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Take a look at the Toyota Sequoia. 2008 and newer have the 5.7 V8. I have a 2010. Love it! it's got 190K on it and runs like new. Burns no oil and I'm getting 16city /18hwy. That's the same as a lot of the V6's out there. It's a 4x4, the rear seats fold all the way down creating a huge flat area to store gear or sleep in. I've towed many different trailers all over the state and it's tows like they aren't even there. Next time we get together, let me know and you can take it for a spin.

Introductions / Re: Newby
« on: June 28, 2023, 12:41:20 PM »
Grandpa Poppi, Stampede is just up 80 a short way from you. If you want to give Kokanee fishing a try, let me know. Welcome to NCKA!

Something about that tail looks screwy!  :smt044

Gearing Up and Rigging Up / Re: Garmin FF fails... again!
« on: June 13, 2023, 02:20:26 PM »
Carrying a roll of gaffers tape is great idea.  I have a bit of kydex leftover from other projects, so I will probably use that for the glare shield. 

I like the idea of contour mapping - that would probably be a game changer for rockfish.  I wonder - will the transducer for my current Striker 4 GPS work for the Striker 4 Plus?  I think if I get the new unit, leave current transducer in place in one kayak, mount new transducer in my other kayak.  Two birds, one stone kinda deal.

Yes, same transducer and power cables.

Gearing Up and Rigging Up / Re: Garmin FF fails... again!
« on: June 13, 2023, 10:49:29 AM »
I did a bit of research to find my next FF and all I saw was companies pushing bigger units which everyone seems to be fine with buying.  The Garmin Striker  actually has the best cost to features that I could find, but I was looking for something just a little bigger.  Easily double the price just to start looking at anything bigger than it.
the striker 4 plus is slight larger, and also does mapping (but you can't load a map - just record as you go) it's a nice compromise, and only $20 more

Does it make the map based on your sonar readings, or just create a trackline for where you've been? 

Didn't want to void the warrantee by opening it up so I used RTV to seal the seams and then covered that with Gaffers Tape.

This is a great idea - I think I might do something similar.  Maybe incorporate a glare shield too, and then glue and seal the plugs on the back.

The Striker Plus maps the contours of the body of water your on and has track-line capabilities too. It has a ton of memory so I'm not worried about storage space.
I did the glare shield to. Just cut up an old small black plastic trash can. Stuck it to the FF with the Gaffers Tape. Quality Gaffers tape is not cheap but it's way better than Duct or Gorilla tape. I always have a small roll on my kayak in case I get a leak. This stuff will stick under water.

Gearing Up and Rigging Up / Re: Garmin FF fails... again!
« on: June 13, 2023, 09:37:35 AM »
I had issues with my first Striker fogging up and occasionally not working. This went on for about a year before it gave up the ghost.  I was going to go with a different brand but found and purchased a Striker Plus that was on sale for $80. Couldn't pass it up. Didn't want to void the warrantee by opening it up so I used RTV to seal the seams and then covered that with Gaffers Tape. No more fogging. It's taken a dunking and several rainy days. Still working perfectly.

+1. I've used them many times on my buddies boat when fishing for Kings in Folsom Lake. They work as advertised and save a ton of cranking.

Craftsmen's Corner / Re: installing a fishfinder tips needed
« on: May 23, 2023, 01:17:09 PM »
Both Hobie and YakAttack offer pass through grommet kits that will work. As for the cable ends, Fill a Rubber with dielectric grease and stick that over your cable ends when not in use. I find Ribbed are stronger that non ribbed! :smt044

Looks Delish Brian. Gave all my Kokes to Adrian so no smoking for me. Looks like that means a day trip up to Stampede in a week or two. It's open and the fishing is good.

Ditto to all the previous comments. The trip was awesome. It was a pleasure meeting John, Sam, Julian, Bree, Cory and Elana as well as fishing with Brian, Al, Matt, Joe, Ken and Adrian again. A big THANK YOU to Brian for setting this up! Count me in for the next one!


We'll be there. Not sure if I'll be fishing at 6 or not though. Depends on how the Whiskey hits me the night before! Stop by the campgrounds before you launch.


