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Hi NCKA Buddies

After more than one year preparation, finally I was accepted by R2AK racing, and this activity will be started at Jun/9/2024, from Port Townsend Washington all the way to Ketchikan Alaska, 700 Miles without motor, only nature or human being power.

For me, it's not a racing actually, because I get no chance to win with my small Kayak. I just want to take this chance to merge fishing and long-distance kayaking together on the rural area, merge myself into real nature world which I do like. I will enjoy this journey, the only thing which need me to take care of is: keep certain speed, don't let the sweep boat catching me :)

For me, if no fishing, this long-distance trip will be boring, if only for fishing, it's boring too and meaningless.

I will be trolling most of time on these 700 miles and eat the fish on my kayak. Below is the basic information about this R2AK

R2AK main page:https://r2ak.com/
R2AK introduction video: https://r2akthemovie.com/
2024 all the racing team: https://r2ak.com/2024-teams/
My team name is Mr. X which from this NCKA forum, and one team (TEAM VICTORY OAR DUFF) even from Canada Navy, can you believe?)
Below is what I need your help, I knew someone has lots of experience fishing on that area:
1. What fish I can be expected? and what way is the best way for fishing? like what kind of Jig? what kind of bait?
2. Any information and experience do you want to share with me for this long-distance fishing?
3. I originally from warm area, I hate cold, but this trip is in cold area. My question is, at midnight the real feeling at this area in June is kind of similar as December Monterey Bay?
4. I want to use my Hobie TI for this journey, but unluckily my TI bottom area got crack yesterday when I was fishing on Monterey Bay, please check below attached picture. I will use plastic welding kit to repair it, this kit from Amazon and will be delivered to me tomorrow. Anyone has repaired experience? What I need to take care? and the most importantly, the repaired area if weaker? or same strong as before crack? or even stronger?

Thank you very much!
Mr. X

Coincidence or Omen (1/5)

I am not superstitious, but I believe in the existence of supernatural things.

Last week was the company's annual summer vacation, and I planned to use this week to complete the final leg of the sea journey from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to San Diego, which is the stretch from Los Angeles to San Diego.

I divided the sea journey from the Golden Gate Bridge to San Diego into six segments:

Golden Gate Bridge to Half Moon Bay, a two-day-one-night journey.
Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz, a one-day journey.
Santa Cruz to Monterey Bay, a one-day journey.
Monterey Bay to Avila Beach, a three-day-two-night journey.
Avila Beach to Los Angeles, a three-day-four-night journey.
Los Angeles to San Diego, which is the final leg of this journey, covering 200 nautical miles and taking three days and four nights.

I spent several weeks preparing everything I needed in advance. On the evening of June 30, 2023, Friday night, I happily set off for Los Angeles.

To my surprise, just two miles onto the highway, I heard a "bang" sound, and the tire blew out. It would have been fine if it was just a flat tire, as it could easily be replaced. However, upon inspection, it didn't seem like a simple flat tire. It looked like something had forcefully damaged the rim of the wheel, causing it to have a gap and deflate.

This became a major problem. I needed to replace the entire wheel, and that required ordering parts, which would take some time. It seemed like my wonderful plans for this week had to be canceled.

When my wife saw me return, she rushed into my arms like a little bird and exclaimed joyfully, "I have someone to spend the holiday with."

But I suspected that it was divine intervention preventing me from going. It seemed like fate wanted me to stay at home and accompany my wife. Otherwise, how could such a strange incident, like a wheel rim being damaged in a way I had never heard of before, happen right at the moment I was about to leave?

It was strange, and I felt puzzled.

But my heart was already set, like an arrow on the string, and not launching it caused me extreme discomfort. I decided that the next morning, I would take the damaged wheel to a tire repair shop and try my luck. If it could be fixed, I would set off again. If not, then my enthusiasm would die, and I could peacefully stay at home with my wife, enjoying good food and watching fireworks on Independence Day.

My wife couldn't understand my persistence, so in order to convince and comfort her, I said, "It's like when you women want to buy a handbag. If you see one you like but can't buy it, you feel restless and can't eat or sleep well until you have it."

I continued, "When I come back, I will treat you to delicious food. You can have whatever you want, without considering the price."

The next morning, on Saturday morning, the tire repair shop wasn't open yet, so I waited outside the shop. I wanted to be their first customer. After they inspected it, they said the wheel wasn't severely damaged and just needed a repair and a new tire.

So, around 9 o'clock in the morning, I set off once again.

Unexpectedly, before even getting onto the highway, the tire was punctured again. What kind of situation was this! It was no longer just an accident, but it seemed like something was deliberately making things difficult. Could it be that fate really wanted to prevent me from going out? But once the arrow is released, there's no turning back. So, I called the people from the tire repair shop, they replaced the tire again, and with my wife's constant reminders to stay safe, I hit the road once more.

This stubborn decision to continue the journey led to some bizarre incidents later on.

Picture 1
This was the planned sea journey, covering approximately 200 nautical miles:

Picture 2
In the middle of the night, the tire blew out on the highway. I'm experienced in changing spare tires, so I managed to fix it in less than twenty minutes. I slowly drove back home, feeling puzzled.

