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Topic: anyone wearing the Simms Challenger fishing Bibs?  (Read 641 times)

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I need rain pants since my wife donated my prototype Patagonia rain pants by accident. 

I fish off a boat a lot, I fish off my kayak a lot, and I fish off shore in the rain a lot.  I figured the rain pants may as be multitaskers.  I would wear them at work if need be.

sizing?  I am right between a L and XL.  you liking them? 

Mark L

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I donít do to much fishing in the rain but I spend a tremendous amount of time in the rain mushroom hunting. I spend my money on the jacket, and not so much on the pants. I have one of the Simms Pro Gortex jackets, and itís fantastic. Totally waterproof including all of the pockets.

Since I stoop down on my knees a lot I just look for pants that are water proof, are large enough in the ankle area to get over my boots, and can be tightened around the boots. My rain pants get a lot of abuse, and donít last long so Iím not going to spend a bunch on them.

I have Simms waders that have been holding up well with only use in the salt. I highly recommend the brand.
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I use the NRS Endurance splash pants. Obviously on the kayak, but I've used them as rain pants when banking it in the rain and on boats in the big blue. They work great. Easy to take on & off, they breathe and have kept me dry in all situations. Fairly inexpensive to at $130.
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My buddy has a set and he says he likes them. I have the challenger jacket and am not a huge fan. After a hard season, it stopped wicking water and got saturated. I started treating it but itís not the same.  They are priced fair for what you get. For bibs, I use an old pair of leaky Simms breathable waders and just cut off the neoprene boots. The main leak was in the neoprene boots and I just filled the pin holes with aqua seal. Some of my buddies started doing the same. If you're not fishing in really warm conditions itís a great option. Also, you get to just re-use old gear if you have an old set of waders lying around!