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mine is rough looking.  one of the rings that keeps water from running down my arm has given up the ghost.  I can feel a tiny click when I use it to  push off rocks.

other than that, it seems bulletproof.  is it a catastrophic fail?

General Fishing Tips / battery enlightenment
« on: June 28, 2024, 06:14:35 PM »
I always wanted a Chet battery.  I opted for the Nocqua, but if I am being honest, this battery kinda sucks.  I have had 3 of them, and I am 100% failed.  none of them, charged past 12.11 volts in very short order.   I keep them around to charge up cell phones during blackouts, and they run my line of LED lights at camp.

I ponied up the cash for a Amped battery and it has been amazing.  I have run my 7" Garmin fish finder for 9 hours and it goes down to 13v on the fish finder overlay thing.  quick charge back at home and I am ready for the next adventure.  the thing wasn't that expensive. 

I run my trolling motor with a 24V 60aH Dakota Lithium, and I way overbought.  I think a 30ah would be a better fit.  i think I can go 3 days.  something like 8-9 hours. 

General Talk / kayak trailer. bunks or crossbars?
« on: June 08, 2024, 09:04:41 AM »
what do you think is more beneficial with respect to the health of the kayak hull?  driving with a kayak on bunks, or on crossbars? 

I am leaning towards crossbars.  I think for long distances, I would flip my Hobie Outback upside down on crossbars and strap it down.  no rain issues, etc.  and the Hobie Manual does state that storing it upside down is the best way.


Hobie Kayaks / Sealing an Outback.
« on: May 27, 2024, 01:14:51 PM »
My Hobie was collecting about a cup of water inside the hull on calm lake days.  Easily sponged out at the end of the day , but annoying. 

I felt around on the inside and the bottoms of the drop-in rod holders were wet.  I took the screws off and lifted out an insert. I laughed.  When they drilled the hole for the holders, they didn’t remove all the plastic shreds left behind by the hole drill.  The just put down that crappy paper gasket and tightened it.  Therewas no seal.    I siliconed the perimeter and tightened them down. 

Next time out,  there was still water inside. I was on the lake and opened up the front hatch. I laughed again.  Water was streaming down from the elastic cord hold down points for the hatch.  When I got home I removed them one by one, and siliconed the bolt-holes. I pair of hemostats will let you put some slack in the cords so you can reinstall them easily. 

Now?  My boat is bone dry inside.  Zero dampness.  Just wanted to put this here so someone can chase down similar issues.

It’s so simple of a a system.  I bought a new fish finder ((Garmin) for my Hobie. Mounting the transducer in a “Lowrance ready” kayak, I thought would be my biggest hurdle.  Nope!  Minor drilling, minor cutting of transducer plate and it was a well fitting slam-dunk.

However, it would not retract fully.  I effed with the knot time and time again. No successes.  I finished up running the wires , sealed everything from leaks, and gave up. 

I took it to Billy at Wind Toys.  It yanked on the cord and smiled.  He knew exactly what it was. The internal bungee knot was tied too closely to the pulling up near the front. He pulled it all out, moved the knot and VOILA!  It works.  Not sure I would have cracked that solo.  Thanks Billy.

I need rain pants since my wife donated my prototype Patagonia rain pants by accident. 

I fish off a boat a lot, I fish off my kayak a lot, and I fish off shore in the rain a lot.  I figured the rain pants may as be multitaskers.  I would wear them at work if need be.

sizing?  I am right between a L and XL.  you liking them? 

wow.  I kept postponing my DMV visit due to other things happening in my life.  yesterday, I ran out of excuses and showed up at my appointment.

1st point:  anyone that doenst make a DMV appointment and would rather show up as a "walk-in"...that is true grit.  me?  no..appointment please.  the line was around the building!!!

I walk in to the empty appointment line and get a number.  5-10 minutes of sitting next to a dude that smell faintly of cooked cabbage.  I got CALLED!! I got a nice lady!  her eyes did glaze over as I explained my situation. 

