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Pre-Hobie AI?

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Saw this on CL and had to share.  Looks like someone built their own AI, trailer ready!  :smt044

If it was mirage drive-able, I'd be a buyer!

Earlier this year, as I was packing up my AI after a day of fishing in Santa Cruz, some random guy started talking about kayak sailing. He was really knowledgeable, and it turns out that he'd previously been a Windrider dealer. He claimed that they are much better sailing than an AI (faster, drier, etc.). Having spent some time looking at them online, their owners seem to really like them. The one in that ad is ancient (1998), but if I had the space to store it, at that price, I'd take it...

What do you think of Hobiecat 14/16?  Yeah, they also lack a mirage drive but look like fun to sail.  I keep seeing some good deals on CL for them, thinking of learning to actually sail with one, since I don't know squat about fabricating anything, let alone a AI 2.0  :smt044

Here ya go, Al:

For some reason the Youtube link doesn't show up.  Search Hobi AI vs Hobicat


--- Quote from: AlsHobieOutback on November 29, 2022, 05:51:35 PM ---What do you think of Hobiecat 14/16?

--- End quote ---

I don't know much, but I have been nearly run over by them when on my AI, as they come flying off the shore by the harbor. Looks like it would be a blast to sail one under the right conditions. They seem to require quite a bit more wind than an AI, and it would be a major PITA if you were a couple miles offshore and the wind died.

Btw, you should not have posted that Waverider Craigslist ad. If it's still available, I might have to get it, as it is a great price. If I do buy it, watch for my name in the obituaries, as my wife will most likely kill me...


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