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Topic: Damage on stealth. Thoughts?  (Read 5172 times)

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Fiberglass repair is not hard.   What is hard is restoring the new look of a  sleek kayak and Johns kayak is new and slick. Right materials like seam tape from manufacturer and the exact same glossy finish paint is needed. After we've had the yaks for a decade and given them a pounding we are not too concerned about "appearance" but more about functionality. 
No more angst about looks. My 2012 Adventure hull looks like it has been in a bar fight but still is almost as functional as when newly purchased. A bit slower of course given the increased water resistance due to all the scuffs and grooves on the bottom.


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ohhhh no...so sorry...such a beautiful yak...wishing you well on the repair.
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Dang that sucks man....  :smt009  Love to see how the repair goes, I know nothing about taking care of fiberglass.
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That repair video is awesome!


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Hey Jon, how did this turn out?
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Hey Jon, how did this turn out?

Well, itís sitting in a corner waiting for me to get around to it. Meanwhile Iíve been using the Hobie which isnít nearly as enjoyable.
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I watched the repair video and it looks to be pretty comprehensive.  The only suggestion Iíd make is to not use a grinder when initially sanding the repair area. Iíd just use a dual action sander with 100grit, and go to 80 if you need to get more aggressive.  A grinder can remove a lot more material than intended, and itíll happen in a heartbeat lol.  The DA is a lot more forgiving and a lot easier to feather an area with.

I would use a small grinder with a 50 grit rol-loc disc. 100 grit on an orbital sander will take to long and you canít get down into the damaged areas. Iíve fixed a lot of glass and you have to get to the root of the problem. You probably know that tho.
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I can fix it. Itís cracked at the bonding strip and in the black area itís likely gel coat stress-cracks. Iím in Petaluma. Pm me for my #. It sucks for sure. Thatís why I sold mine. Never in the water. Too flimsy.
"I always entertain great hope" Robert Frost

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I just saw this thread. That sucks. I hope you get it fixed soon.

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Stealth Brother, sorry to hear about the damage!  I am no body man, but if you talk to Craig he might can guide you on it.
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