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For Sale / Kaiju Giant Plastics for the Deep. #bigfishonly
« on: July 27, 2023, 04:17:11 PM »
Hi NCKA, i know it has been a while since i have made anything new.  Its now summer, and with rockfish season being a little wierd this year, i didn't know what to do.  i spent a bit of whatever free time i had to make up some new baits.  for 2023, im focusing more on pouring plastics, as prices for lead has gone up.  i dont have much lead left.  need more.  im offering lead trade-ins for $2.00/lb.  if you got some lead, lets trade!

Im trying to fund a big asia trip this year with the family,  and it would be nice to have some extra funds.

At the moment, i have a good batch of a few new plastics baits.  i wanted to go with a "just send it!" motto, so all these plastics will come with lead jigheads.  some, already pre rigged.

First is a 8.5" swimbait, pre-rigged with a 4oz jighead.  This bait is poured with the jighead already installed. currently available in 8 colors.  this will be the only size and weight available, so don't ask for other options.  i found that this is the best setup for rockfish down to 100fow. 
price:  $6.00.
ncka special $5.00

What about deep water fishing? see below

Second is a 8" grub.  currently in only single color.  This grub is bigger than the kalin's big-n grub.  it is 8" curled, and over 11" extended.  This is a pretty big bait, and it will be paired with a 8oz bullet jighead, painted, with 3Deyes.
price: $19.00
ncka special: $12.00

Third is a 10" grub.  This thing is huge, i believe it is going to be the biggest on the market. and to top it off, it will be a core-shot, meaning there will be multiple colors.  Also first on the market, and very difficult to accomplish.  the bait is 10" curled, and over 14" extended.  This bait is huge, almost "too big"  but hey, Kaiju custom does things big.  This will be paired with your choice of 12oz or 16oz jighead, painted, with 3D eyes.
price: $27.00
ncka special:  $16.00

Grubs are offered at a discount, as they are my first run, and what you see in the pictures are what is available.   i would like to be able to generate some funds for more raw plastics, hooks, and improvements on my method and equipment to be able to produce these better and faster.

If you would like to pick up locally, im in south san jose.  come pick out your baits, and check out my shop. 

Shipping for any size order of the above items will be flat rate of $13.00.  and ill toss in some freebees.

Lastly, if you have an ideas for what colors might be popular, im all ears, id be happy to try it out next time i pour. 

This has been a phenomenal experience.  I remember as a kid there were the "creepy crawlers" where id make plastic bugs etc. this is just an adult version of that. except these will slay giant fish.

New baits currently only offered to ncka folks.
If any of you have pics of fish caught on kaiju custom tackle, post it here!

 (pics to follow)

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For Sale / Eddyline Caribbean 12 SOLD
« on: May 19, 2023, 05:14:19 PM »
For sale:  Eddyline Caribbean 12

Bought this a couple years ago from Sincoast and i've used it about 5 times since.  selling to make space for other toys.

-diy pvc keel guard
-brand new gray bungees
-danuu kayak seat (with rod holders, pocket, drink holders)

great grab and go kayak. weighs only 45 lbs. very fast, very ocean worthy.


$1799 new.


pickup in san jose, ca. ncka express, or i can deliver within local distance.

pics to follow

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For Sale / Rods and Reels and combos for sale. spring cleaning.
« on: February 20, 2023, 05:09:21 PM »
Hi ncka, I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning and looking to sell the following rods and reels (and combos).  Some of these I really dont want to let go of, but I have a bunch of bills I need to pay off so my loss is your gain.

