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Anyone sew sail before?


I have a snark sailboat whose thin sail is deteriorating after 40 years. It may not hold up to strong wind any more.

My friend happens to have a sail that is torn. Supposedly the wind blew so hard, that the sail is ripped apart into two pieces. (Is it possible? this is very strong sail fabric.)

Anyway he gave me the sail pieces. I think I can cut from one of the torn pieces a section that matches the shape and size of the snark sailboat, and use that instead. Has anyone cut and sew sail before? Any general tips?  Especially, do I need to do anything with the cut edge?

Watching videos of people sailing, they always carry something called Sail Tape to make quick repairs.  But getting out the old stitching needle can be done too, have watched a few videos on that as well.

I have not done any sail sewing myself but like AlsHobie, I've watched lots of sailing videos, and they often need to do repairs. Sailrite sells a repair kit, and that might be worth considering:

I'm sure it would be slow going, but it would probably work.

Another option would be to have Ullman Sails in Santa Cruz do the repair:

Quite a while ago, I had Ullman do a mod to one of my AI sails, and I can't recall exactly what they charged, but I remember thinking that it was a lot less than I expected.

If you do manage to repair the sail (or if you've done so already), I'd be interested to know how you did it. Mr. X gave me an AI spinnaker that has a small tear, and I want to fix it before this summer...


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