I registered a kayak, one month later; I notice a crack, Hobie replaced my hull, new hull # means I need a new registration.  Billy did give me a new STATEMENT of ORIGIN for the new hull.  no bill of sale, no receipt.

the lady went into action.  she first made me fill out a statement of fact, and totaled my old hull. 

then she made me fill out that standard form 100something and treated my new hull like a free gift from Hobie.  I bought a new mussel sticker, and was out the door for $35!!!!

no big deal.  I fist-bumped the kind DMV angel and skipped out the door.

just in case this happens to you.  get that Statement of Origin..and a bill of sale showing FREE would be helpful, but not necessary. 

The new hull is better than my last one.  1st my pedal drive clicks in smoothly and stays put.  My other kayak it would pop itself out like it was possessed.  2nd, the new one floats straight.  My old one canted to the left side. I would have to move my butt to the right side of the seat to get it to run level.  I think my old one was warped from the get go.    Whatever. 

The bass were FIRED up.  Pics later.  Just happy with the better hull.  If it cracks again, I’m plastic welding it. 

Hobie Kayaks / Well. My 2022 Outback Hull cracked.
« on: February 25, 2024, 08:27:51 AM »
I’m gonna trust the warranty process.

My Hobie cracked on both sides.  Same location. Right at the bottom of the gap in the cupholders. The opening where the “Ear” of a coffee cup would go, and where water is allowed to drain. Hobie should close that opening and simply put a scupper hole in the bottom to drain out.

But I did catch my two first LMB of 2024.  Happy!  😃

I went to the sportsman's Expo last weekend. 

I finally laid eyes on one of those 14', Seadoo fishing jet skies.  really cool looking and according to the pitchman, they are very difficult to flip over.   my friends tell me they are popular in Florida.

have you guys seen them out in the Pacific?  I built retaining walls along Hwy-1 in normal for months.  (sorry for the 1-way traffic control, for you guys heading north of Jenner);  and I have never seen a jet ski blast past me way out in the sea.  I've pulled out binoculars and seen some of you kayakers!!

I went down a path.  Invested time, brain power, and money.

Yesterday was my maiden voyage. I hit Clearlake. I have the battery inside my Yak-black-box.  Towards the rear.  I’m gonna source a battery box, and I’m gonna relocate it right behind my Hobie Outback seat.  Almost 2-feet forward.  I thought about putting it into the front hatch, but I bet that will be too nose heavy…and when I flip, it would be a complicated situation. I’d rather lose the battery, than myself.   Current location feels tail heavy. 
 I just raised the motor up 3”. Under power the motor leverages the back down, big time. I;; need to experiement w this.
Loading and unloading the kayak was a new thing.  More trips back and forth from kayak to truck. Eck!   More time as well.  Double eck!

I made the decision to only use the motor when I need to. Big lakes, long hauls, etc.  kicking the pedals is no big deal.  A lot to be said about the simple life. Haha.

I don't mind pedaling at all.  I can go 3mph for a very long time. 

let me back up:  I fish 100% fresh water and pretty much only for Largemouth Bass.  I have gone 4 years with leg-power.  I'm fine with it.  but there are some more distant waters I want to get to this year.  well, I can get there eventually, but the push home can get exhausting. 

I figured I will try a motor.  I went for the Newport Vessel NK180, coupled with a Dakota Lithium 24v 60aH battery.  the battery fits inside my blackpak easily.  the back of a Hobie Outback is very rigid.  the mount doesn't move at all.   I think I will only use the motor on lakes like Clearlake and Berryessa.  last year my friend almost wiped me out on a Berryessa marathon where I had to keep up with him and his motored kayak..with my legs.  I did 4mph for way too long.   he was eating jerky and sipping coffee...I was mouth breathing.  :D

small lakes and the Delta, I will stay human powered.  I tend to hunt the skinny waters in the Delta anyways. 

pics later.

I've been a member here for a minute now.  it is always that white seabags article.  nobody cranking out new stories?  :D

maybe some Freshwater love?

Fishing Pics / my BUCKET LIST fishing done. but i am going back
« on: October 25, 2023, 09:53:34 AM »
i just got back from the Amazon Rain forest!!

General Fishing Tips / excuse my confusion. do I need nav-lights?
« on: September 18, 2023, 11:07:01 AM »
I had a game warden suggest I get nav-lights.

I am not sure if I need them or if they are even wanted on my regular Outback, without motor.

going bass fishing now, the daylight hours are shorter.  I slip into a dark lake.  I got lights. 

are they required?

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