-Penn Jigmaster 500 with alan tanis power handle (50lb braid).  Penn slammer rod 40# combo $140

-Shimano tr100g with power handle (50lb braid) ugly stick tiger lite 7ft hvy. Great entry level setup.  Combo $sold

-Penn conflict 7000lc (long cast) 65# braid. used a couple times  (sold)
-Tica 10ft surf rod hvy UMGA10H2S (2pc) $100

-Daiwa bg spinning reel bg5000 (50#braid) SOLD

-Shimano tallus bluewater tls-69mbbr $125

(Trolling setup) Shimano TLD 20 2-speed spooled with 80# braid and alant tani power handle.  $275
Seeker black steel roller rod G 6455XH-5 AR.  $300
Combo:  $550

Other rods (casting):
-Penn Bluewater Carnage CARB800L 710 15-30 (30#  class) sold
-Penn Bluewater Carnage CARB800M 710 30-65 (40# class) sold

Other reels (casting/conventional):
-Penn Fathom 2speed 25NLD2 spooled with 50# braid  $sold
-Shimano Torium 14hg right hand.  Spooled with 50# braid  Sold
-Shimano Torium 16 Old model. Spooled with 50# braid (no longer for sale)

Pickup in San Jose. Please PM me if you have any questions, pics to come soon.

General Talk / 2021 Kaiju
« on: December 31, 2020, 02:07:22 PM »
Hi Ncka, hope everyone is having a great day.  2020 has been a shitty year for me and a lot of people, and I am glad it is wrapping up.  I don't know about you guys, but I am very excited for 2021.  The pandemic has kept me on lockdown most of the year, and I was able to go on a few fishing trips, but definitely not as many as I would like.  I have been on this board since 2013, NCKA has been like family to me.  I've met a lot of you guys and I want to meet more of you.  For 2021 I pledge to be more active on this platform, sharing info, intel and help newbies and veterans alike.  Ncka has made me think about kayak fishing in itself.  I have been seeing a lot of new kayakers getting into the hobby and I would like to provide input and help to get people started on the right track as well as doing it safely. Safety has been a top priority for most of NCKA-ers.  Once this stuff is over, id like to attend fishing tournaments again.  I�m actually running out of shirts to wear since there hasn�t been a tournament for a long time.

Also, in 2021, I would like to bring to you guys my new business with newer offerings.  A lot of you may know I have been producing jigs and jigheads since 2015.  During the last few months, I have upgraded my production line to be able to handle higher volumes and cut down on time which translates to profit and lower overhead costs. This results in higher quality products with lower cost to consumers.  My new business will specialize in creating fishing tackle to slay ocean creatures across California, from rockfish, lingcod, salmon, halibut and offshore pelagics.  Sort of a one-stop online tackle shop for local saltwater species.  In 2021 I will have a few new offerings for the rockfish season in March/April so stay tuned.  You can visit, my for-sale page here. http://www.norcalkayakanglers.com/index.php?topic=75876.
Thanks to those who have inquired and ordered in the past. I look forward to doing business with everyone soon.

In addition, I would like to thank all of those who I have fished with in the past.  Thanks for having my back and thanks for keeping me safe.  If you are one of these people, you are more than welcome to stop by my shop to hang out, check out my operation, and pick up some prototype jigs to try out.  I don�t hesitate on this because you guys are like family to me.  The loss of a friend on NCKA has recently made me realize that our hobby isn�t just a hobby, but more of a lifestyle. In honor of him, I also pledge to have your back when we fish in the ocean, as he has always had mine when we fish.  R.I.P. CDM

Kaiju: (noun) Japanese for �strange beast� Fantasy, usually featured in fictional movies.  Kaiju oftentimes emerge from the ocean. 

See 2013 film: Pacific Rim.

Kaiju Custom Tackle

We specialize in creating gear for catching Giant sea monsters up and down the California coast. 
Custom shop.  Made to order, made to be customized, and made to Slay!

IG: https://www.instagram.com/kaijucustomtackle/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Kaiju-Custom-Tackle-103053935047653

Have a happy New Year. Tight lines!

For Sale / (SOLD) FS: Malibu Xfactor 12
« on: May 02, 2020, 04:30:39 PM »
Selling kayak for a friend:

Malibu X-Factor 13 in yellow.
this is an older blemished model, but structurally sound. its a very stable platform, and super fast.

Wired for thru hull transducer for lowrance. fishfinder head unit not included. also a lot of wiring for various accessories and motorized bilge pump (pump not included). a couple holes drilled, but have since been sealed.

comes with seat.


pickup in san jose, or i can deliver within reasonable distance. or ncka express.

