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Stealth / New Fisha Duo coming out
« on: January 28, 2021, 01:27:34 PM »
For those of you who need a big fast two person yak, I just saw a post on FB from Stealth about a new redesigned Fisha Duo coming out soon.  https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/duo

Stealth / Big Orange Crush, one year later.
« on: January 15, 2021, 12:18:59 PM »
It has been a year since I had the Fisha 555 delivered up here in Washington.  I want  to share some of the good as well as some of the, what I refer to as the not so good. 

The yak is long, I don't I truly grasped how long it was. It is about 18 feet 2 inches long.  When you load it, you pay attention to what you are doing. Don't rest the yak on the non retractable rudder . The rudder is my one and only major gripe. I hate it! There I said it(Ruddy says it doesn't bother him, and he got used to it) .  Does it make the boat handle better? I am sure it does. But here is the negative, You can't retract it. I got stuck out on a mud flat, not fun at all. the water was passible if I could of retracted but I could not. This, and finding that you tend to want to rest your yak on the rudder when you are loading and unloading, doesn't help the rudder at all.  This has led me to purchase a conventional stern mounted rudder and I will retro that in and tie into the wires already in place for the rudder.

Okay paddling, you will smoke pretty much everyone else who is in a fishing kayak paddle or peddle.  Provided you have a good stroke.  Only type of yaks smokes me, and that is those Sit Inside Sea Kayaks and true surf skis yaks. Even on my best day, eating my Wheaties, they will smoke me hard and fast. It is like being at a stock car track and being king of the hill in your division, till the main event cars come out. This last year I have done maybe a half dozen open water trips between 8-12 miles. That is something I never would of done with that barge of a Hoby Quest. 

Stealth's CF Angler Paddle, I bought one, and I like it, it is light, and does make paddling easier, but I think it could be longer. I am not a Surf Skier, and at 6'2"  I would like a longer paddle than what it comes in.

Seating, IMHO you need a seat with this yak. I just haven't dialed in the right one yet for me. Keep in mind I am 6'2" and around 205lbs right now (lost a lot of pounds when home for covid, but half of it came back once I went back to work). 

Storage: Yes you can put an 8 foot rod in and its cousin the 8'6" and a 240 cm paddle without issue (I may have had that in 2 pieces, and then again may not have).  Foot pegs...the absolutely tightest foot rest/pegs on the planet. If they ever pop out it is because you did something wrong.

How is it in the swell?  Well I confess I don't have a lot of swell time. But I can tell you of an experience I had one Friday evening. Not far from Bremerton is Illahee state park. I launch there, about a mile across the sound is Bainbridge Island. The tip of Bainbridge Island is known to be a good place for salmon, but you never see to many reports from there. So I decided to check it out. It is about a mile from Illahee. Getting there was easy, but that is when the fun started. The tides were changing, and real quickly I was in a  bad spot, I was about 300 yards off the tip and the water started  boiling, I had to work to stay upright, and paddle my dumb ass out of there.   It was a challenge, as I was now paddling into a tidal current.  What took me 15-20 minutes to get there, took me closer to 1 hour 45 minutes to get back. Had I been in my Hoby, I think I would of been in a Coast Guard/Harbor Patrol boat for the ride back, or ended up paddling to shore.  This adventure gave me a lot of confidence in the yak and its stability under pressure, I never felt like I was going to roll or lose it.  It tracks well and got the job done. 

So my final thoughts: If you are thinking of getting one, I would skip the Carbon fiber option.  I cry every time I hear a scrape on a rock, and up here, there is a lot of rocks, shells, concrete boat ramps, and anything else that can make you cringe.  If you are one of those guys who wants every single thing possible, including 27 selfie cams, a BBQ grill, boom box and an Espresso machine, this is not the yak for you. If you like a minimalist approach, you will enjoy this yak.  I made sure to contact Loleta Eric to get his way of trolling, as you may think you need to have peddle drive (I have nothing against a peddle drive, I just think some of the makers are forgetting that kayaks are lean, not Bismarck sized battle cruisers).  Hook up with someone and try one out, and see if a Stealth will work for you. If you find yourself near Seattle, give me a holler, I am a ferry ride away. Good luck and tight lines!

General Talk / Wahoo found some deep buried reloading gold!
« on: August 21, 2020, 08:18:27 AM »
Since moving up here to the PNW, time has not been on my side to get back into reloading. Everything is still in a box waiting to be set up. Well recently one of GF's cousins called us who had moved from Petaluma to Vancouver, WA.  Seems both her and her daughter  bought firearms recently.  The cousin bought a Sig pistol in 9mm (don't ask me the model), and the daughter bought a SIG M17/320 pistol, and an AR-15. I was kind of shocked as you would have to know her daughter, 3.5 years ago she would scream in your face that DT was "Not my president!" Now she has gone full bore RED on me (She is a nurse and works in downtown Portland, she gets to see the protestors fairly regularly.  Well she asked for some suggestions to get ammo. I game them some online dealers I knew of.  I also checked my own supply, and I am in a good place, but could use some more target ammo.   

