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For Sale / 2015 Tarpon 140 *Sold*
« on: August 01, 2023, 07:05:47 PM »
I ended up picking up a yard- sale square stern canoe and have run out of space for boats so my tarpon 140 has to go.

Full details:
The Bad - I bought it used and it looks like they'd stored it right side up, so there's a touch of english to the keel if you look hard enough. There's also some slight oil canning in the center of the hull (all visible in the photos). The backrest was also cracked when I got it, my solution involved heavy gauge wire and epoxy which has held for me over the last year or so. The hatches on this era of boat also have a tendency to let some water in if you're taking a lot of water over the top.

The Good - It floats! I added flush mount rod holders in the back and replaced all of the bungee with fresh orange bungee cord. I also installed an anchor trolley and some yakattack mighty mounts. While it's not much for standing and fishing, it's a pretty darn quick kayak and I found it to be very stable when sitting. The side handles have been replaced. I've also treated it semi-regularly with 303 to try and keep it fresh.

For NCKA I'm thinking $330 $280 seems a fair price. I'll definitely miss it, but my kiddo just keeps growing and very much prefers the space in the canoe.

Located in the Sacramento area. 

First time posting up an invite, so please forgive any funky formatting or broken rules.

I'm going to Berryessa this coming Saturday, May 14. Figuring to launch from the long ramp at Oak Shores Day Use, arriving at 7:30 am when they open the gates. Planning on targeting trout and kokanee.

Look for a white Honda Ridgeline (goofy looking 1st gen) and a green/black/camo Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140, I'll have an orange NRS Chinook PFD.

Alrighty, essentials out of the way now I'll start rambling! This is going to be a day of firsts for me, I've never launched from Oak Shores, never targeted kokanee and sadly never had much success trolling for trout. What I have done is read a bunch of posts on, divers, thermocline and Berryessa as well as spent far too much time watching youtubers make kokanee fishing look far far too easy. I'll be going out with some dipsy divers, dodgers and a bunch of hand tied hoochies that are probably a little too big. Tack on a handful of minnow lures, some gulp wax worms and a couple spinners and I should have far more options than I can reasonably use in a single day.
It should be an adventure, one that I'm happy to be making after all that time spent online thinking about fishing. So if you do decide to come out and fish, know that I'm going out with low expectations but high hopes.
Of course if anyone is reading this and sees any red flags or has advice to offer I'd love to hear it. Otherwise I figure I'll just go out and see what a bit of experience in the boat can teach me.

Introductions / Newbie Intro
« on: October 24, 2021, 07:03:17 PM »
Hi, new kayak angler here.

Living in the Sacramento area and picked up an older Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 about a month ago.

I've done a little bit of exploring in my immediate area on local lakes and the barge access, but I'm figuring to explore further out as time allows.

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