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Topic: Help needed for Amadeo’s wife Tanya...  (Read 2693 times)

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Amadeo shared on FB the other day the struggles that his wife Tanya has been facing:


The last 5 years Tanya has been fighting an uphill battle with chronic illness.

Ultimately finding that she has Lyme disease complex.

Her symptoms are as bad as they've ever been and as of a couple weeks ago, I feel, she is fighting for her life.

If you have not heard from her or I during this period, this is why....This pic of her and Irma is from one of the last times she was fully healthy.

Hug your loved ones and send all the prayers and positivity you can her way.

Amadeo is a long time NCKA member, an awesome waterman, all around great guy, amazing artist, and has been a HUGE supporter of our Pay It Forward fundraisers over the years.

I have always really enjoyed seeing Tanya at his home, his studio, or running into her around town with their beautiful daughter Irma.

If breaks my heart to know that she is dealing with this...and I can’t even imagine how hard it is for Amadeo and Irma.

The GoFundMe below was set up for the family by some of Tanya’s good friends and Amadeo is 100% on board with it and asked me to share it on here.

Please consider donating if you are able to help out, and send Tanya, Amadeo and Irma all the positive energy you can.



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Thanks for the heads up
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Please pass this along to Amadeo and his wife Tanya as I do not know them except through this post.

My wife has an autoimmune disorder that has disabled her.  My wife has struggled for 11 years but was fortunate to have an amazing Doctor that was able to help her until he had to stop practicing due to his own health issues; which sadly took his life recently. 

Dr Kunkle is a similar Doctor and my wife has renewed hope.  This Doctor is also very good with patients suffering from Lyme's and other related illnesses.  My prayers go out Tanya and Amadeo.


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Sending positive vibes!