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For 2024 as a test run should we try electric power in AOTY?

Entries have been down since we went away from a paid platform to a free platform, and I would like to get more people involved. Iím hoping that opening it up to electric power might expand upon the amount of people who would/could compete.

I know that there are some people who hate the idea of power in AOTY, and some who want to do AOTY but canít because of having a powered kayak.

A lot of  major kayak tourneys and series have gone electric power. Hell even Hobie has announced that they are allowing power in the Hobie bass open series. They have been anti power forever. Times sure seem to be changing.

My vote is to let powered kayaks play. I hope it gets more people involved.

The powered kayak isnít going to get you out of bed at in the middle of the night to drive crazy miles and hours to chase fish. It isnít going to find the fish for you. It isnít going to make the fish bite. Chasing down 10 quality fish is a huge commitment and anyone who does so deserves recognition, powered kayak or not.

Please if you are interested in AOTY let me know what you think.

Maybe allow exceptions based on age, specific disabilities, etc? Or create a separate category for motorized?

Mark L:
One of the reasons I only used my motor once last year was for AOTY points. I would be ok for their use for all, or for those over 65 years of age.

I'm against it. For certain fish it's a huge advantage. For others, not so much. But generally I see a motorized kayak as more similar to a motor boat in spirit than a non-motorized kayak. Although when I'm fishing with motorized kayak guys I don't judge and get along just fine.
I'm okay with sail kayaks being included in the non-motorized division.

But if we really need to bring in motorized, maybe they start with a minus 100pts or -10% of points to try to equalize things.

Since no prizes for the winners and free entries for everyone,   IMO we will get more participation and fishing reports + pictures if we allow all kinds of kayaks.


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