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Hobie Tandem Island clone for $3k...

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There is an interesting discussion on the Hobie forum about a cheap Chinese clone of the Hobie Tandem Island:

I find it kind of amusing that they call it a "U-boat":

The American distributor sells them for $4350:

And, here's a video (in Italian) of the boat in action. Surprisingly, it looks like it actually works reasonably well:

   No Doubt,   
   Deleted the rant I almost posted... about sending more jobs to China.   Let me just say,,   :smt011 #^*^&$% 

   Sink the U Boats

Had no idea alibaba offered these boats.  why bother buying used hobie off secondary market ever again, esp since the mirage drive is off patent?!

OMG they even have modular boat design.  This thing is a transformer!!  Practically giddy about this revelation

I bet it performs just like a U-boat. Looks like they've knocked off more than just the TI. Knock off and improve is their motto. Any lurker thinking about buying one of these, please don't support these thieves. I am so sick of these ripoff retards.


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