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General Talk / Re: Fish Descender
« Last post by Bulldog---Alex on Today at 01:44:38 PM »
Thanks for the info. I always bring a second rod. I'll clip a descender on it before I head out.


Hope to see ya this year, Al. I have a site at Doran for the crab opener. Hopefully opens on schedule.  :smt006
General Talk / Re: Fish Descender
« Last post by SpeedyStein on Today at 01:03:16 PM »
This seems like an enforcement nightmare, as I suspected it would.  The law is vague to allow officer interpretation, and leeway in the court if it comes to it. 

I'd much rather a black and white law. Have a specific device, rigged a certain way, used in a certain manner, and stored in a certain state so as to be 100% clear it meets the requirement. Anything else just turns into a shit show and uncertainty.

For the record, I also do not keep it rigged on a pole. I carry two poles all the time, but usually rigged with different baits/lures. Just a snap swivel away from rigging my descending device, and I keep it on deck and ready. 

I have not been checked yet - only been out for rockfish twice this season.
On this episode of TLA I travel down to Monterey with Moo, Nando, and Jamie for squid, lingcod and and my spirit fish the California Halibut! We go out on Nando's new boat which runs like a dream. Nando (AKA The Ling King) discovers a new continent which he officially declares by Edict "LingDonesia", and I use this new bait that drives the local resident lings "NUTS!" Moo uses his precisions squid for bait and things just keep getting more strange! Watch Nando tax his new subjects and find out what bait drives lings nuts on this episode of TLA!

General Talk / Re: Monterey Bay aquarium pass
« Last post by Herb Superb on Today at 12:22:12 PM »
Thanks Martin, I sent you a PM bro. Also, thanks Sonny!

General Talk / Re: Fish Descender
« Last post by Bulldog---Alex on Today at 12:06:47 PM »
Yes. It almost seems as officer discretion. Definitely want to speak to senior dfw officer here in Monterey bay. Met him before but forgot to get his card. I knew the previous main officer who has now retired. I know I am butchering his last name. Puchanelli?  Very nice guy. Always responded to my questions.
General Talk / Re: Monterey Bay aquarium pass
« Last post by & on Today at 12:00:07 PM »
Hi Herb I can call in two guest passes for you, PM me your full names and email. 
kids prices are below, and free under 5 yo.

(ages 13-17)

(ages 5-12)
General Talk / Re: Anyone fish in a tandem?
« Last post by & on Today at 11:46:12 AM »
You'll be fine on the hobie compass.  I've fished many, many times out of both pedal and paddle tandems, both with others aboard and solo. 

Some things to consider when tandem fishing are:
  • coordinating portage, because tandems tend to be longer and heavier than you may be able to yield yourself
  • OTW time, you may want to still fish after she's done reading
  • fitness disparity, be prepared to be sole actuator
  • assuming you sit in rear, wacking her in head or face as you fight a big fish that runs across your bow
  • surf launch/landing coordination, tricky enough in a solo, sometimes sketchy getting two aboard and underway
As for fishing solo off of a tandem, done that plenty of times, including 10+ mile days for salmon trolling.  If you can only buy one, then get the tandem, and simply spreadload the boat to mitigate hull slap at the bow.

Hobie's tend to retain resale value on secondary market so just buy it, get in your few/several years of blissful yakfishing with your lady, then sell it again when you're ready or want to up your game to a kitted out single boat.
General Talk / Re: Fish Descender
« Last post by AlsHobieOutback on Today at 11:40:43 AM »
I agree with Pat that it should be enforced in the >50fa seasons.  However also, I believe that immediate use is to be used immediatly, and that means that I stop what i'm doing and use it.  Doesn't specifically mean that I have to have it rigged, but as Alex said it's going to be debatable on the in possession vs immediate use definition.  I've not been rockfishing yet this year, so I've not had one rigged for use, but it's there in my box ready to be used. But when I do, i'll have it rigged on a handline ready to be used.
General Talk / Re: Fish Descender
« Last post by fishbushing on Today at 11:37:05 AM »
They should definitely define what is "immediate" IMHO.
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