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Hobie Kayaks / Has this ever happened to anyone?
« on: March 18, 2019, 03:36:46 PM »
went to santa cruz last weekend and while navigating through the kelp, i felt a sudden lost of resistance.   thought i lost a while fin. but found out its just a broken mast (ss rod)  i know how to fix it, but it snapped inside the plastic thing that receives the ss rod.

i have a lot of tools and thinking of drilling it out,  or tapping it out.  but id like to hear from you guys first if its happened to you and how you went about to fixing it.  i dont want to break anything.

in the mean time, im thinking just take down the whole drive and do a full service on it.

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For Sale / Shimano TR 200-G Reel
« on: October 08, 2018, 11:50:43 PM »
Cleaning out some gear to fund more gear.

Great entry level workhorse reel for most norcal species.  composite body requires little maintenance. originally bought as a loaner setup.  used a handful of times for salmon.

i have the TR 100 G that ive been using for a few years and it has treated me well. caught many fish with no failure.

line not included.

asking $65

pickup in san jose area or ncka express

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Hookups and Fishing Reports (Viewable by Public) / Hmb Report Wed 11/22
« on: November 24, 2017, 11:52:40 PM »
Kind of a late report, but just been running around the last few days (or weeks)

3rd season crabbing from kayak, so i decided this year im destined to take home some crab for the thanksgiving feast.  After days of checking forecasts, i decided wednesday is going to be the day.  Mild wind, 5ft swells they say.  loaded up and set alarm for 430am.  3am rolls through, still awake, with fishing anxiety.  kept thinking if i should even go, since this is actually legit, my first time actually launching and fishing/crabbing by my self. i was tired, did it anyway.  re-set my alarm for 530 for an extra hour of hopeful shut-eye.  headed out at 6am.  i forgot it was a weekday so there was mild traffic.  arrived, got ready, baited up with chopped up pieces of a guitar shark caught in the bay a few months back. launched at around 8.  launched to a very calm harbor.  i knew it was going to be ugly after hitting the jaws.  radioed 69 for some wx intel.  Blackfin answered and confirmed.  saw him while leaving the jaws and about 1/2 miles it was chop.  5 foot and some breakers, i was nervous because i had 3 traps this time, fully assembled, the rear was double stacked with my new pcv rig that i did not glue together.  i thought i better drop one here so i can travel lighter and more balanced.  i pedalled ssw for another mile or so, to calmer waters, to my honey hole spot that i did pretty good on last few times.  worked the 2 traps for about 2 hours.  snaring in between.  a lot of undersized dungies, nothing very impressive except had very good luck with the snare rod.  including a jumbo (jumbo jumbo in my books) dungie. huge legs, everything intact.  was so heavy i had to tighten my drag on my reel.  after i got a bit seasick, i pulled up the traps and headed back to the final trap pulled that one and saw a hmb regular otw back in.  final count was 7x dungies and 10x rockcrab.  the jumbo measured out to a bit over 8" not counting the spikes (legal measurement)  not sure how that stands for cali, but its probably the biggest one ive ever seen, realizing it after messing around with it on shore.

so mission accomplished, crabs for days.  that night and for thanksgiving dinner.  i think ill be crabbed out for a while.

final pic is of a dish we made from a few weeks ago.  vietnamese ginger crab hotpot with vermicellli.  so good we ate it again this week, but i didn't take new pictures.

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For Sale / FS/FT: Wilderness Systems Thresher 155
« on: September 04, 2017, 02:03:36 PM »
The dark side called, and i answered. Thought i'd post here before it goes on CL. no hurry to sell, but would love to trade down to a smaller yak.

For sale (or trade) is a Wilderness Systems Thresher 155 (model year 2014) in Red

The ultimate ocean kayak, very sea worthy, stable, with lots of storage and gear options. does great in lakes as well.

Kayak is well used with usual scratches but nothing deep. very well cared for, cleaned after every outing, and 303 applied every other. garage stored. LOTs of fish and fish blood has been on this kayak.