Picture 3
Perplexed, I wondered how this gap came about.

Picture 4
Feeling frustrated, I drove home, uncertain if this journey could be completed.

Picture 5
The tire repair shop technician replacing the tire.

Are you superstitious? I believe in the existence of supernatural things.

This long weekend, the company has a one-week vacation. I spent a few weeks preparing everything I need in advance for my long distance ocean trip. Tonight, I happily drove to Los Angeles for fishing and playing near several islands there. Prepare to spend a week on the water, 200 nautical miles without landing, and then landing on San Diego beach.

Unexpectedly, the car had a flat tire on the highway after only a few miles left home. Itís okay to have a flat tire, and itís easy to replace it with a new tire, but after inspection, itís not a flat tire, something that forcibly smashed a hole in the steel wheel of my car and leaked the tire air.

This is a big problem. The whole steel wheel might needs to be replaced, the new parts need to be ordered. It will not be resolved for a while, my good plan for this week seems to be ruined.

I knew last time when I had a hard time near Channel Island National Park (Santa Cruz Island) there, I swear that I wonít visit there anymore in this life if I can safely return home. But today I am actually trying to broken my swear, so something just did this to stop me, maybe to prevent some serious bad thing happen to me.

The happiest is my wife, she said she will has husband accompany her in this holiday. I also suspected that it is God who forbids me to go out, and God wants me to stay at home with my wife, otherwise, this kind of strange incident of a steel wheel smashing a hole, which I have never heard of, happened not too early nor too late, just happened when I left home for couple miles?

Itís weird, itís really weird

Last time I went from Monterey Bay to Avila Beach, so this time I plan to travel from Avila Beach all the way to Los Angeles, covering a distance of 210 nautical miles over three days and four nights, compared to the 120 nautical miles I covered over three days and two nights last time.

Ever since my last three-day, two-night trip, I have known that I don't need to sleep on shore or anchor close to the shore. I can break up my sleep into short periods of a few seconds or tens of seconds, waking up immediately in necessary to check the surroundings and then going back to sleep if it's safe to do so. This cycle ensures that I have enough sleep while also allowing me to maintain control of the kayak.

Only by solving the sleep problem can I continue to sail alone without stopping for days and nights without feeling tired.

Sometimes I don't even really fall asleep, just resting my eyes. I listen to the sound of the waves around me and let my body sink into a state of half-sleep. Occasionally, I open one eye and scan the surroundings with my peripheral vision before sinking back into this half-sleep state to conserve energy. At that moment, I'm like an old monk in meditation on the kayak.

Having mastered this skill, I'm more confident in solo drifting on ocean.

Before setting off, I did my homework and knew the limits of my abilities. This type of sea condition should not be a problem. The following picture shows the infamous Conception Point, where many accidents have occurred. I paid special attention to the weather forecast here before departing.

A good man help me launching, he push my kayak to water.
My car just park in front of the ramp there. Itís a black Outback, if some one by pass there, maybe can help to check whether itís still there or not


I am planning fishing for next weekend, wondering whether have the same interest guy to go together, below is my plan:

1) At Oct/8 Saturday 05:00am arrive SC harbor, 06:00am leaving harbor to Monterey Bay, the distance is 22 nm, will reach the destination   about sunset time, trolling salmon or tuna all the way to love point. I knew the chance will be very slim to zero, but who know
2) Camp on the kayak at love point area, next day the Sunday, trolling halibut to the south side of Monterey, and at afternoon landing at Pebble Beach, then call uber to SC, drive car to Pebble Beach, load kayak and go back home
3) I will use AI or TI for this trip
4) the whether is very good for next weekend Monterey

Anyone is interest to join me?

Introductions / Its my first time login NCKA and this is my first post
« on: September 27, 2022, 11:18:23 AM »
HI Everyone, good morning!
I am often hearing people mentioning NCKA forum, so yesterday I searched out NCKA forum link, and registered, today my registration application has been approved, so this is my first time login here, and this is my first post, I am not familiar about this NCKA society, hope someone can help me if I am doing something wrong

Below is my brief introduction:

Name: Xia Huang
Sex: Male
Age: 50+
Playing Kayak history: near to one year
How many and what kind of kayak I have now: 3, first I bought BKC Kayak, then Hobie Adventure Island, then Hobie Tandem Island, they were all bought by brand new
What spots I have been finishing so far: HMB, SC, Big Sur, TC, Bolinas, Bodega, DF, Farallon Island, Moss-landing, Monterey-Bay, and inside bay area, like PP/TI/Berkeley/Alameda, I am fishing only on Salt Water. Prefer Ocean
What fishing I got so far by Kayak: Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, Rock fish, Squid, but just few quantity, not so many
What fish I prefer to fish: Salmon, Tuna (This guy I never be success so far)

What thing I don't like to do? Dot like to Join party boat for fishing, get fish is not my final goal, I do enjoy the time/procedure to catch it, I also don't like to go crowded area for fishing, I like to fish alone or with someone together, enjoy the peaceful moment

I hope I can find some friends here with the same interest, share information, share thought, learn from each other (Mostly probably I will learn more from you, because I am quite new on ocean and here :smt002), and help each other, go fish together someday

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