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I was hoping to go camping near Stonyford this weekend, but just realized that it is opening weekend for A zone.
For those that know - will the campgrounds in the Mendo Nat'l forest be packed with hunters?

I'm free Sunday and Tuesday. Going to hit the Mendo National Forest on at least one of those days. Let me know if anyone wants to join.

General Talk / Shasta Trinity Backcountry Discovery Trail
« on: June 06, 2023, 04:52:30 PM »
I was supposed to go to Oregon last weekend to shoot ground squirrels and prairie dogs, but the trip got cancelled literally as I was leaving Santa Rosa for Redding on Thursday afternoon.
Since I had Friday off and had a non-refundable hotel room in Redding, I decided to replace my guns with my recovery gear and hit a chunk of the Shasta Trinity BCD. I hit the section circled below.

Going to hit a good chunk of the MBCDT this Saturday Sunday if anyone wants to join. Taking it from Upper Lake to Lake Pilsbury, then hitting Hull Mountain, then probably backtracking to Pilsbury and exiting back to hiway 20 via Elk mountain rd.

I've been hitting the IVR area the last two weeks marking camping and shooting spots and taking some pics along the way. I'm heading back up to the area on Sunday if anyone wants to join. I'll have my kids with me and so will a buddy of mine so we'll be sticking to Bartlett Springs Road and Walker Ridge Road, both of which can be easily driven in 2WD. We'll be gassing up just past Nice around 9:00AM then slowly making our way past IVR for lunch and an hour or two of shooting before hitting Walker Ridge and heading home.

Here's some pics from my last two trips to the area. I'll post more tomorrow.

These are from Bartlett Springs Road.

General Talk / NCKA WheelnChills
« on: April 19, 2023, 11:21:11 AM »
Now that some of the snow has started to melt a little I'm planning on hittin' the trails in the next few weeks and will be posting hook-ups, if anyone is interested in joining. I'm just getting into off-roading so these will all be easy trails, for the most part, and either day trips or one night camping trips.

First up will either be Indian Valley Reservoir:

Or The Mendocino Backcountry Discovery Trail:

Due to family issues (my little athlete's sports schedule) I had to break tradition and move the 13th Annual Forebay FnC to March this year. So see you cats on Friday, March 17th through Sunday, March 19th.

For Sale / 31" H/T Tires for Sale. $300
« on: January 25, 2023, 07:57:18 PM »
I want new tires for my 4Runner and don't feel like waiting 2.5 years for my current tires to wear out. I'm hoping someone may have a use for these tires at a great price.

Set of 5 Bridgestone DUELER H/T D684 II P265/70R17 with 21000 miles on them for $300 obo. (I can find out exactly how much tread is left when I take it in for an oil change in the next week, or so.)

They retail for $270 each, new.


Will also consider interesting trades.  :smt001

Fishing Tournaments and Events / O'neill Forebay FnC Poll
« on: January 18, 2023, 06:58:03 PM »
When should we hold the 2023 Forebay FnC?

Please only vote if you plan on attending.

General Talk / Steelhead Adventure Trail
« on: January 02, 2023, 07:20:01 PM »
Looks bad ass and I definitely want to do it.

Anyone ever done the loop or parts of it?

General Talk / So-Cal Long Range Fishing. In Nor-Cal?
« on: September 12, 2022, 07:05:26 PM »
Bold move by the Intrepid. Couldn't go South due to the hurricanes so they travelled North the same distance they would usually travel South. They ended up fishing albacore North of Fort Bragg and put a few on the boat along with a very nice big-eye tuna.

I think the guys that got the 125lb yellowfin from near Shelter Cove had a picture of the Intrepid up there.  :smt002



Sorry guys. Gotta re-schedule this one. My daughter just reminded me that her early birthday party is on the 23rd.

I just signed up for the July Islander kayak fishing trip through Fish Village. 3.5 day in July. Never been to SCI in July. Should be dope.

I think there are 1 or 2 spots still open if anyone wants to roll.

The Twelfth annual A-hull Forebay FnC will be held at the San Luis Creek Group Campground at O'neill Forebay on President's Day weekend, February 18th thru 20th.

General Talk / Airsoft Guns
« on: January 10, 2022, 06:05:09 PM »
So my son wants an airsoft gun. I know nothing about airsoft guns. I'll do the research, but can anyone give me any pointers?
We're looking for something mid range (around $200 would be nice.)
Any good brands or things to avoid?

He prefers co2, but electric is also OK and he wants to eventually take it to an airsoft facility.

Recommend some shops...BnM or online?

Thanks in advance!

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