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Topic: Feasibility of Davenport Landing to SC harbor  (Read 3811 times)

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As a reference we did a paddle from Davenport to 4mile in our non-sailing kayaks and we were OTW from 8am-2pm, as we were fishing along the way.
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Well I'm loving this idea and for sure would like to join in if that isn't already obvious.  I need some more rough water experience before I do so, maybe I'll do SC to Cap and back and try some slogging up wind/swell.
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I realized this weekend I don't have a good sense of how long it takes to go anywhere by sail.  How long do you think the run would take overall?  Does Uber allow people in drysuits in their cars?  :smt044

I usually want to fish to the bitter end, and end up only sailing the last mile or 2, at most, so I don't do much long-distance sailing. But, I'd envision fishing about half way, like maybe to about 4 mile, then sailing the rest of the way. With decent afternoon winds, I'd expect to be able to sail at least a steady 4mph, so I'd plan on a couple of hours for that second half, along with 4-6 hours for first (fishing) half.

If the surf is reasonable, it would be possible to bail out at 4 mile or Natural Bridges, and I'm sure Uber can find those places...
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Seems like doable distance

Maybe wind is the main wild card down there just like Marin coast where you think its coming from nw but sometimes switches and pushes you at the shore

But you can always tack the AI though I would think

Id be most curious about knowing what places along the way you could bail if you needed to

Sounds like fun, wish I had one of those hobies The ti has been tempting except for weight and storage issues

One day maybe