Nice thing about living here is you can over to National Forestry land and go shooting, and as wet as this end of WA tends to be, little fear of setting the state on fire.  Anyway, I got to digging last night and found some spent cases in a BIN of stuff, but I dug deeper and found another hundred that were nice shiny and new, waiting to be set up!  This should give me another 500+ for shooting.   Now I won't say reloading is the answer to everything, because that side goes through shortages as well.  But if you keep stocked on the stuff need when it is available, you can weather the storm.

General Talk / CA Mag ban overturned...but for how long?
« on: August 17, 2020, 10:31:42 AM »
I read this yesterday, and was surprised to hear the ninth circuit court would do this, they are not known for being friendly to gun owners.  I am not going to be surprised to see if Baccera takes it to the full court or appeals to SCOTUS.

General Talk / Speed Check
« on: August 17, 2020, 09:13:43 AM »
Last Monday GF and I were at Lake Tahoe. We went paddling from the Left Parking Lot (West Side if I believe) to Emerald bay and paddled around in there, stopped, ate lunch then paddled back. We stoped at the mouth at Eagle Point for her to take some pictures.  We got lucky and caught the wind to our backs and a few waves we could...semi surf?. When we landed at Baldwin Beach she took another picture. Time between the two pictures...36 minutes. Considering we are both over 50 (one of us over 55), and paddling at 6100 feet elevation (we live at roughly 200 feet elevation), I think we did the roughly 3 mile return trek at a decent pace. Or roughly 10-12 minute a mile pace.

GF's stats: Eddyline Fathom LV weight 42 pounds, length 15 feet roughly
Mine: Stealth Fisha 555 weight 60 pounds, length 18'2"

I know some of you peddle boys can smoke that with your ultra mega fins, but I think that pace at that altitude is pretty decent. And neither of us is known for being speed racers by any stretch.

Recipes / Grilling fish skins
« on: August 04, 2020, 11:45:32 AM »
Okay my salmon fishing up here has been pretty much in the toilet. It happens, it will change when I get some more on the water time.  This has led me to having to bring home store bought salmon. Any ways, GF likes the skins when they are nice and crispy, kind of like a salmon chip.  As the meal we are cooking salmon for calls for the salmon to be seasoned with salt and pepper, rubbed with EVOO.

I place the fish portion skin side down, grill 2 minutes, rotate them 90 degrees for another two minutes. Now I flip them (for 2 minutes, turn 2 minutes then done), so the skin side is up, I peel the skins off the fish pieces and place them fatty side down to grill them up. 

I normally have to pull the fish portions long before the skin is crispy enough.  this may take upwards of another 6-8 minutes.

Grill is a Weber Q-100 (the small one).

Does anyone else do this, and if so any tips or advice for improvements?

From my very first day being affliated with NCKA, going back tot he day I met Mooch in Aquan Sport (and this a long time ago). Everything has been safety first. 

Long story short, been watching my fill of Youtube fishing videos during Washington states lock down. So I watched this one guy's video on trolling for bass. He is in a lake in Tennessee.  The video was okay, but the guy is not wearing a PFD. I posted "Good video except the placement of the PFD." The PFD is located on the stern hatch, not on him if he rolls.

His response " safety Sally alert safety sally alert,"  IMHO this is childish BS.  What are your thoughts? Was I out of line?

Here is the Video Link:

I would really like to know your thoughts. I know as former Medic I have seen more than my fair share of deaths caused by accidents that could of been avoided.  So I see stuff like this and know it can happen and will happen to someone on that body of water, sooner than later.

Apparently this lake has a reputation: 152 People have drowned in this lake, of them 149 were not wearing a PFD.  https://www.lrn.usace.army.mil/Locations/Lakes/J-Percy-Priest-Lake/Water-Safety/

General Talk / Sad Day for Pats Fans
« on: March 17, 2020, 03:48:42 PM »
It is with heavy heart I learned today that Tom Brady has announced he won't be going back to New England.  I know their a lot of people who are happy about this, but as much as I love the guy, the day he dons another Jersey he is now the foe.  I am a Pats fan (for that matter I am an all Boston Fan) true to my roots. Sorry Tom you and Bill brought one of the worst teams in League to greatness, and for that I will be forever grateful. I wish you much success with your future team, unless you are playing NE. Then I hope you get mauled.

I hope he retires and goes to a booth, but he wants to play some more.

Stealth / Orange Crush getting loaded for another journey...too my house
« on: February 08, 2020, 08:03:39 PM »
Well the shipper picked up the Orange Crush today at Ruben's for hopefully the final leg.  Attached are the pics Ruben sent me. You can tell both he and shipper (A small Hot shot company not far from me up here).  I am hoping to see it on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Stealth / Introducing the Orange Crush!
« on: October 23, 2019, 06:49:42 AM »
Okay, first things first, it has not arrived yet, but Brett from Stealth sent me some images today. So let me introduce my Fisha 555 aka the "Orange Crush,"  or as GF likes to point out that as a Rhode Isander, I have a tendency to drop the "o" in orange, sound it sounds more like "rrange. " (It is a Rhody thing).