General Talk / Re: Registering kayak with DMV for CF number
« on: May 05, 2023, 12:50:41 PM »
Can you vet the list of fees, totaling $149, that DMV wants me to pay to register my $250 kayak?  What are they and are they legit?

I went to register my kayak this morning.  Some experience it was.  One confusion after another.

First the staff did not know and could not comprehend why there is no previous title. I explained it was previously human powered but now I want to put an outboard motor on it. The rep thought about it, got up, went to some back office.

Rep came out and said "why don't you get the motor first, then you can register". I took out my phone, show the rep a picture of the kayak, pointing to the 2x4 mounted on it, and explained that the motor is ready to go on that mount. We can consider the motor already on the kayak. The rep got up and went to back office.

Rep came out and started keying in data. Then system asks for "emission certificate". I don't have it and don't know what it is, so I asked the rep what it look like? The rep explained it's just like with automobile; you get it from the dealer.  I registered cars before; I don't really recall any emission certificate. I asked what the certificate looks like? The rep got up again; went back to office.

Rep came out saying "Go to dbw.ca.gov and they have info there. Get the certificate, then come back."  The staff pushed my paper back signaling we are done for today.

I was determined to get a CF number; so I told her "how about I register the boat without the motor? that should bypass the emission certificate requirement." That threw the staff off. the staff could not understand what that means or whether that's doable or not.  I explained "if I am to put a sail on the kayak, I would still have to register, but there would be no motor involved; hence no emission involved."  The rep got up and went back to office.

Rep came back out again and said OK we'll proceed.  After punching in more data, the list of fees came off the printer.  It was a whopping $149.  I was expecting to pay only the $49 odd-year reg fee, plus the sales tax on $250, something in the neighborhood of $75.

I looked over the list, a bunch of abbreviations, and many seemingly duplications. I asked the rep what each is, and the rep could not tell me. I could just pay it to get it over with, but I know this mystery will bother me continuously. At this point I did not want to trouble the staff any more; I said "Hmm...  this may not be worth it; let's pause on this registration, let me go check with my buddies at Norcal Kayak Anglers, then I'll come back."

So here I am, asking for help again from the experts. If all those fees are legit for "kayak with sail" (this was the assumption to proceed with today's transaction) I'll gladly pay. But are they?

And what's with the emission certificate for an outboard? (Mine is brand new Suzuki 2.5 hp) Where do I get that? I checked the dbw.ca.gov site that the staff directed me to, and sure enough emission certificate is NOT listed as an item under "Registration - You will need..."

What Office did you go to? I need to register mine and I sure as Hell don't want to to to the same DMV office that you went to.


Yep, I'll def be there Friday and hopefully into Sat. I gotta be back out by Saturday afternoon as I gotta head down to Stockton to see a boxing match with the old man. Plug-n-Jug apparently hasn't looked in the mirror lately, he's def gotten a few more whacks from the ugly stick that yours truly lol. See you guys then.

Recipes / Re: Halibut Burgers
« on: May 01, 2023, 11:56:36 AM »
We were just talking about the fact that we have several bags of tail sections in the freezer that need dealing with (usually tacos), but I think I've found the solution! Thank you for the inspo!
Great, Bring them to the Bullards Fish n Chill. That way we can all taste test Tedski's recipe!

Safety First / Re: New Ocean Fishing Buddy Checklist
« on: April 26, 2023, 03:01:09 PM »
Knife on PDF. Dedicated for rescue only. Don't use it to cut bait or anything else.

Why not use it for anything else? I have a knife, but it multitasks...

I want it to be 100% ready to go if I need it. If I get tangled when I flip, I don't want to be trying to cut things with a compromised knife edge.

I also subscribe to this reasoning.  Hell, at any given time, there may be 3-4 knives at different known, dependable locations on the yak that if I need to use one in a pinch, I know where to reach.  Like the time a whale grabbed my downrigger ball - my knife was there within seconds to cut the line before it spooled my downrigger.

Great point. I have several knives and shears on board that are used for every day cutting duties. However, if you roll, those are useless to you. The dedicated one on the PDF will be there when the shit hits the fan!

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