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The return of the big measure board.

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I started with a regular 30 inch board for my AOTY fish way back when.

I caught a few that exceeded the board so I moved on to a tri fold 36 incher. It was ok, but a little flimsy and a few decent fish flopping on it broke it.

At one point I made my own 50” board by cutting two 30 inch boards. That thing was pretty neat and I was fortunate enough to put 3 different 40+ inch fish on it (lingcod, halibut, and sturgeon). But hard use over the years took its toll and the plastic finally broke.

Then I started using a 32” board, which is nice most of the time, but there are quite a few fish swimming out there that are longer than 32”.

That leads me to my latest board. It’s a Ketch folding 48” metal board. Hopefully sometime soon it will be put to good use. Maybe a clear lake catfish hookup is in order or something hmmm….

That’s a nice board. Unfortunately it doesn’t float. I had to repair my plastic folder after last year’s SWS landing. We’ll see how long it lasts.

I'll be cruising with 6 big troughs to GS in 12 days. 

Starting from the bottom:  two 41's that have been awaiting delivery for way too long - Corey has the triplet to these, two tournament troughs (48.5 and 50 inches) that are used to measure fish at the events and have only ever been hosed down or washed in the surf, and this year's GS Twin 45's - one for AOTD and one for the raffle.

Let me know if you think you might need one.   :smt001

Dang John, I hope it brings continued success...can't wait to see you using it on some kokes!

"Let me know if you think you might need one."
Hi Eric,
I would like to have one for my future 40+ catches  :smt003.


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