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General Talk / Author, Kirk Lombard at Monterey Aquarium 1/12/17 6pm
« on: January 11, 2017, 08:22:54 PM »
Hopefully this isn't a repeat post but the author of "The Sea Foragers Guide to the Northern California Coast" will be at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Thursday 1/12/17 6 pm. I got it the book for xmas and I love it. Thanks for suggesting it guys!


General Talk / Salinas River state beach 12-13-14
« on: December 14, 2014, 09:26:29 PM »
Met up with Pablitopescador and his buddy John for some perch action.  Hit there beach around 8:00am. Paul's first cast he lands a 4incher!!!  :smt044  He tosses it back thinking the bite would be hot at that rate.  Not to long after that, of course, we run in to Alex/Alien and his friend Doug.  Doug hooked into a striper just before we arrived but we only saw pic's because it was undersized.  (so please, Alex, post the photo). We all walked past the condos to Alex's honey hole, which is where we should have stopped, but Paul and I were eager to see the river mouth.  We hoof it another mile or so to find that the river is almost to the ocean.  I think the river is above sea level but the sand is blocking it in.  Paul, john and I got skunked after that but we were just happy to have our rods in our hands and walk down the beach.  I didn't get any fish photos but when I finally dug out my camera this is what I got.

General Talk / Why doesn't USA get land cruiser 70's?
« on: August 26, 2014, 06:57:51 PM »
These are my favorite Land Cruisers from the '80's and they are still making them in other countries. Any Toyota people out there?  :smt006
Plus they are diesel!


Hookups and Fishing Reports (Viewable by Public) / Sws Saturday 7/28/13
« on: September 27, 2013, 06:57:19 PM »
Heading out with a couple of newbies. Company welcome :smt006 launching around 7:30. I'll have a black scull and crossbones flag waving.

I will be heading out Saturday morning with some possible new NCKA'ers.  I will be on 69. I will have a flag on my yak,FYI. :smt006

Introductions / FINALLY!!!!
« on: August 23, 2013, 09:10:59 PM »
So.... I've been borrowing a kayak to fish for about a year now thanks to Andy Fishmaster1 and Jason Beef.  Adventures by the sea in Monterey has their annual used yak sale going on right now.  I went by on thursday to check them out, they had about 5 Prowler 13's and a half dozen Malibu XL2's plus another 15 miscellaneous kayaks for sale.  $200 for single's and $300 for tandems!!!  SO... I got me my first kayak a Prowler13 for $200 with a seat and a paddle.  I'm kind of a broke mo-fo so I am stoked on a deal like this.  I can't wait to see you on the salt.  Here is my new baby.  Nothing special to y'all but it is all I can think about right now. :smt003

Introductions / Newbie on NCKA
« on: January 25, 2013, 08:48:47 PM »
Newbie here on NCKA, FISHMASTER1 and SLUMFISH took me out out on 12/31/12 for the first time on the Monterey bay with the "A-HULLS", and it was an epic day!! ALSHOBIEOUTBACK, BLOODBATH, STRUCKDOG, and TOKUZO ended up with us thankfully.  it was an awesome 1st experience.  I was out at the crab opener in Bodega Bay, and thats when i got the Madness.  Now i cant wait 'til Fish-N-Chill, O'neil forbay, Feb 9th/10th.  hope to meet y'all out there.

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