Additional upgrades/gear:
-Lowrance 4 Chirp installed on flex pod. with 7ah battery
-2x flush mount rod holders
-2x custom pvc rod holders behind seat via gear tracks
-Stepped rectangular storage bin for center hatch

if youre a noob, i may be able to throw in a paddle and pfd if it fits you.

Kayak has all factory gear and accessories. specs taken from Willderness Systems website

msrp: $1549

asking: $1200
ncka special: $1100

comes with all mentioned and pictured items.

located in San Jose
ncka express or i can bring to simply fishing (though, i'd like to use it for Simply)

Willing to trade down to a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120/140, or other similar (lighter) kayak in good condition. i need something i can carry by myself for those quick launch days. trade +cash


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Craftsmen's Corner / Truck Rack Recommendations
« on: December 24, 2016, 02:53:28 PM »
so i just picked up my very first truck.  i figured if im going to do some house work myself, a truck would be very practical.   itll be replacing my gti pumpkin  since i havent driven it for months, i only use it when i go fishing or on an outdoor adventure.

the truck is a 2005 Toyota Tundra reg cab long bed (8 foot)  i picked it up from a buddy as a project vehicle.  once its fixed, itll be my primary adventure vehicle.  which wont be driven much either.

im trying to plan on how i will be transporting my kayak and gear.  and i have been thinking about a few options.  i know i have done a search and have seen a few very old threads about this dilemma.  but hopefully i can get better tips now, and maybe there's something new nowadays that i may not know about.

option 1:  ladder rack with 2 cross bars

this is the cheapest way to go.  for a while i thought that's all i may need, but id like to hear from those who have this and their experiences, pros and cons.

option 2:  full lumber rack

i have been leaning a little more on this setup, but i may not know of any hinderances this rack might have.  please any tips from experience.

i know both racks may have a small clearance for the bow if i load it upside down, but i can just easily transport it stern in front.  i have a thresher 155, and the front hatch sticks up a couple inches.  but it being a long bed, im assuming the bars will be about 8 feet apart.  thus requiring much less overhang vs. shorter beds/bars.

thule, yakima, and the home depot racks (forgot the name)  were also an option, but i dont think i want to spend that much money on it.  not about the money, but i just dont want to put suck nice equipment on this "okay" truck.

also need tips for loading as well.

and im assuming some padding on the bars would be recommended as well? if so, what do you use?  im thinking going with some padded grip tape, maybe a few layers.

thanks in advance.

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For Sale / Kaiju Custom Tackle
« on: November 20, 2016, 04:44:15 PM »
New for 2021,  We bring to you:

Kaiju Custom Tackle Online Fishing tackle store.
We specialize in creating gear for catching Giant sea monsters up and down the California coast.  Custom shop.  Made to order, made to be customized, and made to Slay!

Previous items are still available for purchase.
Shad jigheads

3oz unpainted - $2.50ea
4oz unpainted - $2.50ea

3oz painted - $2.75ea
4oz painted - $2.75ea

Bullet jigheads
6oz - $3.75ea
8oz - $4.50ea
12oz - $5.50ea
16oz - $6.50ea
Bullet jigheads painted single color, with eyes:
6oz - $6.00
8oz - $7.00
12oz - $8.00
16oz - $9.00
(super glow paint add $1.00)

Flutter jigs.  Choose from our popular colors, or customize your own.
4oz painted, unrigged - $6.00ea
7oz painted, unrigged - $7.50ea
9oz painted, unrigged $8.50ea
(super glow paint add $1.00)
Please pm if you want to buy just the blanks.
Flutter jigs can be rigged with bottom hook or assist hooks.  Sold separately.  Other hardware also available, split rings, solid rings, etc.

New for 2021, We have a limited run of Ultra minnow rigged with hoochie.  These have been modified to accept a larger eyelet further toward the front.  This allows for a better swim action and angle while trolling, for fishing deep, or for those who like to jig fast.

