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They said its mostly catfish, but this is a family fun event where even rods/tackle are provided for $8
Saturday 6/10 at 9 AM

However, one would need base access.

On a side note, let me know if you also want to paddle together when rockfishing along Cannery Row or Del Monte beach in Monterey,  I can show you some good spots.

Introductions / Monterey/SF Paddleboard Fishing
« on: August 31, 2022, 09:43:15 PM »
I have been paddleboarding to many of the navegable bodies of water in the SF Bay on an inflatable paddle board. Here are my 50+ trilingual (Spanish and Chinese) reviews on paddling.com  https://disqus.com/by/paddling-ff803a832bfbe06f99aa9c32ece4e158/

I also have a Intex inflatable kayak (100 dollars) that made it out the Golden Gate Bridge and back to Fort Baker (more on that later).  And now that I've paddled most everywhere, I have been extending this hobby with crabbing off the paddleboard in Baker Beach and fishing for Rockfish by Coast Guard Pier in Monterey.   Recently paddleboard fishing in Monterey myself I've only caught rockfish and spider and kelp crab but if I had someone to go with, I'd like to learn more about how to fish from the kayak/board for halibut, perch or salmon.  Honestly the recent shark attacks in Pacific Grove have got me thinking about how much I want to paddleboard fish after work at dusk, but with a buddy I'd feel better.  I have a lot of creative ideas and if you live in Monterey (or SF on weekends) and want to kayak/paddleboard for fish/crab, lemme know. 

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