people signed up plus all the normal boat traffic at the launch for a Sunday. Can we check in on the water and launch before 7? Go try to catch baitfish before 7?

We will have a registration table set up right at the front around 6 am. Just come and give us your name so we can mark you as present and you can launch. We have reserved the whole launch area for the tournament via the parks department. We are authorized to use all the spots, but we are required to leave a few spots for boat traffic. We have an over flow parking area that is a little farther away. My recommendation is to car pool, if you are going with multiple people, to maximize the parking spaces. --TLA


For this that is interested in trying out the Bixby Kayak Motor. CCK in Jack London Square will be holding an event this Saturday June 10, 2023 @11 am - The day before the 2023 ARW tournament.

Some of the CCK fishing team members will be there to help. If you have any fishing questions it's a good time to get some 1:1 time with them -- TLA

Update 5/31/2023 The ARW Tournament is now CLOSED for registration. We have hit our event capacity...and some! We look forward to seeing all those who have signed up and look to have a great time. --TLA

Please post up the list.  Thanks.

What list Sonny? Participation list?
I wish more of the OG NCKA guys would show up. There are less and less opportunities for us to get together, but i'm happy to meet new people entering the sport. Hopefully some of the OG's can come to the after party and ceremony. You guys are always welcomed. -- TLA


Update 5/31/2023 The ARW Tournament is now CLOSED for registration. We have hit our event capacity...and some! We look forward to seeing all those who have signed up and look to have a great time. --TLA

Wish i could join you buddy but I have work. haha oh gotta pay those bills!  Good luck and get it!

I signed up on the 23rd but have not received any confirmation.
Looking forward to this event!

It's just take sometime for me to get through all the registration, confirm and update. Just get it sometime, and i'll send you over an email once i check everything -- Keith

Update Prize List: May 25, 2023
ARW Updated Prize List

1st Prize:
Rod & Reel Combo ($550)
Hobie Polarized Sunglasses( $100)
Trophy; King of Wall Jersey 

2nd Prize

Rod, Pelican 30 Cooler ($400 Value)
2nd Place Trophy

3rd Prize:
Custom Bamboo Gaff & NRS PFD($250)
3rd Place Trophy

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