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a lot of fish are still out in the bay but with all this run off it triggers the mature fish(pretty much legals and bigger) to come up and spawn! when i fish for sturgeon around sac, u harley ever hear or see undersize sturgeon caught! at least not like in the bay! but yea the run in my opinion has began...ive seen 2 caught myself in lisbon slough last week, heard of others, and seen a few roll in front me where i fish On the Sac R.!

wow! great report and pics guys! would have LOVE to been there especially now that you guys confirmed the pigs are still there and around! Trying to get up there myself from Sac. to do some pig hunting and a lil bit of fishing! where about the lake did u guys see the pig signs? North? south?

oops sorry guys for posting twice!

went out on 1/28/10 with a couple of buddies due to Sturgeon Fever and this is wat i hooked up! 69" of pure beauty caught and released! Big female! there finally starting to come up guys so get out there and goodluck!

no problem fellas....i dont see it gettin any better either anytime soon with all this rain comin!!!.....but then again, Theres Sturgeon!

definetly in if i could afford it and if nothin gets in the way! never fished the bay yet in the yak and/or for sturgeon so this should be exciting!

when i go to the port i launch from 2 places...1 from jefferson blvd. in west sac(this place being the easiest cause of its parking and launch ramp) and further down jefferson blvd., more down the port but have to walk and carry your gear a lot farther!! Being that you havnt been there before, i would definetly launch at the ports day use area right off jefferson blvd, on the right hand side just as you past the bridge! good place to fish when the fish are in there!

Fishing Tournaments and Events / Re: 2010 AOTY Entry Page is up
« on: January 18, 2010, 02:14:00 PM »
just signed up and looking forward to a great year of fishing and fun!! Love to fish and a good competition!...just curious tho, is there a limit on how many fish per species are allowed to be entered?

tryed the port of sac on friday 1-13-2010 for a few hours and ended up with a big skunk! was drifting minnows and trolling for nada! was marking some bait balls near the bottom on my new ff  tho!...out of the 6-7 other boats in the area only seen 1 caught! nice day but slow bite! oh well, better luck next time!

where did u plan on fishing sturgeon?

Heading to Santa Cruz this weekend 26, 27th,28th, to visit some family and do some END of The Year fishing and Crabbing!!! LAUNCHING OUT OF sANTA cRUZ hARBOR. WILL BE ON 71 ON THE VHF...IF ANYONE INTERESTED PLEASE COME AND JOIN!..dOES anyone know if theres anything happening down there right now? and if they got any live bait?

i just first wanna thank Eric for throwing this Great event, I truly had a blast! met sum great guys too. So it seemed everybody had a tough day out there hearing all the reports from the others, with most heard caught at 6..i guess i didnt do too bad for my first tourny and event with ncka! boated 10 total myself, lost 2, and missed a few! i guess thats wats in store when u separate from the crowd sumtimes!!!(turner cut towards main channel) came really close with my 16.25, but honestly i thought i was gunna need at least a 5lb. to feel good about place'in! Especially for the delta! Congrats to the winners, that was a close one! All winning fish within quarter inches frm each other! Next time i'll make sure I "CLOSE" the mouth all the way! Had fun tho, with no complaints! looking forward to ALL future events. Thanks eric and everyone, Fishworks916!

hey how u doin, new to the board and club, but i was also out there last weekend(11th-13th)with my girl and we did pretty good too! launched off the beach just right of the wharf and boat launched! headed straight out west and started fishing right after the last boats anchored...dropped down in about 45-50ft of water and drifted with the wind towards moss landing a ended up 4 nice rockfish and 1 ling! All on frozen anchovies behind seps dodgers on a 3way rig! ran out of bait so ended early by noon!

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