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Thanks for the warm welcome! I better watch the spelling. Certainly don't want folks thinking I'm targeting Strippers instead of stripers on the east coast! Wife wouldn't like that.
Anyhow, Awesome site! If the the job looks good, I might become a regular. If not, you guys feel free to track me down should you be free in or around Boston and have the itch to go after a striper (a fish, not a stripper). OR if you are in lower Alabama and want to catch a Jack or big redfish or speckled trout....etc. 
Take Care,

Hi, Just got off the phone with Bushy!  :smt001Wow what a nice fella and what a great site! Thanks for doing all you guys do! Kayak fishing is such a wonderful way to spend time......so peaceful, no engine noise or fuel fumes, and if you catch a fish, well that's a bonus.

Most kayak anglers I know are wonderful people and you guys seem to fit that description.

Anyway, My name is Tom and I currently live in Boston. I grew up in the other LA (lower Alabama) and did a lot of kayak fishing down there (attached is a Jack I caught in Mobile Bay = another "bay area") last Oct while fishing with live finger mullet with my twin brother.

I target stripped bass here in Boston, but the season ends at the end of OCT and it is so cold in the winter, and I'm such a wimp that despite a dry suit & safety gear,  I don't usually go again until April/May.

Anyway In a few weeks I am interviewing for a Job in San Fran and your website might make it possible for me to continue my love of kayak fishing on another coast.

Thanks and Take Care,

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