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Messages - Weimarian

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Will get a plan together and give you a call... ASAP!  :smt006

I have a aqua dual hatch prism if anyone's looking. $200 takes it home

we actually have that set, they are very nice! we could use a few more place settings for our big family dinners. What are you thinking would be a fair price?  :smt006

For Sale / Re: FS Eddyline Caribbean 14 $800
« on: June 03, 2024, 09:40:56 AM »
If things change, still interested...


check this yellow one out $900

Carrie is not ready to Kayak yet so going to hold off. Might have to get her an electric setup.

 :smt012 :smt010 :smt009 I'll be working on the house all weekend... Be safe out there Y'all!

General Talk / Re: Helping Sledge
« on: May 24, 2024, 02:11:49 PM »
Fun seeing you out at Doran. See ya again later!

We did just fine with packaged green wedding ring setups 12" behind a dodger. Corn on the hook, drop and catch!

Well Kevin, you convinced me to try to make some of my own kokanee lures, but now I am trying to figure out a good source for all the beads and spinner blades. Any suggestions?

[Hit Amazon, fisherman's warehouse and general search for Koke stuff. Tons of stuff online

Great day that I had to end a bit early :smt012 missed hanging out Sat night and potluck. Next time I'll be on the kayak. this health stuff is no joke! next year lets not pick Mothers day weekend :smt044 Tri tip fri night was soooooo good! We caught 10 kokes and a bunch of bass out on the boat.

General Talk / Re: Mercury chart on 51 species of fish
« on: May 08, 2024, 11:13:14 AM »
Weird science like all the other stuff. Just like everything else. True? not true? source of data? just don't eat the fish from Clearlake as that was the location of the mercury mines :smt006

I will bring something for Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Don't  get to exited... Gonna be something basic. Heading home Saturday evening for mothers day stuff.

General Talk / Re: My newest kayak 😁😁😁
« on: April 24, 2024, 02:18:32 PM »
This is what happens when they allow motors in the AOTY  :smt002

 :smt005  :smt005

Yes, her noun preference is , kayak.

General Talk / Re: My newest kayak 😁😁😁
« on: April 24, 2024, 01:11:14 PM »
I got my new toy too! My 4th time building one of these. You'd think I'd have learned :smt044 This one is for me! Going to have Kayak lift cradles to carry 2 yaks. Cruise and camp mothership for 2 :smt007 1970 Dorsett Catalina I/O

Bombs away have a good anniversary
Thank you very much! Means a lot right now, and always.

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