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General Talk / Re: Why are pedal kayaks so heavy?
« on: September 23, 2021, 06:12:54 PM »
This is a great thread!

IMHO, now that we have so many pedal drive options, weight is the final frontier in kayak fishing. I keep expecting some manufacturer to come out with a plastic kayak that can compete with carbon fiber, weight-wise Perhaps some sort of sandwich construction with plastic over something lightweight, like what is often done with CF or fiberglass, but rotomold-able….

Seems like it could be done if Eddyline can do it.  They use a ABS/Acrylic composite and their 14' Carribbean comes in at 50lbs. I'm surprised they haven't done a pedal drive yet because I'd be all over that.

Safety First / Re: Rescued a flipped kayak at HMB today 9/18
« on: September 18, 2021, 06:33:33 PM »
Also do a lot of solo trips…if you practice self rescuing, have everything safety-wise, dressed for the drink, and a bit of confidence, there’s no need to panic when shit hits the fan.

He’s lucky that it didn’t happen somewhere w/o much boat traffic.

General Talk / Disappearing salmon
« on: September 13, 2021, 12:24:05 PM »

Quite sad. We have a first hand look into what's happening and it doesn't look good for the near future.

Craftsmen's Corner / Re: Super-Crate
« on: September 02, 2021, 11:33:26 PM »
love these kinds of projects....very very nice

Fish Talk / Re: Where are the small salmon this year?
« on: September 01, 2021, 03:21:53 PM »
They seem to be around...I ran into a bunch of shakers in the LM cove earlier this year and some at Dux. But for some reason, I run into them in more shallow water...like 50fow or less.

Stealth / Re: They’re here
« on: August 29, 2021, 06:26:29 PM »
Pinch me! :smt005  :smt007  :smt006

yayyy!! Stealth tribe baby!

Gearing Up and Rigging Up / Re: Which Fish Finder?
« on: August 24, 2021, 11:06:09 AM »
ALso owned both Humminbird Helix and Lowrance Hook. The Humminbird had some nice features, but will say the Lowrance seems to be more sturdy/built better for the salt. Just my $.02...

General Talk / Re: Catalina by Kayak
« on: August 17, 2021, 11:48:35 PM »
that's flat out inspiring...went by boat before and couldnt forget the dolphins. Did you paddle back on the return trip?

Safety First / Re: Shark Shield
« on: August 17, 2021, 01:22:08 PM »
The Freedom 7 seems like the model that most kayakers use around here. I have the "tail" of it submerged in water. Haven't had any encounters yet, so assume it's working. If peace of mind matters to you, it's worth the money.

Stealth / Re: Bit the Bullet - Stealth Questions. help please!
« on: July 22, 2021, 05:52:03 PM »
Hey Y'all, just to clarify, I have one orange Fusion 480 and one grey and white Fisha 460 still available. There's been mild interest in both.


PM sent

For Sale / Re: Stealth Profisha 21' for sale $850
« on: July 16, 2021, 02:35:32 PM »
that is a steal

For Sale / Re: CLAIMED - FREE Gaff owned by a special person
« on: July 14, 2021, 11:22:54 PM »
Great story and fun to see.

I grew up about 2 blocks away from her house and lived there 1963-1985. Used to deliver newspapers to her house. She's always been a legend. During the 1970s, Mike Fong lived a few houses up on the other side of the street from Jacky.  He was a great fisherman, and he and his wife wrote articles for Angler magazine and other pubs.  Angler mag was a cool pub that was short-lived but had great NorCal, and other area, articles. Still have a few issues stored away in the attic.  I can remember articles on  fishing stripers from the rocks in SF and the past run of stripers on the Russian River.  Lots of good memories growing up in that neighborhood at that time, and fishing on PAL boats as a kid for salmon and rockfish.  A friend's dad worked at the old fish companies down at Fisherman's Wharf. Sometimes he'd take us on Saturdays and we'd fish and crab off the piers behind the buildings while he worked. Good times.
That's crazy! I grew up in the same house in MPark from 1979-1985 and moved back in 2010. Pretty sure you delivered newspapers to our house at one point. My dad had a '67 Plymouth Barracuda that shook the entire neighborhood when he started it. Funny thing is I had no idea Jacky was a legend until later in life. She was just this spunky little lady who had a boat, but little did I know as a kid. SF/Norcal fishing articles back then were really good and divulging of secrets/details...not anymore. Thanks for sharing your story neighbor.

Fish Talk / Re: Recommended books for Fish IDing?
« on: July 14, 2021, 03:50:49 PM »
Not a book but I like Mac's field guides

 :smt005 waiting for the right window to do this, but prepared to get wet...and it probably wouldnt be on a Hobie. A few others here have done it when it's calm

From Stuart's Salmon sticky....

"Try to buy the barbed hooks and crimp them as opposed to barbless. You're still legal, but the little nub from the crimped barb holds the bait better and may possibly help keep a fish on too."

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