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Topic: Tandem Island cradle set on Yakima crossbars...  (Read 1105 times)

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Anyone have one of these for the TI or AI or any other Hobie?
Looks like a nice clean setup unlike the hideous carpet cradles I made.
I'd love to hear some feedback from others before buying these.
Are they easy to attach to the crossbars? And will the boat slide over them easily?

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Same question here. Been looking for the hobie cradle for AI but just to cheap to pay $259 for new one.
I have a Trailex trailer but have to transport AI disassembled since i donít have the cradles yet?

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My trailer came with these cradles - in fact, it's a custom trailer built specifically for TI, which uses these cradles in front and beach dolly (with TI cradles) on the back.

So far it was very easy to use, launching from both boat ramp and beach. On the ramp TI slides nicely, and then easy to load back (I don't have to wet trailer).

Elsewhere, I've seen reports that cradles crack with time, and it seems they are not too heavy duty.

P.S. don't know about mounting on yakima.
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Nice vid of the process. Got the hobie TI cradles as well, good to see reminder that they can crack, and to be careful of not too much weight on the rear cradles with pivoting with offload and onload  :smt004