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I got the opportunity recently to bring my son's on board The Deadliest Kast Sportfishing boat for a crew day that Captain Steve and I had been planning for some time. (I work most weekends as a deckhand.) Logan 11 and Henry 6, have been wanting to go fishing on the boat for awhile and this would be the perfect opportunity!

We couldn't of had better conditions on the water that day! Low wind and a great tide. We launched out of Oyster Point and decided to skip the live bait, even though it has been on fire lately. Swimbaits, jigs, and the custom tolling leaders that Steve and I make was our game plan for the day!

Got the Boys all rigged up with trolling setups with some frozen bay herring from cast netting earlier this year. Within 10 minutes of trolling Logan's Rod goes off, pulling drag. I help him hold onto the rod and he starts slowing reeling in. Nice size Hali, Steve nets it and Logan has his 1st halibut of his young life!! The look on his face is ingrained in my soul. He jumped for joy. Another couple of minutes goes by and Henry was up! Half the size of his brother but determined to reel his own fish in. With me holding the rod he managed to reel in his 1st Halibut at 26". When it came time to take pictures he was all about it. Didn't want the fish grips, said he can hold it better than his big brother :smt005 Not sure how but he manage to hold onto his fish for some great pics but he did! And what a great shot it was!!!

The rest of the afternoon only got better. The boys kept trolling out the back with Herring as we kept fishing our jigs and swimbaits of the sides. Steve hooked up a nice Hali on a jig as well as a big ole booty, 36" on the hoochie, trolling! Henry was the first to limit out on Halibut (season was still at 3) Logan kept getting 22" Hali's and we wanted to size up a little bit. He ended the day with a solid 2 buts!

To end the day and close out our striper limit we started chasing down striper boils and throwing swimbaits and jigs. Hook up after hook up and the boys we stoked to get there 1st limit of stripers. Boys went into the cabin for nap time as Steve and I had a blast getting the last few fish to end our trip. We ended it with an epic double hookup. Way to much fun!

The best part of this day was that we had a GoPro rolling! Steve just got some editing done and posted our trip on YouTube. Been sending the family the link. So great to have their first boat fishing trip documented!

Check it out, was a great day on the water! Maybe join us on a trip some day. If I'm not Kayak fishing I'm working on the boat! See ya on the water.


Hookups and Fishing Reports (Viewable by Public) / Taxman Circles Kayaker
« on: December 12, 2022, 03:29:11 PM »

Interesting clip of a Tax collector circling a kayaker. Sounded like he was dangling his catch of the side of his yak when the collector came for his dues.

Been using a new product lately called SharkBanz. Super easy to use! I use the watch style that I put on my ankle and been using one below my stringer. No charging, so easy to use. No encounters yet or that I know of.....

I really like his attire! Shorts w/ shocks on.... If he did flip, good luck in the water! Last weekend got a water temp of 48 deg while out crabbing!

Stay safe out there and always be prepared to take a swim!

General Talk / Forum Help
« on: November 21, 2022, 09:56:07 AM »
Anyone know whom to ask about NCKA forum help? Seems like some of my Topics/posts are not showing up....

For Sale / Vibe Shearwater 125- For Sale
« on: October 10, 2022, 01:19:42 PM »
So one of my Kayak buddies moved to Hawaii and left his Yak with me to sell. Gonna miss fishing with him but looking forward to visiting Hawaii and fishing on his boat! So here is the Yak set up I'm selling for him.

It's a Vibe Shearwater 125 (Black) trying to sell the complete set-up but may be willing to just sell the yak and drive with no gear
Yak comes with:

Vibe x-drive Kit
Garmin Echo map UHD 9" w/ mount
Garmin ClearVu Transducer mounted on the electronics pod
Yak Attack Nocqua battery w/ charger
Body Glove paddle
Fish Stringer Hook
Fish Gaff
Hobie Life Jacket
Egg crate w/ two rod holders
Yak Attack rod holder
Hand Pump
Fish grips
Vibe Summit Perch
Kayak cart

He is asking for $2800 for the whole package or $2000 for the Yak and Peddle drive/

Currently stored at my house in Santa Rosa but would be willing to meet on the Sonoma coast for a test drive.... I also rock a Vibe Shearwater 125 and absolutely love my set up! whether trolling for Salmon, Rockfishing, Crabbing or fishing local lakes this yak can do it all. Super stable and extremely modifiable! Hit me up!!

Introductions / Hi all!
« on: June 01, 2021, 12:10:46 PM »
New ro NCKA forum! Born and raised in the Bay area, have always fished from the shore until recently...  Had been borrowing a buddies wilderness systems tarpon 120 untlil I got the Vibe Shearwater 125 2 years ago and have been loving it. Keep exploring new waters and adventures and look forward to NCKA collaborations!! Love Rock fishing and all that you can catch. Halibut is my next challenge!!

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