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Question for the featival at Berryessa this weekend...are we allowed to take the demos out to fish with for the day? Thx guys!

Can't wait to try sum demos!

Had a great time out there with all you guys! Would of been awesome to see more vets out there landing sum lunkers! Either way, we salute you all who fight for our freedom to live and fish!
Couldn't get pictures of the late night bass but the real bad boys were out at night!

Hey guys I have a brother in law(Royd Snyder) that also wants to jump in on this event. If that's ok. Not sure if he's gonna participate in the tourney but would like to try out a demo from headwaters. Thanks all!

In regards to my first post: 'headquarters' I meant head waters! LoL!
But I'll take robs offer on that wilderness. Thanks again rob!

To whom it may concern,
 This is Peter, Yester's cousin. I'd like to participate in this event but I don't have a kayak of my own and was wondering if headquarters would be able to provide me with one like last time at lake amador. That would be awesome! Not sure about being in the tourney yet but I love striper fishing too so most likely. Thanks!

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