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General Talk / Re: Anyone transporting Hobie kayak on a Prius?
« on: September 27, 2021, 09:58:42 AM »
Hobies on a Prius?  Ha .. yep.  Been doing it for a long time.  I started with the little Hobie Sport and Yakima round bars back in about 2012.  Then I got a 2nd Sport so I added Jaylow rack for times when I hauled two kayaks.  Then I got an Outback.  Kept the same rack system, though I now know why they call it an OUT back.   :smt003    And yes, I've even hauled the Outback and a Sport on top of the Prius. 

Works fine.  My mileage dropped, of course.  I'm now getting about 42 mpg instead of 52. when I have the kayaks on top.

So the limitations -- it's a PITA to get the Outback on top of the Prius, but I've come up with a way to do it.  The Sport -- piece of cake ... other limitations -- the Prius has a really, really low clearance.   I'm always having to check whether launch sites are "Prius-able."  While I do, occasionally, take it off the pavement you're limited to where you can go because of the low ground clearance. For instance, at Trinidad, CA I MUST park up top and drag the boat down.  I can't take the Prius down to the launch beach.  I don't really mind it too much, though.

Oh, and one last thing, you have to talk in a falsetto voice to every other angler when you drive a Prius.   :smt044

Right on!  :smt005. (Do I overuse that now?)  :smt044

Loleta Eric. <====.    -- photo below from trip on 7-6-21

General Talk / Re: Any NCKA equivalent for So cal?
« on: July 16, 2021, 07:54:29 PM »
I used to live in LA and I was on a board called "BayTubers" .. I just looked and there is not much there.  It looks like it went down and never really returned.  They had tournaments.  Mostly they fished LA and Long Beach area.

There's another one that's pretty good -- BigWatersEdge. -- that's probably the most active one now.

I was on that one less but it looks more active now.

That was 5 years ago.


I'm a berry snob and won't eat Himalayans.   :smt005

Thanks eric, please dont eat me, I too am a Himalayan transplant

OMG!  LOL!!!   too funny, Yaad!   Just don't go picking with him at Cannibal Island!  :smt044

Oh, and GREAT followup on the wild strawberries, PISCEAN!  I've seen them blooming near our beaches on the sand spit but have not seen the berries, mostly because I have not looked for them.

Look, I berrily hijacked this thread!  :smt003

I'm not a berry snob.   :smt044     But I have learned to appreciate the native berries this year... and the salmon berries, too!     :smt006

Mark, so great to meet you and fish with you yesterday.  11.5 miles, I think I felt it today (next day)!  :smt003   I totally get the part about the guide handling things, especially the fish cleaning!!!  On this trip I came with my own set-ups, leaders, and even, for the most part, bait, but I can always count on Eric's help and even comments when I do something that is ... "uninformed."   :smt044   I do learn something every trip, even if I don't always remember it to the next one.

Since we spent a lot of calories yesterday I decided on some calorie replacement therapy this evening, fresh fried California Halibut and native blackberry pie la mode. :smt006

And a few more pictures including the singing lingcod named "Engelbert Humperdinck"

It was a blast!  It always is.  And now I will add a few pictures from the same adventure just to augment Eric's great narrative.  This was that golden lingcod  :smt003

Great photos, Eric and Yaad.  What a fun day.

I see jumping in the Eel on the way home to rinse and cool off .. heheh ... yep.

I like the flag, too, Yaad!

WTG !!

Hobie Kayaks / Re: [FAIL] $0.56 Hobie V2 Mirage drive chain repair?
« on: June 27, 2021, 10:27:39 AM »
I had a V2 drive chain break for the first time this last week while on Humboldt Bay.  Luckily it failed shortly after we put in and I was able to paddle to shore without too much fighting the tide/current. I put a lot of time on this drive so it was no surprise and it had developed a mysterious "click" that I couldn't trace.  I do inspect the drive after every use.

I live close to the bay and have two more drives so I drove home for a spare while my buddy watched my gear.  That evening I got a replacement chain from Pacific Outfitters in Eureka and by the next morning I had the repair done.  I took it to Big Lagoon for a test and all went well, no click, and I even caught/released a couple of 14" trout.  :smt003

That bungee fix is interesting.  For me, I think I will build a spare parts kit, and on certain trips (guided trips or trips more than 1 hour away) I will pack a spare drive.  :smt006

I will phone it in next time.  :smt005

Here's a shot of them I took from the top of Trinidad Head as they were headed in. It's all about perspective. 
(The "other Dave")  :smt003

It was perfect!  Just what the doctor ordered for the SynthGuy.

Hobie Kayaks / Re: What's Hobie working on?
« on: May 14, 2021, 10:01:31 AM »
At first blush, I'd have to agree with the comments here.  It seems like a narrower mission window than an Outback.  I'd think that the Lynx wouldn't work well on the salt except in the most lake-like flat conditions.  Nevertheless, there is a demand for a lighter, even SUP like product.  It replaces the hole left from the (I think discontinued?) Hobie Sport.  I'm probably the only Hobie Sport fan here!  :smt005

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