6oz - $9.00ea
8oz - $10.00ea

In addition to the above, we also offer sinkers as well. While lead supply lasts.  If you order in bulk (10+lbs), we can offer weights at $0.30/per ounce.  These items include the following:
Cannonball 6oz, 8oz, - great for bounce ball for halibut.
Torpedo (inline) 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz - general off shore use
Pyramid 6oz, 8oz, 10oz shore fishing/sturgeon

Downrigger balls while supplies last, we have a few of the following:
12lbs ball with fin - $35.00
15lbs ball - $45.00

Stay tuned for more offerings in the coming weeks/months.
-Rockfish/lingcod leaders
-halibut leaders
-new jig designs
-rigging for offshore fishing
-swag and promotional gear

-Guys the easiest way to inquire about the products listed above is to follow our Instagram page, and DM us.  This is the fastest way to get a reply. https://www.instagram.com/kaijucustomtackle/
Please Follow our page for product updates.
-You can also email us at kaijucustom@yahoo.com
-PM B0b on ncka.
-Or visit us on our facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Kaiju-Custom-Tackle-103053935047653

Shipping is $8.00 for small flat rate package.

For Sale / FREE! Promar 102 crab traps
« on: November 20, 2016, 04:37:36 PM »
free to good home. i decided to go with some dsnielson traps.  these are very rusty but solid.  they have the 4" escape rings, but have not been modded to comply with 2016 regs.

no harness or line just the traps.

pickup or NCKA express from san jose

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Wilderness Systems / Thresher Rudder Dilemma
« on: October 20, 2016, 12:35:43 AM »
so i have been paddling my thresher 155 for over a year now and i love it.  at the time i bought it, i opted for the model without the rudder.  i soon found out that  it seriously needs a rudder.  i regretted not getting the cool toe controlled (keepers) footbrace system, then i found out shortly after that that got recalled and was being replaced by the regular harmony footbrace rudder controls.

i have several options on my mind.  first being most desirble (to me, but you can reasonably talk me out of it)

1:  SeaLect foot brace system  with their Trucourse rudder.  i like the idea of the toe controls.  has anyone have any experience with this kit?  based on specs, footbraces are non-issue.  but concearn is the rudder mount.  threshers have a hole drilled in the hull and fittings for the rudder's rod, thus not requiring a bracket to be installed. (if you have a thresher, you will know what im talking about)  the sealect's Trucourse also uses a rod that goes vertical into your kayak and they do have dimensions on the rod (3"x3/8")  i do not have a harmony rudder, so hopefully somone with one can send me some measurements to see if itll work.  another question for thresher guys:  how does that rod stay in the hole? is there a pin or clip i should be worried about?


2: Sea Lect footbrace system with harmony rudder.  i can: a) purchase the rudder only from conf. if possible ill have to call them.  or b) the BTS rudder (the one with the graphics on it) looks to be a better performing one,  i doubt itll have the same rod dimensions as the standard harmony one, but i might wrong.

3: Just suck it up and purchase the harmony kit.  but for close to $300, i think i can do a bit better with option 1 or 2.   with possibility to upgrade foot brace system later on.

if anyone happen to have any of the above parts lying around i would be interested.

i know its just a rudder,  and it seems like im overthinking it, but that's just me.

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For Sale / Roleez??? What?
« on: August 19, 2016, 12:12:40 AM »

Was on the market looking for a set of wheeleez, saw this ad and price looks great. Thought it was only a typo or somone confused. Picture looks like the wheels actually say roleez.

Anyone ever heard of roleez? Are they good, or a cheap knockoff?  Googled but could not find any info.

Btw: www.roleez.com does not work.

This some kind of joke?

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Fish ID sub-forum / Red Cebezon?
« on: August 09, 2016, 05:25:53 PM »

Pulled up two of these yesterday from the kelp in front of SC lighthouse.  Im sure it is a color variant of cabezon,  threw it back since it was undersized anyways.   It was super red with a purple base color where the white undersides are.  Anyone ever get anything like this?  Pretty dope, and actually looks like plastic/glass.

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