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Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / Re: PB Goat
« on: September 21, 2021, 09:35:36 AM »
Thanks for the kind words guys.

Cool fish for sure...I saw his littler girlfriend the other day, apologized to her for taking her man, and let her be...

Hopefully I'll get a chance to see her on future trips and maybe she will turn into the macho goat now that this guy is gone?





I saw the report of John's hog salmon on FB and was hoping you would do a more detailed write up on here...and then I read this report and it is so much more than "just" a report...


Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration to me and many...both on "here", and in real life.

The line that stands out the most in the story about John is this one: "This salmon obsession is potentially a total mind F*&%, but this season the rewards continue to outshine the input for many - just gotta put your time in, really.  And, remember, it's like Lotto out there - no one gets them every trip, and often the guys who get the most are the guys who go the most."

I've been obsessed with certain species in the past (and present  :smt005), and this rings true on so many levels...my wife and kids used to think I was nuts spending so much time chasing certain fish, when I could've gotten other species in a fraction of the time...but I think over the years even they are coming to realize that it's not about just getting meat for dinner...but really more about immersing yourself in the environment and the hunt, and doing whatever you can as often as you can to maximize the chances of acquiring the target fish....

Thanks again for this report. I needed it today.




ps...I think this report should be required reading for all NCKA members.  :smt004

Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / Re: PB Goat
« on: September 17, 2021, 10:22:55 AM »
Ceviche  :smt007

Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / PB Goat
« on: September 17, 2021, 10:21:23 AM »
Have mostly been looking at sand this year again, but have been sneaking out on my Kraken when I get a chance to explore some reefs and kelp beds and get some paddle time...

Awhile back I paddled out to a promising looking area but after 5+ hours of hunting I hadn't managed to get anything I wanted...

While breathing up I saw some movement down in the murky green below and quietly dipped down and saw a really big male Sheephead suspended next to a kelp stalk about 15 feet down?!?

It lazily turned and gave me an easy shot so I plugged it right between the gill plate and the body and the shaft went out through its mouth.

Took off running but I just grabbed the reel line and kicked to the surface before it could get down to the bottom and get into the rocks.

After I admired him and bled him and put him on my stringer I dropped down to the bottom and could see that there was a pinnacle there that came up to 30 feet, and there were several other large sheep and some biiig olives chilling. I let them all be because I knew I already had plenty of meat with this one. I did look around for a Red for a bit (if it's Red it's dead  :smt002) but didn't see any so moved on.

My only sheep I will take this year, and using the DOTY history can see that at 31 inches it is bigger then my previous PB of 29.5 inches taken in 2015, and the only male I've taken since 2017:



Back at truck sheep weighed ~19 pounds before being gilled and gutted.

I got my daughter Jayme to take a pic of me once home, let it rest in fridge overnight, then filleted him up and made a mondo batch of ceviche that was devoured fresh by multiple families. Gifted the meaty head and collars to my buddy Manuel for his parents to make a big caldo.  :smt004

Here's some pics.




It was pretty nice water out near the hotel!  Fairly clear near MBK as well.  Pat gifted me a fillet from your butt you dropped off, looking forward to eating it   :smt003


Thanks for the info buddy.





Glad you got out Al!!

How did water look? Brown and nasty or clear or ??




General Talk / Re: Sharkbait on Americas Got Talent!!!
« on: August 18, 2021, 11:11:00 AM »
You did awesome Nathan!

F Simon, the lady judges obviously really enjoyed it.  :smt002 :smt003

So stoked for you dude, regardless of how this competition turns out.

You make us all proud.





General Talk / Re: Sharkbait on Americas Got Talent!!!
« on: August 17, 2021, 10:15:32 AM »
We are all so proud of you Nathan!!!

 :smt007 :smt008 :smt007




Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / Re: 30+ years later...
« on: August 10, 2021, 04:39:33 PM »
nice snappers.  How was the vis?  Cobia have a reputation of bending shafts if not stoned.  I remember running into a small school while on a drop with Harold.  He uncharacteristically let me take the first shot.  I shot one right above the gill and stoned it.  At the boat he looked disappointed admitting he was hoping to see the fish bend my shaft. ASS


Nate, viz was real bad murk layer until 25 feet or so...then trippy hazy past 40. Since only in like 60/70 and couldnít keep Red Snapper cuz was a weekday I decided to not head down to bottom and just stay in the clear band...

My two times so far diving the rigs have both been pretty nearshore so dark under the thick murk.

Iíve found it very humbling and challenging...since I was only diver in water I didnít push myself and wore my FRV and tried to come up slow and with enough time left to keep an eye out and a hand up for pipes and stuff...