Stealth / Joining the Tribe
« on: April 16, 2019, 08:04:47 AM »
After a long time, and a lot of going back and fourth, I broke down and sent the deposit for a 2019 "Triple Nickle," aka Fisha 555, in Orange. I also after conferring with Ruben decided to go all out on this one, as I wanted a boat that was light, fast stable and could be used for fishing, crabbing, recreation, and light touring.  I wanted something that I wasn't going to have to worry about lugging or getting on top of a roof rack as I get older.  One other boat really had me interested  as well but the only Kaskazi dealer is in Florida, and the shipping would of been almost as much as the boat.   I wish more US kayak makers would offer more options over rotomold tanks 100+ pound kayaks are becoming more the norm, but it is what it is.  Plastic is king, and with Kayaks practically being sold in 7-11 stores now, price dictates that rotomold is going to be around for a long time to come.

With the resurgence of Queen songs lately, everytime I hear "Fat Bottom Girls"  I can't help but think of Hobie Pro Anglers

General Talk / Lansky Quick Fix Pocket Knife Sharpener Review
« on: March 28, 2019, 01:41:59 PM »

Been here since the 29th of January, and I have had two snow storms (second one just ended), and damn near every morning I have to break one of my ice scrappers to clean the windshields before I go to work.

On a clear day I can see the Cascades, and I pass over Dyers Inlet almost daily here. I will post some pics here shortly.  My ice scrapper is looking forward to spring, it only got used once or twice a year in San Mateo, it gets a daily workout here.  The funny part is I have a Navy Guy and his wife next door to me. He is from Guam, and his last duty station was San Diego...I don't think he knows what an Ice Scrapper is...lol

Hi Guys, this is Janis's second boat her touring boat.  For smaller folks this is a great deal and an easy way to get into having a boat for touring. Easy to load, complete with rudder.

For Sale, Perception Shadow Sea Lion Kayak, 16.5 ft.
Designed for a smaller paddler, this roto-molded sea kayak is a joy to paddle. Would be appropriate for pretty much any body of water, especially San Francisco Bay, Clear Lake, Tahoe, and Berryessa. It has a rudder that is deployable/retractable while en route and adjustable foot pegs. Comes with both the neoprene and plastic hatch covers and a nylon spray skirt. Yes, it can be rolled. Yes, a smaller person can lift it with the proper technique (Im 50 and took it around the country on a solo roadtrip). I had a lot of great paddles with this boat but I am moving and not taking it with me.
Check out the reviews here:
$380 or best offer

Smaller paddlers this is a great chance to get a good kayak on the cheap to experience the joys of touring big water without wearing yourself out in a fishing kayak.

General Talk / Moving North
« on: December 28, 2018, 08:21:41 AM »
Guys and Gals, it is hard to say this, but I recently got a start date of 4 Feb 2019, to begin work in the Emergency Management Section at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, WA. A lot of things led to this happening, a change in work, cost of living in the bay area, GF's apartment being sold, and a chance to go someplace I really fell in love with on a previous visit, led to this happening.  Jan and I recently went up there to scout the area out, look for a place to live. We will rent for the first 12 months or so then look for a home to buy. We will miss the NCKA family. I have met and hung out with many  of you over the years.

Some of the memories that will stick with me forever is the night Mooch and I shared a hotel room for a HOW event up at Lake Natoma. We laughed our asses off with insults, jokes and you name it. Being interviewed by the sons of one of our fellow members for one of their class projects is also a memory, and how he wanted to know what being over there was like from someone who could tell him. The shock of reading of our fellow members surviving the ordeals of terror of having their yaks munched on by the landlord will always stick with me as well. Seeing what new thing Andy and his boys created from a chunk of steel they found somewhere. The camaraderie of fish and chill, Angler of the Year award ceremony, Play it Forward Event, and HOW support have never stopped amazing me and Jan at how this small community gives back. We both feel truly blessed that we were accepted with open arms, friendship, and support. I will miss all of you, even though I haven't been as active a member as I have in the past. I know over the years I spent enough on tickets to have bought a couple of Kayaks, but I felt that giving to these events was worth more for my soul, than a new boat would ever do. I hope my efforts brought some level of comfort to those who needed it most.

One advantage of us moving north is we will now be able to afford something that will allows to have guests, and we look forward to any of you who decide to venture out our way. You have place to lay your heads, and try your luck out on the "sound."    This has been something we have never been able to do, and I feel we suffered for it, so we hope to be good hosts to those who venture our way.

I wish all of you the prosperity that NCKA brought to our lives, MOOCH Strong!


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