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Mr X

In case you change your mind and decide to step on land along the way, there are some tribal peoples along that route who would be interesting to meet up with

One is unfortunately a bit far to the west up at the top of your journey, the Haida Nation

Incredible people and place

Joedubc by the ties you mean the pins or is it something else

Weíve been eyeing the ti for a few years and mightíve got one already except no salmon season

Back when I was looking into them the shear-pin thing was part of the discussion and the scenario in the video I posted above still looks like a design flaw

Anyway this is starting to look like a threadjack

I talked with my cousin in Port Townsend about it yesterday and first thing he talked about was bears. He knows people who do the race Lot of places along the way where you haul out are wild and full of nasty bears

Reminded me of a place in cal I crude-camped with a friend we had blankets fishing poles and a rifle which I was hugging all night long

Every morning we woke up with bear prints all around us some right next to our heads

Canadian bears are a different story

Not sure if theyíre all designed alike but seems like extra pins is a good idea

For speed maybe look into this or maybe you already have

Shit Iím 69 years old and Iíd love to do this one foolish or not. There should prize money for anyone who makes it to the end

Mr X one piece of gear thatís underrated here imo is a safety line for when you find yourself in dicey conditions. Iíve used one for 50 years and it has saved my ass a few times

For an AI I would make it up differently than I do for my smaller yaks but Iíll give that some thought and see if I can come up with a good recipe

Iíll call my cousin and see what he has to say, he lives and sails up there

Mr X you picked a good one and we shouldnt all sound so negative! If I didnít have a wife and 17 year old son Iíd polish up the stealth and do it. Obviously you know the conditions will be extreme and thatís part of what itís about

The ncka crew leans to the safety side of things and some w experience in rescue so thatís where all the cautions come from, all worth paying attention to

Especially about the repaired plastic maybe stuff every unused crevice on the AI floatation would be a good idea, you probably already did that
Back when I looked into it I wasnít thinking of it as a race just a summer trip and planned to hit land here and there to camp. One of my pieces of essential gear was going to be a 38 or better

All that aside itís an intriguing trip and wish I could do it myself

Maybe next year with my son

That will be quite the adventure. Everything Iíve read about the inside passage gave me goosebumps w its brutal currents and unpredictable chaos

Before I married I wanted to do that route either on yak or zodiac w a 50 horse motor

I have a cousin in Port Townsend who is a master sailor and this gives me an excuse to call and ask questions. He grew up sailing with his father who was an incredible solo sailor and who poisoned my blood by taking me out the Humboldt jaws in 25í swell

Incidentally the guy I rescued at Muir was on a yak thatíd been ďrepaired professionally by a good shopĒ and is now somewhere on the bottom of the Marin coast

nowhere man might be right on that one, not an adventure I would take on repaired plastic yak

maybe better to spring for a new one

Hobie Kayaks / Re: Well. My 2022 Outback Hull cracked.
« on: March 03, 2024, 03:26:43 PM »
A guy I know who is a small dealer in nor cal (Chester) told me the new ownership pulled the plug on small dealers also

I was surprised to hear Hobie had sold the company

Hobie Kayaks / Re: Well. My 2022 Outback Hull cracked.
« on: March 02, 2024, 05:55:19 PM »
Good you spotted that while on dry land, imagine youíre x miles out at seaÖ

Seems like more cracks in yaks than years past? Plastic has always seemed so indestructible

Makes me glad I didnít spring for a Hobie yet. Theyíre a great company but this shows even they can have their problems

I think the guy I brought in at Muir was on an OK that had been repaired. It was a stunning experience watching it go nose up and slide to the bottom

Back cover

If you want a sense of the scale of things and what the shift is all about this is a good read

If I had read this and a couple of other books prior to the MLPA process my involvement wouldíve been entirely differentÖor maybe wouldnít have happened at all. As it was I set myself up for the same boatload of frustrations that others on the wrong side of the divide came away with. The costs were pretty high but then most of us got off easy compared with a lot of people in commercial fishing community

General Fishing Tips / Re: Wetsuit vs. dry suit - which one?
« on: February 15, 2024, 04:03:13 PM »
I still have a drysuit thatís pushing 50 years old that I should stuff in the can for the next garbage day

I worked in it for a while and pretty quickly went back to my wetsuit for a couple of reasons the main one being the drysuit was awkward to swim in

The new suits might be different Seems like one of the divers from up north posted something here in their favor but keep in mind they are wearing fins. One thing a wetsuit has in its favor is floatation, not sure how the new drysuits are in that regard

My old drysuit has a valve on the chest that connected to my hookah rig to regulate floatation at different depths. One of the things I hated was as I moved around underwater the air shifted and would inflate a leg or whatever body part was up

Not a problem if youíre swimming at the surface and sporting a pfd but in my experience wetsuits are just easier to swim in

Craftsmen's Corner / Woodworking types
« on: January 10, 2024, 01:01:06 PM »
Look at the OG 1000 post section if youíre in the market for a good dust collector. My workspace is too crowded so I need to simplify and may eventually get rid of some other machines in favor of hand tools

Will float it there a while to give OGs first shot then put it on regular classifieds

CA Regulations / Re: Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
« on: December 29, 2023, 01:41:06 PM »
The F&G Commission hired a consulting firm to train staff, and commissioners on JEDI. I watched their presentation, and listened to the public comments. The commenters stated that only 5% of the general public hunt, or fish. So to them JEDI meant that the commission members should reflect the general public and be 95% non-hunters, or fishers.

This whole thing so smacks of foundationsí involvement

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