Hopefully next time can get further offshore to some clearer water, and also be with a buddy so can push it a little more...would be awesome to dive out there with you and Harold one day. Can stay at my parents before and after!!  :smt003

Given that I was solo, I am pretty stoked with what I was able to get.





Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / Re: 30+ years later...
« on: August 10, 2021, 06:02:08 AM »
Thanks guys!

Hereís a few more pics and some of the meals I made with my share of the meat. The other three guys on the boat who were hook and line fishing didnít catch anything at the rigs so was happy I got enough meat for all of us to take home.

Sashimi, grilled head and collars, fried roe, marinated some ribs and the belly in BBQ sauce then cooked under the broiler, simple lemon/butter/sherry on fillets.  :smt007

Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / 30+ years later...
« on: August 09, 2021, 10:50:44 PM »
Not kayak related, but thought you guys might appreciate the story....

When I was little my Dad used to take me fishing on this group of oil rigs. I fell in love with fishing on these rigs, and dreamed of one day being able to dive under the surface and chase the fish around below...

Last week I finally made that 30+ year old dream come true. Got a last minute invite from my buddy John, and we launched  out of the same spot (Empire), and went to the same rigs (West Delta). Visibility was less than ideal (top 25 feet were zero viz murk, and past 40 it got all hazy and dark).

After awhile I found a system that seemed to work ok (wasnít pushing it cuz was only guy diving) and was able to take a handful of mangrove snapper (including two really nice ones).

At the very end of the day when I was about to call it, I was down waiting for some snappers to get close and I look up and there is a group of Cobia swimming above me...I kick up and nail the biggest one right in the pec fin  :smt007

Shaft goes up and through her head and gets lodged in her skull, and I am able to get her to the surface pretty easily and get my hand in her throat but then she starts going nuts. I get my knife in her head, and wrap my legs around her but she still is thrashing and rolling and the spines on her back tear up my inner thigh pretty good, and turns out she bent my shaft as well.

Finally she calms down enough for me to slit a few gills and get her up into the boat. Such a beautiful fish, and a great way to end the day.

Mom and Dad were super excited about the fish, and said it had been over 30 years since they had eaten Cobia, and it was even better than they remembered.

Hereís a bunch of pics.




PS. Special thanks to Parviz from Red Triangle Spearfishing in Petaluma for loaning me his sweeet Bluetec OceanBorn 125 gun, and shipping it to my parents so it would be there waiting for me when I arrived.  :smt008

Introductions / Re: Spearo from San Jose
« on: July 22, 2021, 08:51:27 PM »




General Talk / Re: Shark_bait is on Americas got talent
« on: June 30, 2021, 01:04:47 PM »
Crushed it!!!!!!!

 :smt007 :smt007 :smt007

General Talk / Re: Shark_bait is on Americas got talent
« on: June 29, 2021, 08:30:42 AM »
So excited for this! My girls have been reminding me every half hour for the past week, so no pressure Nathan, but if you donít get through tonight Iím gonna have some very sad young ladies on my hands!


Kayak Diving and Spearfishing / Stolen gun, happy ending.
« on: May 23, 2021, 05:53:16 PM »
A few days ago my buddy and NCKA member Dave Grigsby (gatorgrigs on here) who runs Kayak Connection in SC and Moss gave me the heads up that someone had brought in a distinctive looking gun being offered for sale in his SC shop...

I recognized the Herranen logo http://www.herranenspearguns.com/wp_sc_spearguns/?page_id=229 and Dave helped get the gun for me...right away I reached out to Phil Herranen to see if he recognized the gun and if he thought it was stolen...after a few days of thinking Phil remembered the gun, and that it had been stolen ~2 years ago, and put me in touch with the rightful owner Nick.

Extremely stoked to have been able to do my part to get Nick his gun back, and grateful to Dave and Phil for helping make this happen...

Itís always an awesome feeling when you are able to get something that was lost or stolen back in the hands of the rightful owner. I hope the gun brings Nick many more awesome fish and adventures and good times...

I also hope that anyone reading this will take the time to ask around or look online if they get offered the chance to buy some gear that may be stolen...I would much rather get a fellow diver their stuff back than have a great deal on a piece of stolen equipment.




Ps...Nick is also the nephew of Hans Haveman of H&H fish, right next to Daveís kayak shop...when I told Dave about who the gun belonged to he said he almost sent the seller there with the gun and that Hans wouldíve killed the guy if he saw his nephews stolen gun for sale.   :smt002


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